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Zip code: 324000

position: in the west of Zhejiang Province, the western section in Jinqu Basin, accounting for 49 percent of the mountains, hills accounted for 36.4 percent, while the plains. The forest coverage rate of more than 50 percent. Qiantang River is the upper reaches of the river, the main Qujiang, Changshan River, Jiangshan Jiang, Wu Kai Jiang. And Anhui, Jiangxi and Fujian provinces adjacent, it is "Tongqu four provinces, the first Rd," said.

area: the city#39;s total area of 8,849 square kilometers.

Population: 2350000

administrative divisions: Qu exempted Kecheng Qu, Kita Suminoe, Longyou County, Changshan county and Jiangshan City.

About Us: Quzhou in Zhejiang Province in the west, the ancient "four provinces Tongqu", as a state-level historical and cultural city

Quzhou, Zhejiang Province in the west, the upper reaches of Qiantang River, is located in Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Anhui provinces at the junction. "All right of abode in the upper reaches, the control of the Poyang Zhou Ye, Minyue system of jets Hang, Tung announced Xi#39;s momentum," by Lu Chuan, the four provinces Tongqu. Quzhou is a national historical and cultural cities, the Chinese name of Xin#39;an, said Sanqu Sui and Tang Quzhou said before, there is a history of the Jiangnan一千八百年stronghold.

Quzhou City Jiangnan ancient geological structure of land south of the northern margin of Chinese ancient land, that is, beyond a two tectonic units, for the Qiantang River in central depression zone. The general features of the terrain to the south, north, central low, the western, eastern low, central Zhejiang Province for the largest inland basin - the western half of the Jinqu Basin, from west to east gradually broadening. 15 per cent in the plains, hilly 36 per cent, accounting for 49 percent of the mountains. Trinidad Kong for the northern mountains, west of Huaiyu mountains, south of the city#39;s largest mountain range Xianxia Ling Mountains, the city#39;s highest point to the large Jiangshan City Longgang, elevation 1,500 meters.
Quzhou steeped in history and heritage, landscape scene, beautiful landscape. There as "the Holy Land-South" Hung Nanzongjiamiao; WHO said, "Go cents", Taoism blessed land of Lan Keshan; have recognized "Danxia-China First, the country#39;s most Yixian Tian," Jiang Langshan; A landscape unique in the Wuyi Nian before the Ordovician formation of Sanqu Shilin; Bibowanqing, beautiful Jiulong Hu; wind around the clouds, Jiangyuan scenery of the Qianjiang source of national forest parks; species richness, the towering Gumu Gutian Mountain Nature Reserve; have to gorge Qifeng, Jian diarrhoea Feipujianzhao the Ziwei Mountain National Forest Park; reputation as "the mystery of ages, cultural treasures," Longyou Grotto.

Qianjiang is a source of ancient magic and full of vigor and vitality of the land. She St., God, surprising show, featuring mystery of the human landscape, natural scenery, meet friends all corners of the globe come to enjoy the charm of the city of Quzhou.

Quzhou is the text of state-level historical city, beautiful mountains and rivers, landmarks, many human landscape. Key scenic spots and places of the city a total of more than 20, which the provincial-level scenic spots 2 (Jiang Langshan scenic area, Lanke Shan - Wu Kai Jiang scenic area). Two state-level heritage conservation units (Nanzong Hung Jiamiao, Town homes Rita), a National Nature Reserve (Kaihua Gutianshan protected areas), two state-level forest park (Qianjiang source Forest Park, Qujiang District Ziwei Forest Park), a state-level geological parks (Changshan Sanqu Shilin, "the nails"), the provincial tourism resort a (Longyou Grotto), the provincial water conservancy tourist zone 5 (Xianxia Lake , Jiulong Hu, Bibo Lake, Lake Xianyou, Yueliang Hu tourist areas), the main tourist areas have more than 30 Department. Quzhou in the urban areas of the Southern Song Dynasty Nanzong Hung Jiamiao is the 48th generation of Confucius, Sun-hole Friends Suijianandu Jiamiao built in Quzhou, and Qufu in Shandong in the north Jiamiao Hung famous. "chat Vegetarian-differences "in the accounts" Quzhou three Devil "come and go places, so far remains still exist. Go there cents to Lanke Shan, Huang Chao Late Tang Dynasty army uprising Rumin Road opened up the Xianxia Road (the Commissioner), the first program in peak - Jiang Langshan, the eternal mystery of underground construction Yongyu Grottoes group, a Jiangnan Never - Sanqu Shilin, the ecological integrity of the Qianjiang Qingyou source of natural forest park, Ziwei Mountain Forest Park, each year attracting a large number of tourists to visit tourist.