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Zip code: 236800

position: located in the Central Plains, the northwest border of Anhui Province, Anhui Province entered the Beijing-Kowloon Railway is the first stop.

Area: 2,226 square km area

Population: 1.3 million population

divisions: exempted Qiaocheng Qu and Guoyang, Mengcheng, Lixin three counties.

Bozhou Bozhou is a state-level historical and cultural city and one of China#39;s excellent tourist cities, has a long history and rich cultural heritage, history talented people: Shang Dynasty#39;s founding Shengjunchengtang, Taoism founder Laozi, Zhuangzi, surgical originator Hua, Wei Wu Dili Cao Cao, Emperor Wen Cao Pi, the poet Cao Zhi, women#39;s heroic Mulan…… such as the bright star flashing in the long process of history. They left the site, landscape, Li Shu up like a beaded, it is Liulian in time. Bozhou ancient故地South millimetres, the 16th century BC, the Shang Tang in this Capital, later known as the "South millimetres" the great cause of Sui, 2002 (AD 606) renamed Qiao County, Tang Takenori 2007 (624) Qiao County Complex Renamed Bozhou, Wang capital of the Tang Dynasty one of 10. Yuan positive 15 years (1355) Liu Fu-Yong Han Shan Tong#39;s son, Chao-lin Chen Di infants in Bozhou, the State of the Song, Gaiyuan Longfeng, said small-ming. Hong-early (1368), descending to the county. Hongzhi Emperor Hongzhi 2009 (1496) and Fu said Bozhou. 1912, to the county. Liberation initially set Bozhou City, then to the county. May 1986 dismantling located in the county (county-level, under the Fuyang area), the same year by the State Council for approval in December for the state historical and cultural city. 1996 approved by the State Council for the provinces and municipalities, hosted by the Fuyang City, the provincial party committee in February 1998, Bozhou City, the provincial government decided to direct jurisdiction, the same year were rated as outstanding tourist city. June 2000, approved by the State Council as provincial cities.


Bozhou ZHONG Ling Yuxiu, gives birth to a multitude of excellence. For thousands of years, this beautiful and fertile land to the District Education countless Wenzhiwugong, shine in the annals of Sages celebrities. I Taoist originator to the unique world view, that line of classics left to future generations, "the moral", although only 5,000 words, but about the text to speech, broad and made a very complete system of philosophy, known as "the million King "; generation oracle Chuang Tzu, who paint park officials, he" Yu speech of cattle "and the story of Wang Anshi," officials at the time without a gas field, the people ZHUANG Zhou future generations wind "of the poem, is still widely civil Zhuansong ; Emperor Wu Wei Cao Cao "cooking wine Lunying Xiong", "Wang Shuo Fushi" the heroic spirit, the number of people of insight to the world it dumped; Cao Zhi Wang Chen of the "seven-step? Quot;, has been reading to remain People Dangqihuichang; Shen Yi Hua "Ma boil casual" is the medical history of general anesthesia, "the world#39;s most", pioneering the "five birds Opera" is still a lot of people in everyday practitioners; women#39;s hero Hua Mulan and the father of military service Courage, charisma and strategy is truly admire, the story is Furujiezhi; generation Shengjun to Cheng Tang, Taoism Extreme Chen Tuan, farmers poet Li Shen Min, Nian Army chief, Ms Zhang Le line hero Hua Mulan and the father of military service Courage, charisma and a strategy, this is only Yun-sheng of the plot proud. They have created a brilliant ancient civilization of China has made contributions to non-mill fire.


long The history and splendid culture, the land left to the Bozhou large number of monuments and valuable cultural heritage. Bozhou existing national, provincial and municipal heritage conservation units at more than 200 of them in the protection of more than 22 units, representing the province#39;s l /3. These monuments of natural scenery and human landscape in one, always contains a rich cultural heritage. State-level key heritage conservation units - spent Xilou, drama throughout, painted beautiful, majestic main hall, Xilou, Gulou Des Voeux lining, brick Wood Loudiaoshuangjue, famous for its architectural talent, it is more than praise. Basilica of the first Taoism - too clean government, also known as too static Palace, commonly known as Lao Zi Temple, a large, brilliant architecture, Biwa Redwall, purple Gas Yinghui, a solemn silence, extraordinary momentum. Tang Ling Qiu port Weiran, Gu Mu Qiu Zhi-air, Cang Gadao erect the monument, outside the garden and pondered sages, the feeling of admiration Youranersheng. As the "Underground Great Wall" of the ancient hidden Soldiers Road, two-lane parallel and stretches, mutual connectivity, works great, grand building, built by Legend has it for Cao Cao,堪称ancient military history of the miracle. Contemporary literature and history that we Guo Moruo Museum of the pro-Huazu submerged, including "Cottage After "The Sound of" medicine po-flow "," five birds Wong Sau "Eight landscape, Temple Temple integrity and elegance of the Park, as the Bozhou a Shengji. Other sites are more well-known equally covering more than 10 km, Building on the sophisticated CHENG Hao large clan Muqun Tsao; splendid, spacious temple, Confucius asked at the Palace of the moral; are handsome in appearance, towering clouds, Dachaoshan pilgrims Ruchao crowd of 10,000 SIT valve tower and pagoda; Building Towering, white Qingyouyajing Law Centre and the Muslim-Temple; the top of a mountain Ji, Gu Feng Ji Kang remains of the house; abbot convex stone, smooth as Di, printed by the pressure of the giant marks the spot Chen Tuan trace; and urban Still exist in the style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, still Gumao the 36 Argyle Street, 72 Guxiang, and so on, around the attractions, Guyun relax. Bozhou the history of human landscape, and the natural landscape echoes of Huangshan, known as "South Huangshan, North Bozhou "Said 1986 was named" national-level historical and cultural city. "1998 was named" the first batch of outstanding tourist city ".


Bozhou is" Shen Yi, "the Hua Hometown, is also the history of our country are one of the four drugs, abounds in Chinese herbal medicines, herbal medicine market a long time. 1994, Bozhou built the country#39;s largest trading center of Chinese herbal medicines. Trading Center listed in the ingredients up to more than 2,000 varieties of , Listing of 40 million kg. In turnover of 20 billion yuan. At the same time, and herbal medicine centre in supporting the Chinese medicines Futures Exchange, the Information Center of Chinese herbal medicines have also established the Bozhou. 1995, General Secretary Jiang Zemin happily For the Bozhou inscription: "Hua hometown, a land of herbal medicine".

Bozhou produced by a state banquet with wine "Furui Gong Liquor" renowned Kyushu, Chimingzhongwai. In recent years, China has also built a wine culture museum exhibits rich To display sophisticated, fully demonstrated the profound Chinese wine culture, goes back to ancient times.

administered in Mengcheng County, Bozhou, China#39;s largest varieties of cattle origin, most recently this county ingenuity of the famous comic dialogue performers hired, a senior photography The family cattle deputy magistrate of the county, as the news hit.