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position: Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the southwest, the Yellow River is located in the first Qiantao; South on the Loess Plateau of Xiangshan, north of Tengger Desert, central to the Yellow River alluvial plain.

Area: 4,707 square kilometers

Population: 300,000

administrative divisions: Shapotou, in the County, Haiyuan County

Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei, "the desert Guyan straight, with the river of the yen," the poem had dumped numerous civilian Saoke, but also countless late Shensi heart and hard to trace. In fact, on this magical landscape in Zhongwei city in Ningxia.


Zhongwei is located in the central and western Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the head of the Yellow River Qiantao, "East impacted rivers, west Sand Mountain" is Nanjing, Mongolia, Gansu provinces and regions of the junction of three points, but also Ziliuguangai the first to the Yellow River. Zhongwei city in Ningxia Wuzhong City, east, south Guyuan City, Gansu Province, bordering with the West, even the North Alxa League in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the original jurisdiction Zhongwei Xian, in the County, Haiyuan County, the city#39;s land area of 17,000 square kilometers, population 1012000 People, mainly to the Hui minority of the total population of 31.7 percent. Complex and ever-changing terrain, the Southern landscape are mostly the Loess Plateau, more serious soil erosion in China is one of the regions. The northern mountains and desert for the low (for the north-west of Tengger Desert). Central Yellow River flood plain - Wei Ning in the plains of the Yellow River irrigation Lee, fertile land, rich products, known as "stuffed Jiangnan", "Yumizhixiang" reputation.

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a long history. The benefits of the Yellow River, according to the desert, mountains of insurance, more than 30,000 years ago, this will multiply in the human interest-bearing. North County is the Qin Dynasty, the Western Han Dynasty for the stability of the county, Northern Wei, Wong spiritual Sand County, the state will buy Northern Zhou, Sui Chi-ming abundance Shaxian County, the yuan should be grounds for the state, the Yongle years (1403) home Zhongwei in Ningxia , The Qing Yongzhengnianjian (1724) renamed Zhong Weixian (including this Zhongwei, Nanjing and Qingtongxia in some areas), the House of Ningxia, Pingliang Haiyuan Xianzhu House. 1933 Zhongwei Xian divided into Zhongwei, in Nanjing County. 1954 Gansu Province, Ningxia into, Yinchuan, Zhongwei the area. After the founding of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in 1958, Zhongwei, in Nanjing has assigned Bank of Yugoslavia, Wuzhong City jurisdiction, Haiyuan County, Guyuan has classified areas, Guyuan City jurisdiction. 2004-Zhongwei City to set up in Nanjing, Haiyuan County Zhongwei city was placed under the jurisdiction.

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rich in resources. Has rich reserves of coal, gypsum, limestone, clay, clay, marble, oil shale, oil, gold, copper, aluminum, zinc, and other 30 kinds of mineral resources, Ningxia is the most abundant mineral resources in one of the regions. Gypsum reserves of which about 70 million tons of clay reserves over 50 billion tons, silica reserves of 100 million tons, the most abundant coal resources, the distribution area of nearly 200 square kilometers, the total reserves of 1.2 billion tons, and a low-ash, low phosphorus, low sulphur, High-density, high-intensity, high-calorie, high-quality anthracite, to the "three third year low," Chimingzhongwai. Wei Ning favorable conditions plain water, groundwater rich, the Yellow River from west to east through the territory and that is about 182 kilometers, with an average annual flow of 1039.8 cubic meters /second, with an average annual flow of transit 32.814 billion cubic meters, the largest natural gap between 144.13 meters , The water reserves of over 200 million kilowatts, 1.6 million kilowatts of energy use, the Northwest may be the most advantageous use of water resources of the city. Is building the Shapotou Water Control Project is developing the western region one of 10 large projects, design-irrigation area of 107 mu, an annual 606 million kwh electricity in 2004, completed by the end of input use, not only solve the Wei-ning Plain 120 Million mu of farmland irrigation, and Ningxia to a year to provide 600 million kwh of electric power grids, easing pressure on the Northwest power shortage. Proposed in the Yellow River Water Control Project from Willow Shapotou Water Control Project 12 km, design height of 163 meters with a total capacity of 11 billion cubic meters, the capacity of 2 million kilowatts, generating 7.8 billion kwh, can be. By then, Zhongwei will become the NT important hydropower base. Is the construction of national key projects in Ningxia transit project length of 274 kilometers, after 100 km in Zhongwei, and has a compression station.


exceptional conditions for agricultural production. Yellow River irrigation has a long history and a solid agricultural foundation Huang Irrigation District, exceptional production conditions. Tongji in the mountains, fertile land, vertical and horizontal drains, Linmao food abundance, grain and oil-rich, Chinese wolfberry, fruits, livestock and poultry, the country is well-known commodity grain, Chinese wolfberry, fruits and vegetables, animal husbandry and aquatic production base. Zhongwei goats, Tan sheep of the famous. After years of development and construction, has been formed mainly to the irrigated areas of grain production bases and facilities in agricultural areas, mainly in the southern mountainous areas of grassland livestock industry, to Wei-ning consisting mainly of Chinese wolfberry plain areas, a region chicken The first town, village and the first fish farming region billion in the first village.