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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Dominic  Date: 07-10 2008  More Attractions
Changhua County in central Taiwan, the Taiwan Strait west, east to gentle gossip mountains and neighboring Nantou, Taichung and North Dadu Xi phase grounding to the south, and the Choshui River in Yunlin County apart, full size, flat terrain open, Chianan Plain is a part of fertile land, rich products, known as "Taiwan#39;s barn," said. County area of 1,074 square kilometers, population 1.21 million.
rapid development of the Qing Dynasty Lukang in central areas as the most development potential of the towns, when people and "one government, two deer, three Meng cape" the reputation can glimpse scenery situation at that time. Trade led to the prosperity and the prosperity of arts and culture of the population gathered, but also laid a central Changhua become an important political center position.
the Changhua now resume the original plain appearance to face the world, there is no mountains in the torrent, nor a high degree of modernization of the bustling city, sufficient to attract the attention of visitors is growing out from this Woye agricultural diversification For products, fresh and tranquil mountains gossip Youlin Mountain View, and the huge Chunmei the human landscape, displaying Pieces of a fascinating tourist charisma. Very early development of the Changhua, humanities Historic more uncountable, such as Changhua堪称Baguashan subject to the Big Buddha, the existing three College - College Road East, and Xing Xian, a College#39;s College, celecoxib for Koo Hsien-jung Jiuzhai the Folk Museum , And more than three Hall, the source Taicuo benefits such as the giant 1:00 prominent family mansion; three steps of a temple, the temple of Wu Buyi Changhua County, Lukang area the size alone is more than 60 temples, "Taiwan#39;s Forbidden City" reputation The Lungshan Temple, where open-Meizhou Matsu#39;s Tien Hou Temple, the old "three-two Temple" in the Temple treasures, Qingshui Yan, Shan Yan Hu, Taiwan#39;s only independent women Liefu Sifeng section of the festival Hau Temple, the only province It was a land of the pilgrims temple - Members of Lin Xiqing Temple, and so the west coast of the Han Po, Wang Kung area, the sunset YU, driven by the Fisherman#39;s plastic raft, the shuttle in Xianxian the sea breeze in the mining He fishing, constitute a City people want to Yujia style. The natural landscape, rich mouth of the Dadu Xi wetland ecology, is the favorite bird-watching, and gossip mountains in recent years become a new favorite of the island#39;s leisure travel. To Changhua, of course, can not miss the specialty snacks, such as the famous Changhua Rouyuan, the Beidou Rouyuan, cat-mouse, and a lovely flavor Yuanlin candied fruit, Lukang He Zijian, Shun is all that memorable. Known as a major agricultural counties of Changhua, diversification of the tourism orchards, such as banks Hill, the Yang Taoyuan, Park, in the Lai Chi Yuen, Omura large urban and rural areas of vineyards and produces large watermelon, Wumart and cheap, in the cause of flower gardening, Is独步Taiwan. In recent years, both the humanities and mechanical pleasure to watch the Taiwan Folk Village, adding, even the local tourist industry, pushing another peak.