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Zip code: 719000

position: Yulin City of Shaanxi Province in the north, is located east longitude 107 ° 28#39;-111 ° 15 #39;, north latitude and 36 ° 57#39;-39 ° 34#39; between the east across the Yellow River in Shanxi Province and the West Even in Ningxia, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, north and the south province of Yan#39;an City.

Area: total area of 7,053 square kilometers.

Population: 330 million.

administrative divisions: Yu Xian Xia Yang, Shenmu, Fugu, the Edge, Jingbian, Yokoyama, Jiaxian, Mizhi, Wubao, Zwedru, Qingjian, ZIZHOU 12 counties.

Yulin City of Shaanxi Province in the north, East at the Yellow River in Shanxi Province and across the West and Ningxia, Gansu border, north Inner Mongolia, the south Yan#39;an. Area of 43,000 square kilometers and a population of about 3.16 million. All Shixia Yu Yang, Shenmu, Fugu, Yokoyama, Jingbian, will be the border areas, Zwedru, Mizhi, Jiaxian, Wubao, Qingjian, ZIZHOU 12 counties. State Department named the historical and cultural city of Yulin is the city#39;s political, economic and cultural center.


Yulin City has a long history, far short of History. Early in the new Paleolithic, "Loop" in the Yellow Emperor family came home to propagate. Xia Dynasty at the beginning of Yulin photos, in Yulin in Yongzhou sector, the Shang Jun, Qin, Han and Mongolia to become centres of economic exchanges. Han, Wei, Jin, Sui, Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties, and so on are formed in the city, Yulin village in the early Ming Dynasty established on the basis of Yulin Walled, orthodox, 2002 (1437 AD) built in Yulin City. Ming Chenghua 2007 (1471 AD) located in Yulin to Wei. Chenghua 2009 Yansui Zhisuo from the town of Zwedru Yi Zhu Yulin, said before the town of Yulin, and since then-9 for one of the city. - Yongzhengnianjian dismantling the town has formed Wei, a Road prefectures. Republic of China, still home in Yulin County. June 1, 1949 Yulin peaceful liberation. Since then, the Yulin Yulin area has been the seat of the agency. 1988 approved by the State Council revocation of Yulin County, Yulin City set up.

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Yulin City in the numerous cultural relics, scenic spots and Crafts collection. There are five provincial-level key heritage conservation units. The famous Great Wall from the north-east southwest Xiechuan Urban Habitat, on the pier, Taiwan, Walled mostly intact. At the foot of the Great Wall, the Yellow River Oasis, sheep pasture, are intertwined, showing a faction of the desert border singular style; Yulin ancient city wall is the relatively well-preserved ancient city wall of the densely distributed in the city-Ming House, Makha Bucha House, plum blossom House and Daixing Temple and many other sites that Chusai on the outlook of the ancient city, known as "Tianxiadiyi Taiwan," Taiwan and the town "treasure trove of open-air art of calligraphy," the Hong Danxia has long been famous in Yulin "China#39;s scenic spots Dictionary "in the article on; set scenery, art, religion was one of the Qingyun Temple, Xuan Kongsi, the Longtan and Makha Bucha black holes and other ancient temples, have been mostly restored, reproduce charisma. Proletarian revolutionary Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Peng Dehuai and Liu Zhidan, plums Chau, Wei Ye domain and so here left a lasting achievements and glorious footsteps.

city in the Loess Plateau and the Mu Us Desert of the border, the vast and unique landscape. Can cultivation, can-sik, to fisheries, animal husbandry can. Yu River, the river no paddy field sectors-connecting the two sides, rice fragrance, is known as the "Frontier Jiangnan" Great Wall along the Green Forest, cattle and sheep flocks, Pastoral Music, do not have a poetic.

Yulin City is rich in underground resources, mainly coal, natural gas, salt, clay, mineral water, and so on. Yulin is the world#39;s Shenfu coalfield Jurassic an important part of total reserves to preliminary estimates more than 500 million tons, has 30 billion tons of proven reserves. Natural gas distribution in the urban South, West, is now 3.52 billion cubic meters of proven reserves, the Jingbian, Yokoyama large gas field one of the three-rich region. The gas-bearing area of the field, good quality and is the ideal city gas and high-quality chemical raw materials.