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Zip code: 463000

Location: Henan Province in the south

Area: 15,000 square km

Population: 7950000

administrative divisions: jurisdiction and Runan Zhumadian City, Queshan, Shangcai, the West-ping, Sui Ping, Ping Yu, Zhengyang, Biyang County 9

Zhumadian City, Henan Province in the south, is located Huaihe River Basin. Ancient here for traffic要冲, Nanlaibeiwang the messenger, in this Guanhuan in Station Xiema, therefore the name. Zhumadian
Zhumadian has a long history, the humanities blend. As early as in Hong Huang Chinese ancestors stepped out of the prehistoric era, is here to stay deep historical footprints. So far, in Shangcai county Fuxi Gua painting booths, Li Si Tomb of Qin Chengxiang, Confucius drying desks, Xiping Xian Warring States smelting sites, LUO Cheng tomb, Xincai County Confucius Wenjin, Runan County days Zhongshan, Wu Ying Ta North and Queshan Quan Temple and other landmarks, more revolutionary base Zhugou, national hero and former residence of General Yang Jingyu Original Hill, thin reservoir, Tongshan, places Duck Lake and other natural and human landscape.
Zhumadian beautiful and fertile, mineral resources are very rich. Initial proved a more than 30 kinds of mineral, chemical limestone, glass sand, Ying ore reserves of abode in the province were the first, second, fourth. In 1999, Zhumadian Funiu Mountain Yumo found a world-class large rutile deposits, total reserves in more than 50 million tons. 驻马店照片
latitude in the zone is located in Zhumadian, a North subtropical and temperate climate intersection of the transition type, four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, adequate light, suitable for a variety of crop growth, is an important national and provincial grain and oil production base, known as " Tianxialiangcang "," Zhongzhou depot "and" Kingdom of sesame, "said. Habitat total grain production in the province of 1 /10, sesame production of the world#39;s total output of 1 /10, oil output ranked first in Henan Province, meat, poultry production throughout the province separated the second, third place. Biyang for the country#39;s largest county mushrooms, for the Zhengyang County, the largest peanut, Pingyu white sesame production for the whole country#39;s largest county. Shangcai of flowers and trees, there Chestnut Hill, Runan vegetables, and other characteristics of agriculture in the province and the country has high visibility. 驻马店图片

Zhumadian in the mountains, Pinnacle Mountain, Mountain Fairview Park. Zhumadian in the water, water charming, water flag Ni. Located in Zhumadian City, 40 kilometers south (in the Queshan Xian) thin mountain, without completion risk. Lake in the mountains, a lake in the mountains. Landscape dependencies, seamless. Thin mountain water, as the girls in her quiet and charming, it is full of praise. With the famous Xiushui coexistence and common prosperity of the thin mountain forests, with a view to be named as a state-level forest park.

thin Lake near subtropical for Health and various flowers and trees, the forest coverage rate to 75 percent, lush reservoir area, around the Great Lakes region in recent Xiu Yuan-Shan, in green Cangcang listed in Danran, lining the lake from Haomiao , Reduces noise reduction resulting in clean, pleasant scenery is casual summer tourist attractions. Zhumadian

Cha Original Hill, the eastern margin of the Funiu Yu Mo, also known as Cha Asan, Delicate Hill, because of Qifengyishi, Quanyajiaocuo named, a "Zhongzhou bonsai" reputation. Cha Original Mountain, located in Henan Province, 25 kilometres west Suiping Xian. Transport and communication facilities, 107 State Road, Beijing-Zhuhai Highway, Jing-Guang Railroad Trans-County. Cha Original mountains are provincial-level scenic spots, covering 50 square km, an average elevation of 600 meters. Cha Original Hill, the mountain Xianyao, successive military strategists is the battleground. Spring and Autumn Period, Wu Chu in this Zhengxiong, buried days after the death of king-mill, experienced the vicissitudes of life, "Miss Wang Mu" is still; Tang Wang Xianzhi Department will have to Zhunbing this, after yet to work together with Huang Chao Shou-shan Existing "Huang Chao-dong," the late Ming and Li Zicheng the peasant uprising uncle Gao Yingxiang Army stationed in the base camp for Cha Original Hill, the existing "点将Taiwan," and "high-ranking officials Pavilion" for the card.