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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Isaiah  Date: 07-25 2008  More Attractions
Yunlin County, Changhua and Chiayi counties in between, Nantou County, east, west Taiwan Strait. The county 1,290 square kilometers, and Dounan jurisdiction Douliu Shi, Homigot, Xi Luo, Turku, Peikang five towns and 14 townships, the county government in Douliu Shi, the county population of about 800,000. Chianan Plain is located, to fisheries and aquaculture production for the rich farmers in Yunlin most proud of resources. Yunlin off since ancient times is excellent fishing grounds, now the coastal areas of aquaculture fish pond developed. Easily accessible throughout the county, across the Choshui River in Sha Xi Luo Bridge and the railway bridge is the longitudinal and the North-South Expressway#39;s longest bridge.
Yunlin County is the island of Taiwan first opened up the local Han people, there had been a glorious history. According to Taiwan#39;s History History records, as early as the Ming Tianqi first year (1621), people in Fujian Chang Yan Siqi, Zheng Zhilong, who led everyone from Bengang landing, camping in the land. Bengang today that the Yunlin and Chiayi Newport Peikang area at the time of cargo throughput for the prosperity of Hong Kong, of "one government and two stupid." Later, due to the proliferation of Beigang Xi often diverted, and river sedimentation, only to decline by Sheng.
in Taiwan#39;s rapid economic development around the situation, Yunlin still maintaining a leisurely pace, with plain Nongyu style. Yunlin with beautiful mountains and the sea rich natural resources. Its famous scenic spots such as the Tsaoling Qingyou, Zhang Hu; novelty to stimulate the Tiegukeng sword Hushan world outside the umbrella of the Beigang Xi I Chau is the top-virgin land, its wild desolate scenery unique, is the fishing paradise .
Peikang Chaotian Palace is the 300-odd temples in the temple, Yunlin is the most proud of the humanities spots. Also known as the past three cattle fair, one of the Peikang cattle fair, has been formed over 200 years, Taiwan is the only one of the two cattle fair, very valuable. Spread to Taiwan from Fujian#39;s puppet shows, Yunlin is also deeply扎roots. Taiwan#39;s martial arts have been the source - such as embedded Xi Luo seven human landscape.
Yunlin County, the local specialty products such as: Xi Luo town of soy sauce, the pickled cabbage Dapi Township, the Tsaoling Kucha You have all known a long time ago. Such as the well-known agro-Xi Luo of rice, Touliu Wendan, Tiegukeng bamboo shoots, Peikang, such as peanuts. If you want to taste the delicious snacks, in addition to three Oakland and 105 in Hong Kong not to be missed live seafood, snacks gathered in Peikang Chaotian Palace, to be a real treat.