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capital: 524,000

position: in China#39;s southernmost tip of the Leizhou Peninsula, the mainland

area: more than 12,470 square kilometers

Population: 6000000

administrative divisions: Xianxia Leizhou, Lianjiang, Wuchuan City and Xuwen 3, Suixi County, and two Chikan, Xiashan, Potou, Ma Tei District Chapter 40

About Us: Zhanjiang City, San Mianhuan sea, 1,556 km-long coastline. She East to the South China Sea, west of Beibu Bay, the South and across the Hainan Island, southwest north, ranking Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi provinces meeting point, Hainan Island to the mainland is an indispensable part of the land.

Zhanjiang Zhanjiang City, formerly known as Canton Bay, is a wealthy subtropical scenery of the beautiful port city, set in 1984 by the State Council for opening up China#39;s first batch of 14 coastal cities. Xian Xia Leizhou, Lianjiang, three Wuchuan City and Xuwen County, Suixi County, and two Chikan, Xiashan, Potou, Ma chapter four, a state-level economic and technological development zones and 5 Provincial-level development pilot area. The city has 105 townships and 21 neighborhood offices, 1,541 village committees. The city#39;s total area of over 12,470 square kilometers, the total population 6571400.

Zhanjiang City in China#39;s southernmost tip of latitude 20 ° 15#39; ---- 21 ° 55 #39;, longitude 109 ° 40#39; ---- 110 ° 55#39;, East to the South China Sea, west Beibu Gulf, South and the sea from Hainan Province, southwest north, ranking Guangdong, Hainan and Guangxi provinces, the meeting point. Hainan to the mainland is an indispensable part of the land, is the main access to the sea southwest China, is China#39;s mainland to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and the Middle East the shortest flight of foreign trade port, in the Asia-Pacific economic circle in a very Important strategic position.

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Zhanjiang City advantageous natural conditions, products rich in resources. Rich rice, Tang Zhe, rubber, sisal, citronella, coffee, red Jiang orange, pineapple, watermelon, banana, longan, litchi, mango and the North Yun Cai Deng, Tangzhe 173.2 million mu of cultivated area, the country#39;s total output of 7.30 At one of the country is one of the carbohydrate base. Zhanjiang red orange Jiang as "a state banquet in good fruit." Seafood is rich in resources. Rich pearls, abalone, shrimp, lobster, Gaoxie, Ho, Yao Zhu Jiang, grouper, Ma Jiaoyu, Red drum, cuttlefish and other seafood over 200 kinds of high quality. Zhanjiang land is rich in gold and silver ore, rutile, ilmenite, zircon and Britain sand, limestone, kaolin, diatomite, bentonite, granite, porcelain clay, and so on over 30 kinds of minerals. Headquarters in Zhanjiang of South China Sea China National Offshore Oil Corporation Western companies, from the full exploration into the mining stage.

Zhanjiang picture in the reform and opening up in Zhanjiang City in proceeding from reality and play to their advantages, efforts to implement the port economic development strategies, achieved remarkable results. Agriculture has established a farming, fruit, livestock, water industry formed to cars, home appliances, chemical, textile, sugar, food, paper, building materials-based industrial system. Foreign economic, trade, culture, education, science and technology, health, sports and other areas have developed rapidly. 1999 GDP of the entire city 37.974 billion yuan (that price, the same below), an increase of 5.4 percent the city#39;s total industrial output value of 36.946 billion yuan, up 5.6 percent decline in agricultural output value 17.26 billion yuan, Dropped 6.1 percent over the previous year.

city rich South China Sea marine viewing the fascinating charm. Shoreline abundance of twists and turns and waves offshore water depth static and transparent sea water, beautiful underwater, diving suitable for the development of tourism; a large number of sub-tropical island scenery, for the good of the Beach and vacation, summer resort. Volcano Observatory, a volcanic cone, many volcanic island, which China#39;s Hu Guangyan the outskirts of the existing three full Kouhu one of the volcano, beautiful scenery; volcanic island Nao Island is highly integrated tourism Island, East Island Liuzhou Water Mill, Suixi Bijialing, Leizhou Xianren Dong-such as wind, are strange and beautiful Volcano Observatory, available for development; In addition, the historical and cultural city of Leizhou City numerous cultural relics, there are the characteristics of a subtropical city scenery , Rich in tropical and subtropical crops and aquatic products, and other rich South China Sea, are abundant tourism resources.


Looking to the future,前程似锦. "10th Five-Year Plan" period, Zhanjiang will seize the opportunity to adhere to the reform and opening up and promoting development, in-depth implementation of the port development strategy, the full development of the port of Zhanjiang and the advantages of regional advantages. Vigorously expanding the domestic and international economic cooperation, sincerely welcome friends from various circles at home and abroad to invest in Zhanjiang, the establishment of industries, strengthening trade, visit relatives and friends and sightseeing. Zhanjiang work together to build a modern international port city.