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ZhuHai - GuangDong

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Code: 0756

Zip code: 519000

area: land and sea area of 7,649 square kilometers, of which land area of 1,653 square kilometers

Population: 1040000

position: in the southern Guangdong Province, the Pearl River to the sea the West Bank, the endangered South China Sea, East and Shenzhen, across the sea from Hong Kong, South and the same land Macao, Guangzhou, 140 kilometers Beiju

divisions: administered Xiangzhou District (of the special economic zones and border permits to enter holding), Doumen District, the Bay Area

#39;s floral emblem: the cuckoo

City Tree: saffron Bauhinia

Zhuhai City in 1979, set up in southern China#39;s Guangdong Province, the Pearl River to the sea the West Bank, the endangered South China Sea, East and Hong Kong, Shenzhen waters linked to 36 sea miles away from Hong Kong, Macao and the land south of the < /p>


Next, Beiju Guangzhou city 140 km in latitude 21 ° 48 #39;to 22 ° 27#39; and east longitude ll3 ° 03 #39;to 114 ° 19#39; between the land area of 1653 square Km, an area of 6000 square km waters, 146 islands. Xiangzhou administered in Zhuhai City, Doumen, the three Bay SAR. The end of 2004 the city#39;s resident population was 1.332 million, of which the household registration population of 790,000 people.

Zhuhai City in 1980 and the establishment of special economic zones is China#39;s earliest established one of the four special economic zones, to the National People#39;s Congress gives the local legislative power. In addition, Zhuhai, Zhuhai City also has national high-tech industry development zone, bonded zone in Zhuhai, 000-marine development experimental zone, Hengqin Economic and Technological Development Zone, the Lingang Industrial Area, and other functions of the five economic zones.

Zhuhai photos

1998 in Zhuhai City was awarded the United Nations Habitat award "international best practices to improve their living environment Award" is China#39;s first access to the title of this city.

Zhuhai picture Zhuhai City has become a beautiful environment, economic prosperity and social stability of the modern coastal city. Zhuhai City has access to the United Nations "to improve the living environment of international best practices Award", "China#39;s 40 best tourist destination" and "outstanding tourist city" and "Model City in Guangdong modern technology", "National Environmental Protection Model City" and "national ecological Model city "," national health cities "and other awards. The biennial China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, the annual world championships, such as steam of the gt growing impact of international events, has become a bright spot to attract domestic and foreign merchants.

Zhuhai - the emerging garden-like seaside tourist resort city, the South China Sea coast of the Pearl of a Cuican. She at the mouth of the Pearl River, and then Macao, water and Hong Kong, is one of China#39;s five special economic zones.


Zhuhai people in the density of small, wide roads, no busy congestion, a high degree of green, long coastline, it is always in the blue sea blue and green around the Fanhua, enjoy nature The warm, be regarded as holiday and will be for the resort. It is the deepest impression is the long coastal highway, there is a [Couples Road], Couples road south is Waterfront Road, the famous waterfront park is situated in the roadside; offshore rocks, which stands a "female Zhuhai and fisheries" The statue, which is park-like, but also micro-Zhuhai City. In parks, can be boarded Yandun Hill, in view of the mountains east of the Jiuzhou [Jiuzhou Island], they clearly see the beautiful shadow, it is a chain of nine islands, an island above the caves, Kistler, beaches, is quite attractive place.

the beautiful natural landscape of Zhuhai, a beautiful, vast sea, more than 100 islands, known as "100 Island City" reputation. The distinctive urban planning and construction, tourism highlight awareness of nature in harmony, elegant chic, very exotic Riviera Gardens and contemporary. 1991, in Zhuhai city#39;s image as a whole landscape by the National Tourism Administration as "Zhuhai 40 best tourist destination country" one. Zhuhai municipal government from the current international and domestic situation and development trend of the actual conditions in Zhuhai, vigorously promote the new-type industrialization, optimizing the economic structure, strengthen industrial base; West into the industrial, urban West Extension, to accelerate the pace of urbanization, promoting coordinated regional economic development ; Speed up the "seaports, airports," the pace of development, improve the urban transport network, to promote inter-regional economic cooperation in the implementation of the city through science and education strategies and good University Park and enhance the urban core competitiveness and further expand opening-up, promote institutional and management innovation and perfect The socialist market economic system. Wang Shi Industrial Co. to build a platform for the city through science and education platform and the ecological environment in strong platform for the construction of Zhuhai with information technology as a leading high-tech industrial base, has strong appeal of the production and research base, high value-added exports Foreign exchange earnings base into a strong radiation and attractive, beautiful environment, economic prosperity, good order and civilized modern affluent regional central cities.