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ZhongXiQu - XiangGang

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Megan  Date: 09-03 2008  More Attractions
Western located on Hong Kong Island in the northwestern coastal areas, our proximity to the Victoria Peak, the front of Victoria Harbour, from the Queensway East, the West until the Kennedy Town, the area of 1, 240 hectares. According to the 2001 Population Census, the population of Western people have 261,884 people, while the floating population of about 300,000 people over 90% of the population living in private housing.
When the British stationed in Hong Kong, is in the first foothold for the Western District, Hong Kong has become one of the earliest development of the region. Western has the characteristics of Chinese traditional culture, since history has this area for our business, financial and Law and Policy, Central known as the hub of Hong Kong and the Western area rich heritage, has a strong Chinese community atmosphere, the Central, Western forest of old tenement buildings, dried seafood, such as salted fish gathered in the business; Mid-level and senior government officials Peak area is a rich man#39;s place of residence.