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position: Zhoushan Islands are China#39;s largest and only "the Kuril City", located in north-eastern Zhejiang province, Shanghai Beiju 136 sea miles, 34 sea miles west of Ningbo, is to Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shanghai Gateway to the sea. By the size of 1,390 islands, the city#39;s total area of 22,200 square kilometers, of which land area of 1,386 square kilometers, the urban area of 988 square kilometers.

divisions: Xianxia Dinghai District, Putuo District and Daishan County, Sheng Sixian

Population: 990,000, of which the urban population of 680,000

#39;s floral emblem: Putuo Narcissus

Zhoushan Islands is the only established in the city of prefecture-level administrative divisions, administered 2 District 2 County. Zhoushan City in Lincheng New Area; Dinghai District government in Dinghai City; Putuo District government in the eastern end of the island famous fishing port town of Chenjia Men; Daishan County in Daishan Island high Tingzhen; Sheng Sixian in the capital of Keys Caiyuanzhen.

Zhoushan Islands, Gucheng "sea Nakasu." Zhoushan Islands, no cool summer heat and winter cold with a pleasant climate in the size of the length and breadth of island, 1,390 islands, like a Sala in the East China Sea ocean Bibowanqing the shining pearl, constitutes "the Kuril City" the magnificent scenery.

Zhoushan Islands Development has a long history. According to historical records and Archaeological Finds research, the Hemudu culture of the second since over 5000 years ago in the Neolithic Age, there is the provision of human pioneers in the field on the island, the capture of the sea, home to multiply and begin fishing in salt production. Zhoushan has fisheries, ports, tourism, the three major advantages. Zhoushan is China#39;s largest seawater production, processing, and sales base, known as "China#39;s fisheries are" reputation. Zhoushan Harbor many fairways aspect, the depth of Lang-ping, China is one of the Sham natural port. Zhoushan islands of well-preserved natural scenery, contains abundant tourism resources, has now opened two state-level scenic spot and two provincial-level tourism, tourists in 1999 the number 3974800. Arable land area of 19,000 hectares, of which 11,900 hectares of paddy field, dry land 07,100 hectares. Woodland total area of 55,900 hectares. -Zhoushan "East China Sea fish warehouse" and "the motherland#39;s fisheries are" reputation. As the waters near the superior natural environment, diet rich in fish and shrimp to the different migratory habits, habitats, breeding and growth has created good conditions. A total of 1,163 kinds of marine life, by category: There are 91 kinds of phytoplankton and zooplankton 103 kinds, 480 kinds of benthic animals, 131 kinds of benthic plants, 358 kinds of animals to swim. Fishing is the main variety hairtail, Le fish, Ma Jiaoyu, Haiman, mackerel fish, horse-fish, grouper, blue crab and shrimp and other species more than 40.

Zhoushan Islands, just like a jade-like strings of pearls, scattered in the East China Sea ocean, with the thousands of Buddhist culture, Sankaikan scenery, folk customs and the islands historical and cultural landscape, even more fascinating is the magnificent wave of Hanhai , The singular Qianzibaitai Cliff Yanxue, grand and elegant Temples temples, clean wide Sands Beach, masts Lin 10,000 fishing village Night, strong Yujia simple style, a unique collection of islands, ocean tourism resources, as the Tour of world attention, shelters, Resort destination.

Zhoushan has a long history. 1979 archaeologists in Dinghai Ma Ao found rural area of the 140,000 square meters of ancient cultural sites group, the preliminary excavations, the Neolithic site 12, during the last week of eight cultural sites and unearthed a Approved stone, pottery and a lot of hard Yin Wen Tao. Now these treasures have been preserved in the Museum Ma Ao, Ma Ao and therefore also a "first island village," reputation, Ma Ao there are many in the ancient port, the ancient inn, the ancient Yidao, the ancient residents, tourists can in this A taste of the old days of Ma Ao bustling scene.

history that many scholars, politicians, monks, merchants transit Zhoushan, Langji Tianya. From time to before the Qin emperor of the Qiuxian Xu Fang Shi, Tang was invited to go to Japan to the monk Jianzhen, from the Tang and Song dynasties following the Korea-Japan tribute to the ship came to the West of the late Qing Dongdu students, all of this history have left in Zhoushan Mark.

Zhoushan old times, celebrities come forth in large numbers, ZHONG Ling Yuxiu, seamounts Zenghui. Zhoushan is not only coastal defense fortifications, historical and cultural cities, but also the hometown nominee, existing in the original ancestral home of the NPC Standing Committee Qiao Shi, a CPPCC National Committee Vice Chairman Ding Guangxun ancestral home of Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa and the ancestral home of a famous writer San Mao ancestral home of Taiwan; Zhu Bao three business tycoons, former residence, the former residence of Liu Hongsheng, there are the late former vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, the Hong Kong Basic Law Drafting Committee, vice chairman of the parent-Anzi Tomb, and so on.