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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Aaron  Date: 07-17 2008  
Abbreviations: Zhejiang

capital: Hangzhou

position: Zhejiang Province in east longitude 118 ° 01 #39;to 123 ° 08#39;, latitude 27 ° 01 #39;to 31 ° 10#39;, is located along the southeast coast of China, the Yangtze River Delta south side. East of the vast East China Sea, south, west and north respectively, with Fujian, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu and Shanghai, China#39;s largest border city, back on the vast landlocked hinterland.

Area: 101,800 square kilometers, of which the mountains, hills accounted for 70.4%, chief of 6,321 km coastline.

Population: Zhejiang is the most densely populated province in 2000, the fifth national census province#39;s total population of 46.77 million. She Nationality main minority groups, living in the south-east of Lishui City, Zhejiang Province.

Administrative Region of: the province is divided into 11 provincial-level cities and 88 counties, cities and districts. 浙江地图

as Zhejiang, Zhejiang Province. In the East China Sea coast. To the state cultural relics in Zhejiang, tourism and the well-known. China#39;s southeast coast socio-economic and cultural the more developed regions, China is also an important tourism province. Zhejiang Province is located along the southeast coast of China, the Yangtze River Delta south side, northeast China#39;s largest city and adjacent to Shanghai, Hangzhou, the provincial capital. Zhejiang Land area 101,800 square kilometers, a "seven-a-water two hours," said. Chief 6,486 km coastline, island area of 500 square meters more than 3061, is China#39;s largest island a province.

All of the famous Peking was originally Yumizhixiang, the House of silk, jute important, the silkworm-producing areas. Zhejiang Silk has a long history, 4,700 years of history have passed. Zhejiang is green tea, bamboo the main origin, the famous Longjing tea Chimingzhongwai. Zhejiang is the sacred place of Chinese calligraphy, there had been the history of Wang Xizhi, Chusui Liang, Wu Changshuo, such as calligraphy and painting everyone. Abounds in large and small owls, hairtail, the four major marine fish and squid all four fish. The mountains of southern Zhejiang Highway is an important line. Developed coastal water transport. Ningbo, Wenzhou, the importance of opening up the port. Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong Harbour North Wharf has been basically completed. Liuqiqiannian, the industrious and courageous people in Zhejiang Development and Construction of this beautiful and fertile land at the same time, but also left us with a large number of cultural sites, unique customs, skilled crafts, delicious Food, natural landscapes and historic landscape ingenious combination of human landscape, making the other more beautiful, the formation of the Zhejiang Tourism Culture unique content and form.

China#39;s Zhejiang Province is well-known tourist destination, many tourist attractions, the type of rich, important landscape more than 800, more than 200 waters landscape, the landscape of more than 100, 100 more than the human landscape. The existing province of West Lake, a lake two Jiang (Fuchunjiang - Xin#39;anjiang - Qiandao Lake), Yandang Shan, Nanxi River, Putuoshan, Shengsi Islands capital, the Tiantai Mountain, Mogan Shan, Xuedou Hill, and other 14 state-level scenic spots , Ranking China first. There is also the provincial-level scenic spot 42, of Hangzhou#39;s National Tourism Resort and Xiaoshan Xianghu, the Oujiang, Wenzhou, Shaoxing will Jishan, and other provincial-level tourist resort 13. Hangzhou is the capital of China#39;s seven ancient capitals of China#39;s famous scenic tourist city, with beautiful natural scenery lovely world-famous West Lake.

eastern Zhejiang Water Village Tour Buddhist country. China#39;s eastern Zhejiang is a typical Water Village landscape. From Hangzhou to Shaoxing, Ningbo area, the water network intertwined, Qianmo aspect; Zhoushan is the islands, mountains, sea and beautiful scenery spectacular. Optional water residents here live, quarrying build bridges, unique way of life. Whether the natural landscape or the humanities are very rich heritage, can feel the ancient traditions and modern civilization seamless beauty. The main attractions are Shaoxing Ke Yan, Chinese calligraphy Holy Land Lanting, China#39;s oldest Library Tianyi Pavilion, Xinchang Buddha, Xikou in Fenghua of Ningbo, Teng Village, the Hemudu site, one of the four major Buddhist mountains such as Mount Putuo.

the mountains of western Zhejiang water travel. And from Hangzhou to the west, along the Qiantang River, Fuchunjiang, Xin#39;anjiang to the Qiandao Lake. This is China#39;s well-known one of the prime tourist routes. The main attractions are strict Zailingdiaotai, Fuchunjiang "Little Three Gorges", Yaolin Fairyland, Fuyang healing ancient papermaking and printing workshop, western Zhejiang Grand Canyon, the mountains and others, red lanterns rural homes, river rafting days head, Lanxi Zhuge village gossip, Longyou Grotto, Jiande Jiuxing fishermen wedding, Daci, such as rock and Qiandao Lake.

Qishanxiushui Tour of southern Zhejiang. Along the southeast coast from Ningbo to Wenzhou, south, along the way to visit the Tiantai Mountain, Yandang Shan, Nanxi River three state-level scenic spots. Xinchang the great Buddhist temple, the Tiantai Mountain State-ancient temples, Shilianghe Feibao, Yandang Shan#39;s Lingfeng, Yeongam, size-Qiushui ancient town along the Nanxi River and the landscapes of both Zhejiang Shangpin. Main attractions include Tai Chi Shu Yuan Stars Wuyi Village, Yong Kang, rocks, cave days Lantau long Wenling, Wenzhou, in Nanji Islands, Dongtou Yujia music, Yao River, Zeya, Yandang Shan, Nanxi River, Chongqing and other Unzen all.

Northern Zhejiang silk rural town travel. From travelling to Hangzhou, Jiaxing, and then switch to cruise along the ancient canal city of Suzhou another direct access to China; can also proceed from the Hangzhou Huzhou, Cruise Taihu Lake scenery, direct access to scenic tourist city of Wuxi. Hangjiahu Plain Township is famous silkworm, is also the birthplace of the ancient Silk civilized one. Along the way visitors can feel the flow of the style bridge, also involved in mining Sang, fed silkworm, weaving, printed blue Huabu and other activities. Main attractions include Nanxun silk industry center, Xiaolian Zhuang, the abbot silkworm Village, Xitang, Nanbei Hu, Wuzhen, and so on. Particularly worth mentioning is that the Qiantang River tidal bore, the Northern Hemisphere is a unique natural landscape, each year attracting a large number of tourists from home and abroad.