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ZiGong - SiChuan

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Postal Code: 643000

position: in the southern Sichuan Basin, 10% between Chongqing

Area: 4,373 square km area

Population: 3.2 million population

administrative districts: including artesian well, Gongjing, Daan, the four districts along the beach and Rongxian, Fushun County

?? Zigong City in southern Sichuan Basin, the upper reaches of the Fuxi He banks of the Yangtze River. All Shixia artesian well, Gongjing, Daan, the four districts along the beach, Rongxian, Fushun County, the area of 4,375 square kilometers. In the ups and downs in the shallow hills, the terrain from the northwest to the southeast toward the general elevation above sea level in 250 to 500 meters between the City altitude to 280 to 400 meters. Cangjiang major rivers to the city water system, the lower reaches of the Tuojiang River flows through the city 127 kilometers Habitat. Fuxi He Habitat for Cangjiang in the city#39;s main tributaries, the upper reaches of a river-wook, "Weiyuan River Notes, the total area of 3 valley 490 square kilometers. Urban Habitat are the River west from north to south across the Rongxian, a The Department of Minjiang River.


?? Zigong is a shining pearl in the Land of Abundance, the first provincial cities in Sichuan Province and one of the industrial city. Shixia artesian well, Gongjing, Daan, along the beach Four districts and Rongxian, Fushun County, the size of 4 373 square kilometers, the urban area of 814 square kilometers .1989 year, the city#39;s total population of 2.943 million people, the urban population of 969,400.

Zigong photos In Zigong Hill Bangshui, beautiful and pleasant environment, "the Millennium salt," "dinosaur town", "southern lights City" and famous. Since 1986, the Zigong City has been identified as national historical and cultural city and opening up city, " Artesian well - dinosaur scenic spots "were identified as provincial-level scenic spots. Jingyan because of the history of transportation means and in the shallow hilly terrain conditions, artesian wells, Gongjing as the mainstay of the urban layout and the undulating hills, winding rivers staggered Interludes, formed into mountains, water, the city as one of "semi-City of Castle Peak half Chenglou" urban style of the mountains even in the city centre, although the buildings vary, bustling Town, interludes still see the mountains, clear water中分. Castle Peak Green water surrounded, in the hundreds of Gurong Yanying, yet can still see preserved intact for the various types of Salt Association, to help Hall and the stone-clad traditional neighborhoods and the high Shushi Mi-halogen Wooden derrick - days spent Ziwei automobile market, the city around the City of camphor trees, Feihongqianyu, salt embellishment more Qingxiu, subtle and elegant.

 Zigong picture to Jingyan culture as the main historical and cultural connotations very Rich. The city of heritage preservation of existing units 88 of which Zigong Salt Industry Museum and Hall of the West Qinling Yan sea wells, as a national focus on heritage conservation units; Rongxian Buddha, Fushun Confucian Temple, the provincial-level key heritage preservation for the unit. Renowned DASHANPU the dinosaur fossils at the scene, the three have been completed and the world, one of the Zigong Dinosaur Museum Dinosaur Museum. Mingzao traditional Zigong Lantern Festival at home and abroad, lantern museum unique. Zigong Sichuan Opera artistic sensation Jutan. Zigong civil process known as Sanjue "Gong fan", "Zharan," "Zigong paper-cut" and "fire-side of beef" Tutemingchan, a city of rich historical and cultural connotations. Almost, since many modern historical and cultural celebrities to the Millennium salt More bright.

a unique world-famous venues. Variety of textures, colors, different sizes of paper, silk, silk, the lights are Zigong wood, glass, bottles, porcelain , Cocoon, Zhubian, Zharan fabrics such as the unique local customs and characteristics of light industry raw materials. Zigong Lantern Festival in particular the many varieties, lights King blend win. Qianzibaitai the Long Deng, Zouma Deng, Block, lamps, lamp series, of lights, animals HEC, who lights, flowers and birds lights…… varied, Cuicanduomu. Whenever carnivals, garden landscapes in the exhibition-million lights, lights in the King, King in the lights, lights King intertwined, shape, color, light, sound and moving organic Fusion, the level of blur, magnificent.