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Location: Located in the eastern part of Hunan Province, in east longitude 112.6 ° - 114 °, latitude 26 ° - 28 ° between.

Area: 11,400 square km

Population: 3.7 million

administrative divisions: Xianxia Yanling, Chaling, You County, Liling City, Zhuzhou County, five counties and cities and Lu Song, Shi Feng, Hawthorn, Tianyuan four districts and state-level high-tech industry development zones.

Zip code: 412000

Zhuzhou, Gu Chen Jianning, in the year 214, three in this set of Soochow Jianning County. Tang Taizong the first year of Zhenguan, Jianning into the Xiangtan. The old days, the local multi-Castanopsis tree, Zhuzhou and the Xiangjiang River more than a sandbar, the Zhuzhou Castanopsis also known as Chau. Southern Song Shaoxi to the first year (1190 AD) formally known as the Zhuzhou. Zhuzhou in Hunan Province in the east, east longitude 112.6 ° - 114 °, latitude 26 ° - 28 ° between Hunan Province is "1.1" in the region with important economic city, the provincial economy is the most developed long line , Tam "Golden Triangle" corner. Zhuzhou has a unique geographical advantages. Here is a subtropical monsoon and humid climate, four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, adequate light and heat, in the resource-rich products for the famous village of nonferrous metals, Zhuzhou or southern China#39;s largest transport hub.

Zhuzhou has a long history and glorious revolutionary traditions. The ancestor of the Chinese nation, the founder of farming culture Shennong Shi Yan Emperor, buried in Zhuzhou in the original Yanling Xian Lu Yi.

Zhuzhou, and when the Xiangjiang River Channel, the North-South Tongqu, history is lost heavily dispute, for what the tourism. Fengliurenwu, News anecdotal, and there-in, relics, revolutionary resort, times Buxiang, Lu, Mi coast of water.

Chinese ancestor of the Yan Emperor Shennong Shi Lingqin in Zhuzhou in the south of Yanling Xian; great Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu in the last two years of his life, Laobingguzhou, two Su Xiangjiang River and south, leaving poems 10 to the first; Tang Qi Nvzai, eye know the name of Ji Hong Fu hero Tomb of Liling in Zhuzhou in the Western Hills, the famous Song Dynasty, Yue Fei Lvjun via Chaling to pick Wo Qiangjian Root wrote "Light-chuen," the word, Long out engraved in high-Shek Pik; Song Daru Zhu Xi twice to give lectures in Zhuzhou, "Zhu Ting" because of his name; Ming Xu Xiake large travel home for Chaling Yunyang Hill, Lingyansi, the hole left cannabifolius Less Diary of a chapter, a note of the Zhuzhou-famous water with the University of the Ming Dynasty, Li Li Dongyang in the 1950s, he represented the "Chaling School", will be home, "Chaling" the name forever engraved In the annals of the history of Chinese literature.

Zhuzhou photos Zhuzhou, in the history of the Chinese People#39;s Revolution, has a glorious one. Chaling, Yanling (formerly Ling County) Jinggangshan revolutionary base is an important part of Mao Zedong, Zhu De#39;s first meeting, in all the 10 Yanling Xian; Red Army built the first time in the company of the party branch, Mao Zedong Personally presided over the ceremony of the Red Army soldiers to join the party, the inlet is in Yanling Xian; Mao Zedong since the ratification of the new formation of the Jinggangshan the first county-level red political power, is Gongnong Bing Chaling county government; Mao Zedong personally chair, to "withdraw Wai Cheung Sha, Huishi Jiangxi, Gongqu Ji#39;an "major policy decision by the U.S. writer Smedley called" Mao Zedong, Zhu De and take a lifetime in one of the most important steps, steps to reverse this movement of the Chinese revolution in a serious crisis "in the Red Front before the committee meeting, held in Zhuzhou City of the original bridge#39;s Xu Feng long Choubu shop. During the War of Liberation in Zhuzhou people to defend the Jinggangshan revolutionary base areas and the Hunan-Jiangxi Soviet Area, in order to liberate the motherland, fought, fought bravely, tens of thousands of outstanding sons and daughters sacrificed their lives, and write a chapter of the epic.

Zhuzhou Zhuzhou City Xianxia Yanling, Chaling, You County, Liling City, Zhuzhou County, five counties and cities and Lu Song, Shi Feng, Hawthorn, Tianyuan four districts and state-level high-tech industry development zones, with a total area 11,400 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 450 square kilometers. Total population of 3.7 million, of which the urban population of 700,000. After the founding of People#39;s Republic of China, the Zhuzhou built a Jiangnan industrial city: New China#39;s first aviation engines; first electric locomotive; first carbide anvil was born in Zhuzhou. Machinery, metallurgical, chemical, building materials for the four pillar industries in Zhuzhou. Zhuzhou, in the country#39;s leading products include more than 50 species of output ranked first in the country with 11, exports account for the first nine are, in the nation#39;s first-class technology, there are eight production lines, the National Gold Medal Products Of four, Silver 35.