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Zip code: 212000

Location: South Bank is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Interchange Zhenjiang City, west of Nanjing, Changzhou, east, north and across the River Yangzhou. The city#39;s total area of 3,843 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 255 square kilometers.

population: the city#39;s total population of 2.66 million, of which the urban population of 580,000.

divisions: exemptions 4 District 3 counties (cities): Jingkou, Runzhou, New Area, Dantu four areas and the Danyang, Jurong, Yangzhong three county-level city.

City Tree: Kwong Yu-lan

#39;s floral emblem: the cuckoo

"appropriate" for the first names of Zhenjiang, in 3000 before Kang Zhou Hou Wang Feng to give the territory; Spring and Autumn Period, Zhenjiang, Zhu said, had been used Guyang, Dantu, Jingkou, Runzhou, such as name. House construction in Zhenjiang the Northern Song Dynasty (1113), only said Zhenjiang, after Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing. Dantu County, said after the Revolution of 1911, 1928 to Zhenjiang County. 1929-1949 2 seat of the provincial government of Jiangsu month (of which 1937 to 1945 during the fall of Zhenjiang, the provincial government to move to northern Jiangsu).


1949年4月23日Zhenjiang after the liberation, is zoned for urban and peri-urban Zhenjiang City, is zoned for rural Dantu County, four are under the administrative region of southern Jiangsu Zhenjiang agency. In 1953, southern Jiangsu and northern Jiangsu Administrative Region of the merger built in Jiangsu Province, established the Office of Zhenjiang, the jurisdiction of Zhenjiang City, and 10 counties and county-level city of Zhenjiang for the seat of the agency (which in September 1958 to September 1959, the agency moved to To Changzhou, renamed the Office of Changzhou). March 1983, Zhenjiang City to provincial cities, exempted four county area. 1987, 1994, 1995, the district Danyang, Yangzhong, Jurong dismantling the county has set up the city. Zhenjiang is Shixia Danyang City, Jurong City, Yangzhong City and Dantu, Jingkou, Runzhou District and Zhenjiang District (provincial-level economic development zone).

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land resources: the city#39;s hilly mainly with the yellow brown earth, and to the Loess Kong mainly to latent plain rice-based soil. The city#39;s land area in the hills and mountains of 51.1 percent, 19.7 percent of the dyke areas, the plains of 15.5%, accounting for 13.7% of the surface. The end of 2003, 157,300 hectares of arable land, of which 41,770 hectares of urban, Danyang City, 54,970 ha, 49,220 ha Jurong City, Yangzhong City 11,340 hectares.

water resources: the city#39;s rivers, more than 60, 700 km total length to more artificial canals. River sub-region along the northern, eastern and western areas of Taihu Lake Kosei Qinhuai River region. Yangtze River flows through the territory of 103.7 kilometers long. Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in a total length of 42.6 km, with the Yangtze River in Jianbi intersection. The city#39;s artificial reservoirs, Tangba the total capacity of over 500 million cubic meters. The capacity of 100,000 cubic meters of the reservoir above 107, the capacity of 374 million cubic meters.

mineral resources: mainly concentrated in the mountain town of Nanjing. Iron ores, copper, zinc, molybdenum, lead, silver, gold and other metal ores and limestone, bentonite, dolomite, marble, phosphorus, refractory clay, gypsum, graphite, and other non-metallic mineral deposits. Of which: excellent quality limestone ore, reserves of over 30 million tons; bentonite mining 150 million tons, the third reserves in the nation. Po Mountain province found the first large-scale andalusite ore, development prospects are bright. In addition, coal, peat and geothermal resources.

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biological resources: plant, a deciduous hardwood oak Ma, Fu Shu, Chinese pistache, Huai-shan, Pterocarya stenoptera; evergreen broad-leaved trees are green oak winds, bitter Chu , Heather, and so on. There are over 700 kinds of medicinal plants. The introduction of a black pine tree, China fir, such as paulownia. Po Mountain Nature Reserve is the most rare and Magnoliaceae Po Hua Yulan. Animals, the fish is rich in resources, Green, grass and silver carp, carp and other freshwater fish breeding and abalone, catfish, eels and other fish culture Feiren Gong have produced a lot. In the Yangtze River has more than 90 kinds of fish, including knives, Ilisha elongata, eel, fish back, globefish is valuable species; Baiqi Tun, Acipenser sinensis, and other rare animals in China. The city has over 100 kinds of birds, more than 20 other wild animals.


Zhenjiang recapped要冲North and South, a landscape of wins, ZHONG Ling Yuxiu, and there are only. Wenrenmoke successive wins come to Xunyou exploration, Jiqingshuhuai, hard Fuga, planting gentle. Among them, Li Bai, Du Mu, Fan Zhongyan, Wang Anshi, Su Shi, Lu You, Xin Qiji, and other disabilities before Mingxian. Wang Changling "such as relatives and friends of Luoyang asked, in a Bing Xin Yu Hu," Wang Anshi "spring breeze and the Green#39;s southern coast, as the moon when I have," Xin Qiji#39;s "look towards China where treasures scenery of the North-floor," a Song through the ages, Yi Yun-Feng, has never Niaoniao. Li Bai#39;s "Danyang North-Miss Guan, painted between楼台cloud water," Du Mu#39;s "no moss Sili Majishan, green water Qiaobian more restaurants," Fan Zhongyan "Jiang Shan-break points, with the sound wave To, "Shen Kuo#39;s"楼台water connected to the two sides, Jiangbei, Gangnam-day ", and Samoa are the assassination of" one-off Savage Zhu Linsi, countless bamboo Health white smoke ", cold disabilities Mei" enclosures, Qingchuan Gan Lusi, the window Yu Chui-Autumn Water "is one of the pieces of audio Huoseshengxiang painting, silent poetry. Eastern Jin Dynasty, the Central Plains ru Xianhuan have to move south, moved to Jingkou many, or complete the great cause of reunification, or in the legislature said that the famous are: the Southern Dynasties founding emperor Liu Song (outgoing Merino), the author of "Shishuoxinyu" Yi-Qing Liu , The "Jin Shu" ZANG Rong Xu, selected "Yu Tai Xin Yong", the famous poems and Yu Xin Xu Ling, China#39;s first poetry collection of "Selected Works of Zhao Ming," the codification of those Xiao Tong, a Chinese first Literary Theory masterpiece of the system, "Wenxindiaolong" Liu Xie, and so on. Zhenjiang resettlement of the Northern Song Dynasty: there are known as the "11th-century science and coordinate" "Meng Xi Bi Tan," the scientist Shen Kuo, creating the world#39;s first astronomical clock, "water-like Taiwan," the scientists Susong, calligraphy and painting-Mi Fu, The famous anti-Zongze.

the Ming and Qing dynasties Zhenjiang celebrities are: Shang Shu and Wu Yingdian Guanjulibu University of disabilities Yang Qing, the Compilation of the "Qing-unification", "Pei Wen Yun House", "KangXi" Zhang Shu. In modern times: the "iron-possession tortoise" and "Laocanyouji" Liu E, was the first comprehensive system of Chinese grammar books, "Ma Wen Tong," Ma Jianzhong, a historian Liu Yizheng, the aircraft manufacturer experts Pakistan-algae, Watson fans inventor Yang Ji-chuan, one of the pioneers of the Esperanto movement at恼Wu, financiers Chen Guangfu, a bridge expert Mao Yisheng, 1911 Guangzhou Uprising commander-in-chief, was posthumously for the interim government in Nanjing on the General Zhao Sheng, Li Tang famous generals of the Revolution of 1911, of the east, "Huanghuagang七十二烈士" membership in Zhenjiang five people, who are patriotic and democratic cold Yu, the poet Wen-jie. In addition, the Danyang City for the three countries Wu Dadi Sun Quan and Southern Dynasties Hsiao-Gotti, 10%, Liangdi Emperor Xiao Yan hometown, a modern patriotic elderly Ma Xiangbo, artists Lvfeng Zi, a contemporary of linguists, language educators Lvshu Xiang; Jurong City Gexuan known as the father of medicine, the Jin Dynasty Taoism theorist, Liandan of family and medical scientists Ge Hong, the Southern Dynasties Taoist thinker, medical experts Tao Hongjing.