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ZhaoQing - GuangDong

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capital: 526,000

position: in the central and western Guangdong Province, the western Pearl River Delta, ranking the middle and lower reaches of the Xijiang River.

Area: 15,000 square km

Population: 3680000

administrative divisions: the jurisdiction Duanzhou, Dinghu two districts, Gaoyao, the four will be two county-level city, Quang Ninh, Deqing, a closure, Huaiji County, and four great-wang integrated economic development zones.

About Us: Zhaoqing is 2200 years of history of national historical and cultural city, situated in the western Pearl River Delta, which is the first batch of China#39;s excellent tourist cities.

Zhaoqing Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province in the central and western China, state-level historical and cultural city, the first batch of China#39;s excellent tourist cities, national garden city, the state health cities, a national advanced city of civilized cities, civilized city in Guangdong Province, Is across the mountains of western Guangdong Pearl River Delta and the emerging industrial city. Zhaoqing is governed Duanzhou, Dinghu, Gaoyao, 40, Quang Ninh, Deqing, a closure, Huaiji eight counties (cities) and high-tech industry development zone of Zhaoqing. Total area of 15,000 square kilometers, population 3926500. 2003 gross domestic product 50.115 billion yuan, an increase of 11.2 percent.

Zhaoqing strategic location, abundant natural resources, solid infrastructure, good cultural environment, policies, facilities, the Industrial investment is a feng shui treasure land.

Zhaoqing photos Zhaoqing City, nine party congress by the efforts of the Zhaoqing into a garden-like, ecological, modern cities objective of the struggle, further improve the investment environment in Zhaoqing, fully introduced, and vigorously develop foreign investment, public funding , The three major economic zone, set off a wave of a new round of development, much public attention at home and abroad.

Zhaoqing City is located south of the Tropic of Cancer, a South humid subtropical monsoon climate, abundant rainfall, sunny, mild climate, the average temperature of 22.10 ℃, thus no snow in winter and summer but not cool.

Zhaoqing products rich in natural resources, to the present only, has proved a more than 50 kinds of mineral resources, mainly gold, granite, marble, limestone, etc., of which gold production of more than 80% of the province#39;s rivers, Taiwan Gold mine with an annual output of gold over two million, known as "the North has Yantai, a South River Taiwan," said.

Zhaoqing picture

rice-rich city of Zhaoqing, high-quality fruits, edible fungi, such as foreign exchange earned through exports of "three-high" agricultural products; Rosin, cinnamon, Guangxi oil, camphor pine resin, such as deep-processed products; Abundant bamboo and wood processing products. Gourmet fruit still steaming, Lotus, Jianhua, Hajime is, such as soil Zibeitiankui Teyou practical products and traditional handicrafts, the country#39;s first in four Mingyan Duanyan.

Zhaoqing "a mighty Jiang, Hubei and Hunan Ying-Bi, the Three Gorges insurance dispute, the four tower Qingtian, the fifth floor of Doo-li" Zhaoqing, has many cultural relics and unique natural landscape: Lake Star, both Yangshuo, the West Lake scenery The beauty of the country aaaa-level scenic spots and scenic areas of the 16th CPC National Congress civilization model, one of the Dinghu Mountain, with the Tropic of Cancer on the rare times the original forest, first-class ecological environment, negative ion content in the nation#39;s best, as the "Tianranyangba" South China species of "genetic repository" and "live the Museum of Natural History." At present, Lake Star, Dinghu as the center and 500 km ring road to connect the city to Deqing Yuecheng Dragon Mother Temple and the Panlong Xia, Feng Kai Yongsan, Huaijiyanyan, Quang Ninh Zhuhai, the four Fok Hill, Gaoyao ecological park and golf course as the main support network, set vacation, convalescent, meetings, shopping, culture, entertainment, business and other functions in one of the modern large-scale tourism network, "Trinidad Tourist Corridor", has considerable size, Zhaoqing also located in remote parts of the scenery of the many attractions of the value of the development of increasingly appear.