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Zip Code: 450000

Location: 25 km south of the Yellow River, 760 kilometers Beiju Beijing, Wuhan, 514 kilometers Nanju, Dongju Lianyungang 570 kilometers, 480 kilometers west of Xi#39;an.

Area: total area of 7446.2 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 1013.3 square kilometers

Population: total population of 6.227 million, of which the urban population 2133000

divisions: the Central Plains area administered, Erqi Qu, Hui district of the city, Jinshui Qu, on the street, Ji-hye, Gongyi City, Xinzheng City, Xinmi, Dengfeng City, Xingyang Shi, Zhongmu County .

the mother river of the Chinese nation - the boundaries between the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, has an old and the young city, which is known as "Green City" reputation as the capital of Henan Province - Zhengzhou.

Zhengzhou as early as 3600, here is the important Du Yi Shang Dynasty. Zhengzhou has a long history, the birthplace of the Chinese nation is one bred of the Chinese nation and its splendid culture. There Xia, Shang, possession, and Zheng, South Korea five times for all, Sui, Tang, the Five Dynasties, Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing 8 took the state. Area found that since 8000 the Peiligang Culture, the largest since 5000 Kawamura, Qin Chai, and other types of Yangshao culture and the Longshan culture sites. According to historical records records, the Chinese people before the birthplace of the Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan Hills, located in Zhengzhou City in Xinzheng. The history of our country#39;s first dynasty of slavery in the summer and has Capital Yangcheng (now the southwest of Zhengzhou City)

Spring and Autumn period, Cheng and South Korea have in Xinzheng Capital, as long as 500 years. Qin and Han Dynasties period, the Zhengzhou region before they buy Ying Yang, Gong, Beijing, Xinzheng, and other counties, Ying Yang had become a "rich Hainei crown" of all the world. , The Zhengzhou region in the past has set Ying-gun, North Yu Zhou, Xing, and so on. Sui Kaihuang 2003 (AD 583) will be Xing, Zhengzhou. Sui Kaihuang 16 years (AD 596), home of the state Zhisuo. As the city of Zhengzhou, in the state of governance and become Zhengzhou region#39;s political, economic center. Sui Yang Di-opening of the Grand Canal and Drainage Jeju, Zhengzhou was "Business and from the boat by not absolutely" has become an important national water and land transportation hub. Northern Song Dynasty Capital Bianjing, Gyeonggi Province, Zhengzhou is a road, Chongning 2004 (Year 1105), built for the West Des Voeux, Song became one of four auxiliary County. Early Ming, Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, was placed under House. Qing Dynasty, was promoted to Zhengzhou for two Zhili state. Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou, the history goes back to ancient times, it is the Chinese nation one of the earliest settlements and the cradle of ancient Chinese civilization. Cultural relics, many cultural sites, complex and varied natural landscapes, mountains, plains, hills, rivers, a rich natural and human resources. In the near Zhengzhou, the spread of many ancient cultural relics, a relatively well-known since 8000 of the Peiligang Culture Ruins, the largest since 5000 and now Kawamura ruins of the Shang Dynasty capital in 3500 the site for their study of Chinese civilization The origin and development of a large number of materials for future generations to understand the lives of our ancestors has opened up a window. In addition, Da Hu Ting Han Tomb and the Yellow Emperor is also hometown of Zhengzhou relatively well-known around the monument.


the beginning of this century, the Han-ping and the Longhai Railway in the intersection of Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, the national industry, handicraft industry and business are relatively rapid development. 1923, Zhengzhou, the outbreak has shocked the world "on February 7" strike, the labour movement in the history of Chinese writing a glorious chapter. 1929-1931, Zhengzhou, once located in the county waste. October 22, 1948, formally established in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, a provincial capital in 1954.


Zhengzhou is located in the Chinese hinterland, Kyushu, 10 provinces Tongqu. North of Yellow River, according to the Songshan West, East and South to the Huanghuai Plains, between east longitude 112 degrees 42 minutes - 114 degrees 14 minutes E, 34 degrees 16 points - 34 degrees 58 minutes between. The city#39;s total area of 7446.2 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 1013.3 square kilometers, the Center City area of 243.3 square kilometers completed. 6 Xianxia County District 5 City 1: Jinshui Qu, Erqi Qu, the Central Plains area of the city, Mangshan Qu, on the street, Gongyi City, Dengfeng City, Xingyang Shi, Xinmi City, Xinzheng City, Zhongmu County. The end of the city#39;s total population of 7.082 million people, the urban population 4111000, 2971000 rural population, non-agricultural population of 2.576 million people. In the economic development pattern has dong and the west, north and south through the important role. Zhengzhou

a long history, excellent location and rich resources, to Zhengzhou to become China#39;s important transport hub, the famous Commercial Ports, China#39;s famous historical and cultural cities, outstanding tourist city and the Long Hai-Lan important new economic zone of central cities. The 16th CPC National Congress described the development in the new century the grand blueprint for today#39;s Zhengzhou is standing at a new starting point towards the building of regional central cities and the socialist modernization goals into the city#39;s business!