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ZhongShan - GuangDong

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Zip code: 528400

position: the Pearl River Delta is located in the South, the East Wang Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Zhuhai Nan Lin, Macau, Guangzhou north

area: 1659.8 square kilometers.

Population: About 1.3 million people.

divisions: under 19 towns: the port, 1.30, the people, South Lang, the three townships, Tan Chau, Shenwan, board Fu, Tai Chung, Shaxi, the cross bar, the ancient town, Siu Lam, Tung Fung , South head, Fu sand, Huang Po, Dongsheng, five Guishan, four City offices: Western, Shiqi, around the city, Zhongshan port, a state-level high-tech industry development zones

general picture: in Zhongshan City, "Yumizhixiang", was included in the first batch of open coastal cities, rapidly from an agricultural county into a comprehensive development of commerce industry and agriculture export-oriented medium-sized city, Guangdong known as "four tigers "One.

, Zhongshan City in Guangdong Province, exemptions to level cities, towns under 19, four City District Office, a state-level high-tech industry development zones. Located in central and southern Pearl River Delta, 86 km Beiju Guangzhou, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. The whole city area of 1,800 square kilometers, population 1.32 million, the annual mean temperature was 21.8 degrees Celsius.

Zhongshan Zhongshan City is a great Chinese revolutionary forerunner Dr. Sun Yat-sen#39;s hometown. November 12, 1866, Dr. Sun Yat-sen in Xiangshan County (now Zhongshan City) Cui Hengcun birth. Zhongshan City is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots more than 60 million people living in the world#39;s five continents, 64 countries and regions.

Zhongshan City, is one of China#39;s open coastal cities, with state-level high-tech industry development zones and health science and technology industrial base and a large number of industrial parks, foreign investment and develop economic and trade cooperation between the ideal place. Since reform and opening up, Zhongshan City, the economic strength growing. In 1999 the city achieved a GDP of 27.268 billion yuan, industrial and agricultural output value reached 69.209 billion yuan and exports worth 2.82 billion U.S. dollars, foreign capital actually used 580 million U.S. dollars.

Zhongshan photos Zhongshan rapid urban construction, infrastructure improving. 1999 urban area of 27 square kilometers, urban per capita housing area has reached 27.7 square meters, the city#39;s total annual capacity of 4.1 billion kwh electricity,公路总里程of 991 km, mobile phones and the total capacity of program-controlled telephones were 298,000 and 501000. External transport: in Zhongshan City, surrounded by four international airports and two inland airport, 105 National Road and Kwong (state)-(the) line two countries, through the whole territory, is building the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway in paragraph Opened, the city has three foreign trade port and 11 export FOB, from Zhongshan Hong Kong to Hong Kong flight just one hour 15 minutes. Zhongshan City in recent years has won the "National Health City", "National Garden City", "National Science and Technology Xingshi advanced city," "State Environmental Protection city," "civilized city in Guangdong Province" and "create a civilized cities of the advanced cities." Title. Zhongshan City, won the 1997 UN-Habitat presented the "Habitat Award."

Zhongshan picture

Zhongshan City, is one of China#39;s open coastal cities in recent years vigorously promote the "Gongyejiangshi" strategy, has built a base of the packaging and printing, the state health science and technology industrial base, electronic Information Industry Base, the Science Park and other private high technological contents of the industrial park, basically forming a high-tech industries as a leader, leading to high quality products for the diversification of product mix, Robust beverage, Yale-in door locks, Kay Of fine chemicals, a gas Hua Di, a group of Ka Wah and electronics industries at home and abroad well-known brands. Siu Lam hardware, lighting the ancient town, Shaxi casual clothes, Tai Chung mahogany furniture, the first air-conditioned South, Huang Po food characteristics such as regional economic prosperity, national product in a large market share. Global 500 in Zhongshan do more than 20 enterprises in 2004, the city achieved a GDP of 61.014 billion yuan, total industrial output value of 200.44 billion yuan.

Zhongshan Zhongshan city#39;s investment environment has strong appeal. The city#39;s existing road traffic mileage of 1077.2 kilometers, formed a National Road and Link Road and Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway to the extensive framework of the road network; 90 km radius of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao, five major airports; Railway Mastery by the Guangzhou Transport across the country. Now, with the opening of Hong Kong Shenwan, Zhongshan East has formed a Zhongshan Hong Kong, South God Bay, north of the Siu Lam Hong Kong "goods" shaped terminal layout, which, Zhongshan, Hong Kong#39;s container throughput is one of the country Top ten, the world top 100. Zhongshan from the voyage to Hong Kong just 75 minutes. Zhongshan adequate water supply, and initially built a hub for the city, through towns, large and medium-sized enterprises broadband high-speed large-capacity information network, forming the "Zhongshan information superhighway."

at accelerating the modernization of Zhongshan, Zhongshan City, has developed a long-term development plan. Looking to the future, a light industry and the tertiary industry developed, opening up and internal radiation both the rich civilization of the modern celebrity in the city will stand in front of people.