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geographical location in central Shandong, Zhongshan Lu Lubei Plain with the changeover zone. North of Yellow River, East and phase grounding in Weifang City, Xikao Jinan, Laiwu and Nan Lin Linyi City.



administrative divisions exempted Zhangdian, Boshan, Zichuan, Zhoucun, Linzi District and five Huantai, Yiyuan, Gao Qing three counties.

Zibo is one of the birthplaces of Chinese ancient culture, Qi Culture dates back to ancient times, rich heritage. Xin in the Northern culture, Dawenkou Culture, the Longshan culture and Yueshi 400 various cultural sites, all kinds of cultural relics, 804, of which the focus of a heritage conservation units, the provincial-level key heritage preservation unit 5, municipal 47 units focus on heritage conservation district, 77 county-level units of heritage conservation. Very rich collection of relics, the city#39;s Museum (Room) collection of more than 25,900 pieces of cultural relics of ancient culture reflects the essence of Zibo. Linzi unearthed such as the Spring and Autumn largest copper Yu, elegant shapes, text decoration clear the Warring States period, the gold and silver inlay turquoise inlay sacrifice respect, modeling simple, vivid image, is the ancient art of Jiapin; have high-Ge, Ying Qing porcelain, and so on, are At the national level cultural relics. Longwen rectangular copper throughout the Western Han Dynasty is the largest so far found that the domestic copper mirrors; Warring States period, the three button moire copper mirrors, ornate chic, unique shape, rational layout,堪称domestic arts of the ancient treasures. - Old City in the northeast of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty tombs excavated sati Ma Hang, sati more than 600 horsepower motor, known as the history of archaeological wonders, reflecting the strength of Qi at that time. These rich and valuable cultural relics collection, Zibo is witness to the history of ancient civilization.

Zibo of Zibo, Tianbao, old times. In this ancient land, once born, nurtured a large number of political, ideological, military and cultural giants. If Jiang Xiao Bai, Ju-Rang, because Tian Qi, Zuo Si, Gusi Xie, Fang Xuanling, and only once appeared in the Qing Dynasty Pu Songling, Zhao Zhixin, Wang Shizhen three well-known writer, known as the three major cultural Xiaofu River Celebrities. When "academic freedom" in the world of Qi said, also attracted numerous celebrities to persuade students, such as Confucius, Mencius, Xun Zi, Qu Yuan had been repeatedly East Tour Qi, Li said that to give lectures in the history of a "hundred schools of thought contend "Sheng trace.

Zibo Zibo is one with a glorious revolutionary traditions of the city during the War of Resistance Against Japan, in Zibo people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and Japanese aggression forces and the Kuomintang army bloody battles, the world-famous "black Tieshan intifada", "Ma On Shan combatants" and KMT recorded a diehard bloody "too River tragedy" all happened here. Zibo people in these areas to establish the various monuments (Pavilion), to express the people#39;s revolutionary history and recall the memory of the martyrs.
Zibo City heritage preservation, management of the founding of the former non-formal institutions, cultural relics theft, the sale of a serious phenomenon. After the founding of the PRC, the cause of heritage by the party and the government#39;s attention, protection of cultural heritage to become one of the major departments in charge of the work. In 1957 the Urban Culture deployed personnel, the first census the city#39;s heritage, to map out the first distribution of the city#39;s heritage. 1958 Boshan Yan Jiang Temple in the establishment of Zibo City Museum, 1962 revoked in December 1975, the City Museum restoration of the establishment. Since then the cause of heritage with the larger development, to the end of 1985, the city with all kinds of museums, memorial celebrity, a total of 12 cultural relics administration, engaged in cultural work of the staff have more than 140 people, were responsible for the city#39;s heritage management, protection, assembly, Acquisition, display, exhibition and research work, promote the culture of Zibo, for the socialist construction services.