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ZiYang - SiChuan

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position: in the central region of the Sichuan Basin

Area: 7,962 square kilometers

Population: 5000000

administrative divisions: Kita Suminoe jurisdiction of wild geese, Anyue County, Le Zhixian, the escrow Jianyang City, appointed Ziyang City, the municipal government in Kita Suminoe Yan.

in Ziyang City, Sichuan Basin in the west side, the western section of Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway, near Chengdu, and Neijiang, Chongqing, Suining, Meishan adjacent. Area of 7,962 square kilometers in size, urban area of 37.5 square kilometers, the total population of 4.88 million. 1998 2 menstrual State Council approved the adjustment of administrative divisions of Neijiang City in Sichuan Province to establish Ziyang region. July 6, 2000 and approved by the State Council to set up the city Ziyang City, the jurisdiction of wild geese Ziyang City, Kita Suminoe, Anyue County, Le Zhixian, the county hosted Jianyang City, appointed Ziyang City, the municipal government in Kita Suminoe Yan. Ziyang

Ziyang has a long history. 1951 unearthed "Ziyang" skull fossils, as early as 3.5 million years ago in this land there is human activity.

Ziyang, the predecessor to the city of Yiyang County, home county since the Qin Dynasty. According to "Zhou" records: the world at Kyushu, Yiyang Southern Regional Habitat for Jingzhou, when the Spring and Autumn Yiyang is clear that (the Warring States at the Guizhou Chu). BC 223 (emperor 24 years) Qinmie Chu, to the Qin Yiyang, Changsha County for the territoriality. BC 221 (emperor 26 years) Qin unified China, the world 36-gun before the Yiyang County, to the benefit of water named after Yang. In the past 2000 years, Yiyang After all generations are in the county administration. 1949 growing on 3 August-peaceful liberation, the establishment of the Office of Yiyang, the capital of the north shore of Long Jiang CHU renamed the town of Chengguan District of Yiyang. March 1950 was promoted to the Chengguan District county level, renamed "the Chengguan District of Yiyang," Straight Department of Yiyang agency leadership. In September 23, for the upgrading of the Chengguan District of Yiyang City. November 1952, the agency revoked Yiyang, Yiyang, Changde City, is a designated agency leadership. April 1953, was promoted to provincial and municipal Yiyang, Changde agency authorized by the provincial government leadership. July 1958, Yiyang County of Yiyang City, leading to a (county-level unchanged). July 1961, rehabilitation of Changde agency leadership. 1962, the agency resume Yiyang, Yiyang city of Yiyang also for the leadership of the agency. April 22, 1984, Yiyang County, Changchun, the wind Bridge, a Ziyang Lu Ping, Li Hong Kong, Hong Kong shop Lun, Yang Pass, Newbridge River bridge and seven rural town was placed under the jurisdiction of Yiyang City, into the Yiyang City administrative region. Until 1994, removed the city of Yiyang County, the establishment of Ziyang Section. "2,000-year-old Ji, Qin Huang Su County home, Kaijiangtuotu, state-Xia Yu, Wei to the days of Changsha County, Hunan Province one jurisdiction, the Han Tang Cheng Ji," summed up the city#39;s long and tortuous history of Origin .

Ziyang is a landscape-shallow hill, a mild climate, grain, cotton, oil, fruits, vegetables, medicines and other biological resources more abundant. The city#39;s rich in water resources, the size of three square kilometers above the river 43, 377 small medium and large reservoirs, the city good ecological protection, the forest coverage rate to 47 percent, Lok advanced to the National Green County.

Ziyang, Sichuan is an important special livestock and poultry, special aquatic products, fruits special commodity production bases, big ears, Ma sheep, France Muscovy, Rabbit, soft-shelled turtles, giant salamander, freshwater pearls, lemon, Tung-yin Grapefruit, and other characteristics of the production scale of abode in the forefront of Sichuan, in particular, the country#39;s total output of lemon 2 /3.

Ziyang more humane rich heritage, particularly at the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Shing Tang and Song Dynasties in the Anyue stone, "ancient, more refined, the United States" as the "Ancient Chinese carvings another The great treasure house ", Tang and Song Dynasties 145 stone carvings of 10 million Zun, three meters above the stone statues more than 50 Zun, scriptures, more than 40 million characters, the third year metres, the exquisite carving skills Zizhu Guanyin as the" East peacekeeping Jonas. " There is also Ziyang Mountain Giant Buddha and a half months, Hedong Buddha, Jianyang Shijingshan "poll Stone", "Zhang Camp", Chen Yi to house music at Temple and other landmarks. Jianyang Sancha Lake, 50 km away from Chengdu, 240 km long coastline, the size of 113 islands, the lake open, Xiusekecan, 1993 Hong Kong was included in the Lake of the world; Jianyang Longquan Lake Jinju Chengdu 38 km, 14 islands form Singular, pleasant scenery, 2000 was classified as provincial-level natural ecological protection areas.

Since ancient times, Ziyang and feeding areas of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty created astronomers, Confucius division Chang Hong, the Western Han Jian Yi doctor, Fu-Wang Bao, the Eastern Han Dynasty Zhonglang Jiang, Dong Jun, as experts such as the ancient "three-yin" ; Modern writers Shao Zinan, the famous anti-Japanese Rao Guohua, proletarian revolutionary, strategist and the revolutionaries of Marshal Chen Yi Cao Diqiu, and many other celebrities are Chester was born in this land.

Ziyang in many spots, is very rich in tourism resources. Mainly include:

- in Anyue County in Rock Carving Art Group, the total number of stone statues more than 100,000, the Ministry of Culture was named as Chinese folk (stone) arts village, was assessed to the National Tourism Administration aaa-class tourist destinations; Ziyang

- Marshal Hometown Le Zhixian, a great revolutionary, military strategist, the growth of local poet Chen Yi, former residence of Marshal of the renowned Chinese and foreign visitors has been constantly;

- known as the Garden of Chengdu after a holiness Jianyang City Baita Temple, Sichuan Province-class tourist resort Longquan Lake and the famous tourist scenic spot in Sichuan "Shuzhong West Lake," Lake said of the Sancha;

- Kita Suminoe Yan Ziyang City, is the late Paleolithic "Ziyang" skull fossils of land, the people of the world hailed as the most suitable for human life and