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YuBeiQu - ZhongQing

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Avery  Date: 07-09 2008  More Attractions
Yubei District in Chongqing urban Northeast, the size of 1,452 square kilometers, of which 41,300 hectares of cultivated land, 20,000 hectares green space. With 14 townships and 21 towns and 622 villages, 4,931 groups of villagers, the total population of 793,000 people.
Yubei District, according to Ying, Jiang relying on the two, known as Castle Gate of Beijing University said. Is the first name of "martial arts village" and the National Health City, is also well-known domestic Landscape Garden City and the excellent Chinese tourist city. Yubei District rich tourism resources, mountain-water, gardens and monuments, folk customs Festival from the unique charm of travel Shengjing. Yuanbo the eastern part of a prestigious "Wuling Wonderland" EC King scenic area, Chongqing is the "Top Ten" one of the scenic spots, "EC King Gap Monkey" Cuban HOS Yu, 12 King of the first, take on mountains, water, forest, - Chuen, Gap, Tung, waterfall, as the "Museum of Natural History," Southwest is also the largest sub-health spa treatment health centres. The nearby large cave-related groups, the length and breadth, the River Love River 2,000 m of underground rivers such as Yam Harbour Qianlong, the hole connected with the Royal Council formed the total length of over 5,000 meters underground palace. Shiraiwa Rural natural barrier inside the territory of the ups and downs, Zhongru full, lush virgin forest near the site and the White Lotus Society, Xuanguan, plank road, and other monuments; Pai Hua-dong, also known as the "Crystal Palace of the Dragon King" to the flight-splash-Pai Hua Fei Bao幽深strange Zhongrudongtian known. The north fork of the two lakes like water Qulang, Qili picturesque. The western banks of the Jialing River with the Southern Song Dynasty anti-yuan city - multi-functional city, and for the sister city of Hechuan Diaoyu Cheng. Qu city near Huaguo such as the Lushan Mountain tourism agriculture demonstration zones, forest parks and jade Mineyama "Farmer Happiness," a popular tourist destination. City have demonstrated Chuandong marriages, funerals, married, married folk series of Bayu Folk Culture Village, a leisure travel south of the Bi-Park, Ssangyong Lake Park, Po Sheng Hu and Jiulong Hu, beetles Island Resort.