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ZhaBeiQu - ShangHai

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Ashley  Date: 08-22 2008  More Attractions
Zhabei District in northern Shanghai City, south of Suzhou River, and the Huangpu, Jingan two districts across the river, with the Baoshan District, bordering the North, East and for the Hongkou District neighborhood, close to the West and the Putuo District, Shanghai nine centres One of the city. Regional area of 29.2 square kilometers, the resident population of 799,000, Xianxia eight streets, a town. Since reform and opening up, Zhabei overall economic strength is growing, 2000 increased value of 3.417 billion yuan, district-level fiscal revenue reached 1.189 billion yuan, the Shanghai one of the fastest-growing urban areas.
Zhabei industrial development. After years of industry, optimize the product structure adjustment, the initial formation of a new district and the industrial north Peng Town industrial district as the representative of the urban industrial areas, the emergence of love built reagents, prosperous photoelectric, Pui, shares, German law wind-kan , Zhao Lin underwear, Pengcheng rubber, a group of well-known enterprises. Northern industrial city of Shanghai is the new district "a District 6 garden" Hi-tech Development Zone, rely on the Shanghai University of Science and Technology Park, on the Yangtze River Software Park, Shanghai high-tech achievements into the North City Centre, north building technology start-ups, gradually developed into Zhabei the electronic information industry base and the high-tech production base for hatching results. Peng Town industrial area has taken shape in electronic appliances manufacturing, engineering rubber, refractory materials, machinery processing and sewing clothes for the characteristics of the development pattern. Now the region is actively Panhuo stock assets, the establishment of the development of urban industrial park, and vigorously develop the printing industry, the electronic information industry as the representative of the urban-oriented industries.
Zhabei business prosperity. As the region#39;s leading economic development AN EVERYBRIGHT CITY, after nearly 10 years the focus of development and construction, completion of a number of guesthouses, hotels, to do, residential, entertainment and financial institutions and other facilities, the Netherlands Philips, Honeywell United States, China China Unicom, the Pacific Department Store, and other well-known multinational companies and enterprises have settled, AN EVERYBRIGHT CITY Shanghai has become a business "Four Street four city," one of the basic established a business centre in the city.
accelerating the adjustment of the traditional business, while actively developing business community to speed up Xinke Zhan North Plaza and central regions of the construction of commercial facilities, vigorously develop new business Form, the introduction of large Runfa, Hualian, such as Kyrgyzstan to buy Damai Chang Sheng, To promote the commercial development of the region. Professional market concentration area, a large scale, one in Shanghai with Shanghai in east China#39;s largest car market and the seven Pu Road, and other small commodities wholesale market for more than 70 professional market.