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YunCheng - ShanXi

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Zip code: 044000

position: at the southernmost tip of Shanxi, Henan and neighboring South, West and the borders of Shaanxi.

divisions: Yun-administered cities, Yongji City, Hejin City, Wenxi County, Xinjiang County, Ruicheng County, Linyi Xian, Wanrong County, Jishan County, Xiaxian, Jiang Xian, Ping Lu County , Yuanqu County.

Shanxi Province in the southwest extremity of a total area of 14236.5 square kilometers. Yellow River middle reaches of the north east of the main stream, and Henan, Shaanxi across the river, north of Linfen, east Jindong Nan. Gucheng "Hedong", Hedong foreshore land, the surging Yellow River, has extensive article in the mountains, has always been there, "table mountains and rivers" reputation, has a long history and goes back to ancient times, is the birthplace of one of the earliest Chinese nation. As early as 180 million years ago, our ancestors have been here in the home and multiply. History, was here-sun, the Capital Yu, Po-shun all boards, Yu are Anyijijin Yongji City, Houji Christians Jiase in Jishan, Leizu Christians sericulture in Xiaxian, culture has a long history And brilliant.


Yuncheng City in Xian Xia Yun, Yongji City, Hejin City and Wenxi, Yi County, Yuanqu, Xiaxian, Ping Lu, Xinjiang, Jishan, Wanrong, Linyi, Ruicheng counties. Total area of 13,968 square kilometers, the total population of 4.25 million. CPC Yuncheng Prefectural Party Committee, the Administrative Office, located in Yuncheng City.


on China was founded, the Yuncheng region#39;s socio-economic outlook has undergone tremendous changes, has been formed to textiles, paper, chemicals, food, metallurgy, building materials, machinery for the pillar industries in the category Complete the country#39;s economic system, our province become a major cotton production base in the Park.


Yuncheng in relatively rich in water resources. Yellow River, the Fenhe River, Su River flows through the territory of the total flow in the six pairs of kilometers long, in Pingchuan accounted for 58.3% of the total area. The geographic coordinates of the area between latitude 34 ° 35 #39;─ 35 ° 41#39;, longitude 110 ° 15 #39;─ 112 ° 04#39; between the temperate and semi-arid continental monsoon climate. Its basic characteristics, a mild climate, warm summer Dong Han, heat adequate resources, abundant summer rainfall, solar energy, wind energy than the rich. Shanxi temperature is higher areas.


Yuncheng region has a long history and magnificent mountains and rivers, the length and breadth of cultural relics, including the scenic spots across the country, is rich in tourism resources. There are Lishan, solitary Mineyama, Lvliang Shan, five Laoshan, particularly natural barrier gate, Wang Guan Yu Falls, Yan Gu Yu-Chi waterfalls and hot springs and other natural landscape; Youzhu celebrities I Dayu Du, Jindu and Fenglingdu. China is famous for the ancient cultural sites and ancient buildings, such as: the South China Sea valley cave site, the West designate crossing sites, Yu Wang city ruins, tombs Secretary Ma Guangzu, Jin-wen tomb, Jinnan cloud tomb, temple, the official Wing-lok, Cape save Temple, Feiyun floor, and so on. These natural landscape and ancient culture is highly ornamental, Tour value and the value of art appreciation. ZTE has developed Hedong Xianxiangfushuo Shang Dynasty, Jin Wengong overlord of the Spring and Autumn Warring States Political Strategists Zhang Yi, famous Guan Yu Shu Han, Jin Dynasty writer Guo Pu, the Sui Dynasty philosopher and educator in Wang Tong, Tang writer Wang Bo , Liu, who is Peiduo Tang Dynasty, the famous Xueren Gui, who in the Song Dynasty, the historian Sima Guang, and so on.

Yuncheng region is the flavor of the many specialty areas, Wenxi cook cakes, Jishan-date, Puzhou Aogaki, Ruicheng Ma films, I Whitewater honey-apricot, North of mutton and cakes bubble , E-Mo, Kuan Kung, such as liquor. Puju, eyebrow households, Jiangzhou Drum, Fushan puppetry, shadow play, and other well-known in local drama both inside and outside.


Yuncheng regional transport development. Rail-road vertical staggered, Nantong Xian. Sanmenxia, north of Taiyuan, a train through Beijing. To Fenglingdu in Taiyuan, Yuncheng to Mao Jindu, Yuncheng and Sanmenxia, a Xi#39;an Highway connectivity.