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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Sarah  Date: 07-26 2008  
Abbreviations: Yunnan

position: located in the southwest border, the western, southwestern and Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam border.

Area: 394,000 square kilometers

Population: 42.88 million

nation: 25 ethnic minorities, is the largest national minority provinces.

capital: Kunming

division: Yunnan Province, set up five provincial cities, three, eight autonomous prefectures and 128 counties urban areas. 云南地图

red, yellow, blue, green… Yunnan is in the minds of thousands of people Banlan#39;s imagination, but when this person at the southwest border The treasure land, they also found here are all attributable to the pure and simple. According to Li Jing, "Yunnan Tongzhi" record: "Yuanshou (Han), Choi Wan see South Africa, and Yunnan were before this."
northwest Yunnan magnificent adventure to the Tiger Leaping Gorge has become the place to challenge themselves tempted, Unobtrusive spectacular Yulong Snow Mountain, h snow-capped mountains, with its peculiar Lennart Meri snow-capped mountains steep Xianfeng the snow-capped mountains at home and abroad to attract explorers in the Old Town of Lijiang in the calm, people prefer the Yonglan in the residential areas in the ancient city of Xian Ju, immersed in Dongba culture of Naxi ancient music and the influence; Southwest Yunnan#39;s Xishuangbanna is graceful, Rouqing the Peacock has given her elegant Daijia temperament, Niaona under the Tongqun Banna Sishui is wrapped in the style; Southeast Yunnan, "the literature of state "Build a culture of water to build meaning into the old city of Dougongfeiyan, Shanao Hani people in the farming terraces at all levels from generation to generation piles each September, Luo Ping Tin Manshanbianye golden rape, the overwhelming…… this piece of land inhabited by colorful The Yi, Bai, Hani, Dai, Lisu, Naxi, Yao, Jingpo, Buyi, water, only 25 minorities, such as Long. Entering Yunnan, you inadvertently entered the Naxi Dongba culture of, the Dali Bai culture, the Dai culture PayPal page, the Beima the Yi culture……, brought together into the myth, song and dance, painting, ancient music The folk-custom. Yunnan Province is located in the southwest edge of People#39;s Republic of China, at latitude 21 ° 8#39;32#39;#39;-29 ° 15#39;8#39;#39;and longitude 97 ° 31#39;39#39;#39;-106 ° 11#39;47#39;#39;between the Tropic of Cancer The southern cross-island province. Wang things throughout most from the 864.9 kilometers, the largest vertical distance north-south 900 km with a total area of 394,000 square kilometers, accounting for the total land area of 4.1 percent, ranking eighth in the country. Province#39;s land area, accounting for about 84 percent of the mountains, plateau, hilly or about 10 percent, basin, the valley accounted for about 6 percent, an average elevation of about 2,000 meters, 6,740 meters above sea level the highest, most touch 76.4 meters above sea level. eastern Yunnan And Guizhou provinces, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region for the neighbors, with the northern part of Sichuan Province connected, Xibei Yu Reliance bear the Tibet Autonomous Region, the western border with Myanmar, Laos and South Vietnam contiguous. From the position, according to the North the vast Asian continent, even in the vast South Pacific and the Indian Ocean Southeast Asian peninsula, in the southeast and southwest monsoon winds under control, and by the impact of the Tibetan plateau, which formed a complex and diverse nature Geographical environment. Yunnan Province The border line with neighboring countries for the chief of 4,060 km, of which: of the 1,997 kilometers between China and Burma, Laos of 710 km, 1,353 km of China and Vietnam. Yunnan is China#39;s ancient Southeast Asian countries connect the land crossings. A country road more than 20 of the 15 national and foreign national in the same living on both sides of the border. Thailand, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India and other countries not far from.

A total of 16 in the province, state, city, 128 county and city (district). Among them, eight National Autonomous Prefecture in five; three provincial cities. There are eight in the state, 26 counties bordering with foreign countries. Yunnan is China#39;s largest ethnic minority provinces, in addition to the Han nationality, but also inhabited by the 26 nation, the province#39;s ethnic minority population accounts for nearly one-third of the total population. As early as the period of clan society, to live in Yunnan, "Qiang, Pu, the" three major ethnic groups, Yunnan is the earliest ancestors, generation after undergoing constant evolution, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties era, the distribution of all ethnic groups before stabilizing. Yunnan, the Yi people are mainly distributed in northeast, north central Yunnan and vast areas of Yunnan, Bai mainly distributed around the lake and nearby regions; Zhuang and Miao are mainly distributed in eastern Yunnan and southeastern Yunnan region; other nations mainly in western and southern Yunnan, Yunnan Northwest of the vast region.
into Yunnan, you inadvertently entered the Naxi Dongba culture of, the Dali Bai culture, the Dai culture PayPal page, the Beima the Yi culture……, brought together into the myth, song and dance, painting , The ancient music of folk customs.