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ZhangJiaKou - HeBei

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Zip code: 075061

position: in the northwest of Hebei Province, and Beijing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia at the junction of three provinces, more than 180 kilometers away from Beijing

Population: 4420000

Area: 36,873 square kilometers (846 square kilometers of urban)

divisions: Eastbound administered, Semba, Xuanhua district, the Lower Garden District, Xuanhua County, Zhangbei County, and Kangbao County, Guyuan County, Shangyi County, Yuxian, Yangyuan County, with County, 000 county, Huailai County, Zhuolu County, Chicheng County, Chongli County.

of Zhangjiakou City, Beijing is located at the junction of Shanxi, Hebei and Inner Mongolia, about 180 kilometers from Beijing, where the terrain Xianyao, "formation of the mountain city," said. Zhangjiakou Shixia four areas, 13 counties with a total area of 37,000 square kilometers, population 4.5 million. Jing Bao, HSBC sand, and Datong-Qinhuangdao railway across the East and West, Zhang Jing, 109,110,112,207 Xuanda Expressway and National Road and the city had to wear, Beijing Xizhimen Station as early as 6:00 from the beginning, one in each half-hour Zhangjiakou trip to the rapid issue of passenger train traffic is very convenient travel. Zhangjiakou
Zhangjiakou City, the large number of ancient ruins, a wide distribution. The ancient Great Wall "-gate" is the Great Wall Yaoai, is also a symbol of Zhangjiakou City. Zhuolu County Fanshan "Yellow Emperor war Chiyou," the ancient battlefield, is the birthplace of the Chinese nation, every year, many Chinese people came here to Roots place for ancestral worship. In addition, there are Yuxian daiwangcheng tomb group, with County tomb group, Xuanhua Liao Dynasty tomb murals and urban jellyfish Palace, the Temple Cloud-chuen, Qingyuan House, are quite worthy of the concept of a monument. Zhang located in the North are all in the grassland from Beijing is close to the natural grassland, cool summer climate, lush pasture, to come here can also experience the Mongolian style, is Xiaoshu leisure resort.
Zhangjiakou has a long history and heritage blend. Yangyuan County, the world-famous Nihewan ruins, is the first human to set foot is one of the country and the world on 200 million years to 300 million years ago ancient strata, paleontology and ancient humans, an important base for ancient geography. Zhuolu County, the Yellow Emperor City as a Chinese ancestor cultural sites, is the birthplace of the Chinese nation. Lower Garden District Jiming Hill embodies the Buddhism and Taoism and Confucian culture. Ji Ming Yi in Beijing as the largest Inn, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties of the confidential interim Highlights are from here. Zhang Yuan Dynasty in the north are ruins, was even Mobei North Prairie, the land of the south central plains transportation hubs and military heavily. Xuanhua Qingyuan floor (bell tower) is known as "the second Yellow Crane Tower," said the coupons inside the track more than 500 years ago is the history of the ancient city of Xuanhua House testimony. Habitat witnessed a big door intercity Ma Ming Tea in "dry port" the rise and fall. 1909, Zhan Tianyou the design of the construction of China#39;s first railway, "railway Zhang Jing," the opening, so that merchants at home and abroad gathered in "Paper is," Zhangjiakou "I Paper", "I lamb" and "shim" Mingyangtianxia , A famous North China Commercial Ports. 1945 Eighth Route Army recovered Zhangjiakou, which is from the hands of the Japanese army seized the first major cities, a Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Border Region political, military, economic and cultural centres, and thus a "second Yan#39;an", "cultural city", "Eastern model city" reputation. 1948, the second time after the liberation of Zhangjiakou, a city the capital of Chahar Province. 张家口照片
Zhangjiakou San Mianhuan Hill, North by the Great Wall, the history of military strategists is the battleground. People#39;s Republic of China established more than 50 years, Zhangjiakou has been gradually building into a mechanical, metallurgical, chemical and textile industry as the pillar of the hair, leather industry as the characteristics of the industrial city. Zhangjiakou City, rich mineral resources, and ease of transport and communication networks. Here a beautiful environment, clean city of Local simple, cool summer climate, scenery and pleasant. The urban area of the Great Wall there, the Habitat doors, cloud-chuen, Temple, jellyfish Palace, Qingyuan House, the town of New Moon House, 30, and other various sites. Zhangjiakou is old revolutionary base areas, a large number of revolutionary historical sites available for viewing and sightseeing.
the continuation of ancient and modern history and development of a rich human landscape. In the city#39;s 36,800 square kilometers of land, the vast boundless, the Green Wave Dangyang, wild flowers blooming in the Bashang natural grassland, and Hu Guang Shan Ying, Shuitianyise the "formation of Jiangnan" North-South echo; towering Juanxiu, Cui Zhang of Bi, Cenglin do with the original forest area, and the springs Congcong, the hot springs and beautiful Yiyi of depositors. Early Pleistocene both ancient human sites, the humanities ancestor of the Chinese entrepreneurs have the ancient battlefield. Style unique, varied landscape, the pristine natural scenery, tourism is a good summer by. 张家口照片
Qingyuan House floor in the center of the ancient city of Xuanhua, also known as the clock tower, 18 years before Jianyu Ming Chenghua (Year 1482), is a re-lining polyhedrosis cross the ridge Xieshan Ding tall buildings. House, built in the eight meters high cross-coupons, the South and Changping, and the North-ling, and the stability of East, West and Dah Sing four-value. City and the town of New Moon House, a floor into an arch axis. Coupons inside 500 years ago Tielun rutting visible. House appearance of three layers, it is within the 2-,-25 meters high, 17 meters high tower, three-bay, six tower Chuan, before and after the inter-to Baoxia, surrounded by Youlang, with 24 large Langzhu legislation. On the lining of green glazed tile roof, waist lining, the lining of cloth Wading. Liangjiadougong sophisticated beauty, flying through the corner Alice, angry scene. The upper floors of the lining, to the hoisting of four, South said, "Qingyuan floor," said the North "Sound Forum-Ying", Tung said, "Song Zhi Yan Jiang," West said, "Chun-Jingbian cloud." Suspended 18 years building a Ming Jiajing (1539 AD) casting the "House declared the town of the city bell," a high 2.5 meters, diameter 1.7 meters, weighing about 000 catties, with four-to-floor of Tianzhu The upper Central. Melodious bell Hongliang, 40-, quite famous. Even modeling chic, sophisticated rigorous structure. Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower with the pro-US, are rare in the country, a claim that the "second Yellow Crane Tower," said. Even building a unique, exquisite art of ancient China as one of the building. Qingyuan floor, experienced the vicissitudes of life, in 1986 the Ministry of Culture for 390,000 yuan, on the floor, Qingyuan conducted a comprehensive restoration, repair the floor, Qingyuan Biwa green crystal clear, the dragon-head of a beast proud of air, fly lining Qiaojiao Hongyu Xuanang, Langzhu Dougong been linked to Chui Hung, Diaolianghuadong magnificent, ancient bell Gaoxuan, Campanula Ding Dong, is simple, elegant, majestic, magnificent. Zhangjiakou

Peace peace Forest Park Forest Park 65 km from Zhangjiakou City, 10 kilometers away from Chongli County. Total area of more than 2,000 hectares. Hebei Province is the largest forest one of the natural landscape. Forest Park Hill Caroline Hill, even Ling Ling, dense forests, lush. 70% of the Shan natural forests, planting of the Larch, spruce and other 12 kinds of trees. Scenic areas, the Permian-feng wins mountain range, Tsui blocks of Bi, rope and an abundance Caolv Mao, and Jia-Mu Conglong can Wyatt, Fenghuiluzhuan, insurance Drive back to music, rather Xiongqi, completion risk, the beautiful characteristics. The forest, clean air, wild-Youxiang, a five contend that the springs slightly bite, such as Shen Lin them into paradise. Of vegetables, mushrooms covered slopes, mountain rabbits, squirrels jump trees, of all things in good time, make you raise but since the music. Five scenic spots have been opened up dozens of attractions, set to become the tourism, accommodation, entertainment as one tourist destination.
surprising Taishan area (that is, mountaineering), including the odd Taishan, hanging empty, Shuangshi Ben, cool booths, husband and wife-five spots. Taishan mountain ridges拔地而起by surprising, because of Gao Jun, ditch cutting aspect. The audience at a 17 m hanging empty, visitors can shuttle easily, particularly witty. , Received suspended staircase to the top on the list Qitai mountains. Husband and wife peak, Shuangshi Ben Hill also makes people Liulian in time. Cui Yunshan Forest Resort, the district forest as the main body, Bibo Dangyang, Fanhuasijin, wood Showtime to Xiangrong, and Wei-chuen, tears flow only to the mountains multicolored scene. Another fishing area, picnic area, target practice, Ning hunting, archery, and other entertainment field. Park also has service areas, restaurants, guest houses, shops and other service facilities. Xiong Zi and its unique Kuili prepared to meet the arrival of tourists. Zhangjiakou
Ancestor of the Chinese Cultural Village
in the Beijing area 100 km northwest, Zhuo Deer County, Hebei Province, the eastern part of the Loess source, the stand of China#39;s most ancient capital of the Yellow Emperor - the city and its numerous historical and cultural sites. Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan#39;s civilization is the ancestor of all ethnic groups in China, he Zhuolu the field appear particularly, the history of warfare Yan Emperor Chinese and foreign broadcast.
Zhuolu Wolong-
Sima Qian in the "Historical Records Wudi of the JI," said: Yellow Emperor#39;s political, military, cultural, and other major activities in the vicinity of Zhuolu. First "and the Yan Emperor war on traders of wild-chuen," after "appear particularly with the war in Zhuolu the field, then sack particular room," and visits all over the East As for the sea, and air-tong As for the West, South As for Jiang, North-by - Hun porridge, in order to protect the North-South peace in the land. So the Yellow Emperor prestige earthquake, the tribal chiefs to respect the emperor, and with "up to Busan, and the town of Zhuolu in Afghanistan." That is, the construction of China#39;s capital of the first one. Yellow Emperor in Zhuolu the field of activities and created a new era of development of Chinese national culture, from its "barbaric" into "civilized" era.