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divisions: Zaozhuang City in the provinces of Sulu at the junction, is the southern gateway of Shandong Province, from Beijing to Shanghai - the Longhai railway interchange in Xuzhou city only 90 kilometers east of the charges in Linyi City and County, adjacent to Cangshan Xian , The west by Lake alone, the Soyang Lake, in Weishanhu Lake, north of Jining in Zoucheng City. Zaozhuang City resident agencies. Urban Habitat northwest to the southeast as a rectangle, the things most 56 km wide, up to 96 km north-south. Total area of 4,550 square kilometers, accounting for the total area of Shandong Province 2.9 percent.

national population: the city (county, district) total population of 3.603 million people, male and female sex ratio at 108:100. The birth rate 9.31 ‰. The city has 39 nationalities.

City intelligence briefings

Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province in the south, Branch was born in St. Mocius here. East of the Yimeng Mountain Area Wei beautiful, Bibo Dangyang of the west-Lake, South pillow ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, north of Confucius and Mencius Township, Qufu. Area of 4,550 square kilometers, the total population of 3.26 million in the cities, the Yi City, Shanting, Taierzhuang, Xuecheng District and five in Tengzhou City.
Zaozhuang has a long history and brilliant culture, have been identified excavation of the North Xin culture, showing Zaozhuang has 7,000 years of civilization. Zaozhuang the history of celebrities come forth in large numbers, such as the great thinkers of the Warring States period, Mozi, the Western Han Dynasty prime minister, the largest of Jurists Kuangheng, Ming Hanlin, a writer Jia three near. Taierzhuang the modern history of World War II, the railroad-the guerrillas were at home and abroad.

Zaozhuang today, moving towards full liberalization. Zaozhuang people to the hard work and sincere friendship, and sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots to Zaozhuang inspection, tourism, in the broader framework of economic and technological exchanges and cooperation to create a better future in Zaozhuang.

splendid culture

Zaozhuang has a long history and brilliant culture, have been identified excavation of the North Xin culture, showing Zaozhuang has 7,000 years of civilization. Zaozhuang the history of celebrities come forth in large numbers, such as the great thinkers of the Warring States period, Mozi, the Western Han Dynasty prime minister, the largest of Jurists Kuangheng, Ming Hanlin, a writer Jia three near. Taierzhuang the modern history of World War II, the railroad-the guerrillas were at home and abroad.

historical and cultural city

Zaozhuang beautiful mountains and rivers, many attractions, Bao Dugu known as Lu Nanqi peak. Bao Dugu National Park Community Qianzibaitai Sensen, both temperate plants, subtropical plant species have reached over 300, of which more than 100 kinds of woody plants. Gardens by the world organization named the "World crown Liu garden" Dan Liuyuan in Zaozhuang City in the south, 80 percent of the pomegranate tree into Sheng Guoqi, the annual production of pomegranate nearly 50 million kg. Pomegranate drinks, Liu Ye Tu pomegranate bonsai and the development of the park for Liu opened a broad development prospects.

emerging modern city

rich in minerals, and adequate energy, Zaozhuang formed a coal chemical industry is dominated by coal, building materials, textiles, electronic machinery for the four pillar industries, in addition to Metallurgy, tobacco, paper, rubber, food, medicine and so on a relatively complete industrial system.

Zaozhuang Zaozhuang City in 1986 was approved by the State Council to open the city since the opening to the outside world and accelerating the pace of international practice, social services equipped. The establishment of the customs, commodity inspection, the foreign exchange settlement offer, the loan-to-deposit with the swap, the International Air Express and Sinotrans Container agents, and other foreign operations; established a foreign auditing, accounting, lawyers, insurance, foreign-invested Enterprises Association, the International Trade Promotion Council Zaozhuang - , And other agencies will work with a better investment environment.

the spring breeze of reform and opening up to the Zaozhuang full of vigor, along with the gradual establishment of a market economy, Zaozhuang the export-oriented economy is developing rapidly. Has been with more than 70 countries and regions to establish an economic and technological cooperation and trade relations. The city has approved 500 foreign-invested enterprises, the 20 largest category of export commodities, more than 400 varieties, formed the scale of production, a good international reputation of goods are machine tools, Taizuan, electric tools, the original electronic devices, washing coal, gypsum, Cement cotton yarn, cotton cloth, is strong, cultural clothes, toys, heparin, peanut butter, and so on.

Zaozhuang reform and opening up so that this ancient and beautiful land in a magical change. Zaozhuang importance of the agricultural economy of the country#39;s commodity grain base, pollution-free vegetable cultivation base, base aquaculture, animal husbandry bases and Ganxian Guo base, FAO is the United Nations Development Zone and the Huaihai economic zone of one of the demonstration zone. Livestock accounted for the proportion of agricultural GDP, per capita consumption of Roudan Nai, for two consecutive years of abode in Shandong Province, respectively the first and second place.

advanced cities in China through science and education

Zaozhuang science and technology, education, health care, radio and television industry booming, the city#39;s existing scientific research institutes, 30, 93 Zaozhuang was approved as a national patent trial City, three colleges, all types of secondary technical school 48, 379 medical institutions, libraries, museums, sports centres, and other cultural and sports facilities complete, the city#39;s radio and television network coverage of urban and rural.

Zaozhuang in 1984, the first home in the province on the gas pipeline, the gas supply capacity of 200,000 cubic meters, up 86 percent Qihua Shuai, water, electricity, gas and heating able to fully meet the production and daily life Demand.

into high trade, finance, culture, information in one of Zaozhuang city to high-grade construction and decoration materials, commodity, cowboy series of clothing, washing cosmetics. And imports of goods, Ganxianguopin, capital goods, consisting mainly of eight major grain and oil wholesale market operations, to build the Zaozhuang as the center and north-south traffic in big, big things flow of commercial pattern.

Zaozhuang the rapid development of urban construction, beautiful clean city, three quarters of a flower, Four Seasons evergreen, flowers, flowers Tuyan, the city green coverage rate nearly 40 percent, is well-known Green in north China city, reelected three The National Health City.

located in the city resident lots of bright gold Square, led the city#39;s Cultural Square, Zaozhuang provide a spacious, elegant entertainment and leisure venues.

China#39;s resource-rich region

Zaozhuang known as "Coal City Lunan," said the coal mining history dates back to the Ming Dynasty. The coal reserves of up to 60 million tons, is now proved three major coalfield, coal-bearing surface Zaozhuang plot 1,017 square kilometers. Zaozhuang have more modern mine, with an annual output of 20 million tons of quality coal. With unique advantages, Zaozhuang City rely on coal-generated power conversion, power plants built pit 12, the total installed capacity of 1.86 million kilowatts, of which China#39;s large installed capacity of power plants Wangsimni-chuen, 1.225 million kilowatts. Used to digest, absorb and improve high-tech Texaco CWS pressure vaporization of clean coal technology, to develop coal tar, coal chemical industry, research and development of fine chemical products. Zaozhuang countries in the establishment of the coal chemical industry research and development centers to Lunan Chemical Industry (Group) Corporation, as the basis, development and construction of coal as raw material to the fine coal chemical industrial chain.

Zaozhuang is a resource-based cities are now more than 20 kinds of proven mineral deposits underground, mainly coal, iron, copper, bauxite, gypsum, lime, granite, quartz sandstone and dolomite, diopside , Hard clay, and limestone reserves of up to 26.5 billion tons. Zaozhuang is the production of building materials and non-metallic more than 1,000 enterprises, 44 product categories, more than 120 species, of which cement production capacity of 16 million tons, ranking first in Shandong Province; gypsum production capacity of the first Habitat Shandong Province, the country#39;s total output 1 /6. The city formed a cement, plaster, glass, wall materials as the main body, with both construction ceramics, stone, cement products, insulation materials and waterproof material of the new building materials industry system, "a land of building materials" and "Lunan coal City, "famous.

Zaozhuang adequate water resources, with an average annual rainfall 815.8 mm, there are five large and medium-sized reservoirs and 130 small reservoirs, the capacity of 540 million cubic meters annually 18 billion cubic meters of reserves available for mining, urban Daily water supply capacity of 400,000 cubic meters, Shandong Province is the water-rich area of.

convenient transport and postal

Zaozhuang location and convenient transportation, 50 km within a radius of Xuzhou, Lianyungang, Jining, Linyi four airports, Shijiu, Arashiyama, Lianyungang 3 to the sea, the Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, 104 State Road, State Road 206 and had to wear Habitat, the city#39;s two more than 577.3 km highway, road density of 35.7 km per sq km, in a total length of 288.5 km railway, the world-famous Zaozhuang The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal through the urban south, down the next and the Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities the same, each year a large number of high-quality coal, cement, gypsum, etc. to around. Taierzhuang lock on the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is the largest ship lock, 2,000-ton ships can pass, formed in the aviation, railways, highways, waterways and other components of an integrated transport network.

Zaozhuang postal communication facilities equipped with fiber optic cable, microwave and digital program-controlled exchange equipment, urban and rural telephone access to all domestic and international network automatically, with the world at any time in more than 180 countries and regions call contact.