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YuShuCangZuZiZhiZhou - QingHai

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Postal Code: 815000

position: in the southwestern Qinghai Province

Area: 267,000 square kilometers

Population: 252,700 people

administrative divisions: exempted six counties, autonomous prefectures in the Yushu County, Yushu County (guitar town) miscellaneous more counties (Sa Po Tong) said more counties (all week) Zhidoi County (Jia Jibo Kellogg) Nangqian County (Hong Kong amounted Township) Qu Ma Lai County (about reform Beach)

Yushu in Qinghai Province in the southwest area of 198,000 kilometers, the province accounted for 27.5% of the total area. Nearly 97 percent of the population is Tibetan, or clusters of the province#39;s population nearly 1 /4, is the Tibetan province of the most concentrated area. State within the state of spectacular mountains and rivers, towering barrier in the east the west, Tanggulashan habitat stretching in the South. Elevation 5,000 meters above the mountain up to more than 2,000, with an average elevation of 4,000 to 5,000 meters. Yangtze River, Yellow River, Lancang River are the days of origin. 玉树藏族自治州hspace=95 < br>
According to many ancient cultural relics and literature, in this vast grassland, about 4,000 years ago, there is human activity, mainly to Xiqiang. TAIWAN BISHAMON Sui Dynasty to the Soviet Union and the site of the multi-part, Tang at their Fan Ye, the vast grassland, pasture Feimei, Qinghai Province is one of the major animal husbandry base. Plus it was in the northern part of Qinghai and Tibet, Sichuan between the performance of an important location for the provinces (autonomous regions) the important distribution center for commercial trade.

Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu County, guitar in the capital of the ancient town to the Tibetan ethnic-based, population 240,100, the total population, 95 percent, the National Minority Autonomous Prefecture of the highest proportion of the population.

Yushu is a beautiful and rich natural grassland, and even more unforgettable is the Yushu copy on the magnificent strong, uninhibited songs and dances wild success, Yushu grassland known as a "song and dance of the Ocean" and "Song and Dance of the home" . The broad masses of Tibetan areas of Qinghai known as "An", with the long-term and Yushu in western Sichuan, Tibet#39;s Qamdo region in close contact, known as the "health", together with the Cangbao this area, collectively referred to as "Kangba" areas. 玉树藏族自治州hspace=95 < br>
Yushu in the rise of dance, the very old. Guitar-The Living Buddha Monastery I have a great gift of art, he created more than 100 kinds of "seeking more top Zhuo," laid the Yushu become the basis of a land of song and dance. Together with adjacent Yushu Tibetan, Sichuan, Yunnan, the geographical advantages, these areas will continue to assimilate the outstanding achievements of Tibetan songs and dances to enrich their own cultural and artistic creation, over time, song and dance for people living in Yushu become a great spiritual needs. "Talking will be singing and dancing will be walking." Kangba people in Qinghai folk song and dance unique in that unique style of art has a very high ornamental value. Therefore, the traditional Yushu Kangba festival attracted not only from the Green, Tibetan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu and other provinces (regions) of the Tibetan people and domestic tourists, the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, States and Hong Kong, Taiwan and tourists from Buyuanwanli Muming, there are many Chinese and foreign journalists to report Arts Festival success.

seven or eight months a year, Yushu lush grassland pastures, a dark green, with a bouquet of blooming everywhere beam, a Cucu Chaziyanhong, Canruo Yunxia like all kinds of wild flowers and, just like a perfect large-scale song and dance performances, Qian Ma and material exchanges as the main content Kangba Arts Festival began. By then, a few kilometres ride around the venue for a variety of colorful tents, far If viewed, as a unique style tent city. 玉树藏族自治州hspace=95 < br>
Princess Wencheng Temple: From the junction of Henan Batang traced back to ancient town about 20 kilometers, will enter a Qifeng processes Weiya the high valley, a river outflow Shotaro Yachi, people called Benetton ditch (also known as Parkinson ditch, Le Pakistan ditch). Gounei lush forests, beautiful green,幽深unpredictable. Wang Li walked into the near, we see a brown red, compact Delicate, elegant and quiet operator of a large-scale temple, which is the world famous historical and cultural monuments "on some other types of Buddha statue," and its Temple, commonly known as " Princess Wen Cheng Temple. "

Lebaquan Ditch: Tibetan means "beautiful ditch." Here the magic charm of natural scenery, historical and cultural monuments is Mizonokuchi, Princess Wencheng Temple, Gounei 10 to the rock paintings, rock paintings mainly to ditch Lebaquan Buddha, the Buddha, pilgrims, such as the main Ruishou.

guitar temple there, zhubgyugoin, Ling Temple, Ma Nigeria to more than 10 stone walls, and other historical sites.

wildlife resources: wildlife resources are white lip deer, Tibetan sheep, snow leopard, brown bear, more than 40 species of wild ass, and so on, frozen chickens, Ma chicken, black-necked cranes and other rare birds. More expensive types of herbal medicine, amounted to more than 800 species, a famous Chinese caterpillar fungus, musk, Zhimu, Fritillaria, rhubarb, flowers, and so even the snow.