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Location: Located in southern Hunan Province, is located in Xiaoshui, two Xiangjiang River water concourse area, east of Chenzhou, adjacent to the southwest, "Guangdong and Guangxi", and Guilin, Qingyuan connected to the North sector Hengyang, Shaoyang.

Area: 22,400 square km

Population: 5.6 million

administrative divisions: Xianxia Shibayama, Lengshui Tan two areas and Qiyang, Dongan, dual licensing, County Road, the river, Jianghua, Ning-yuan, San Tin, the Blue Mountains nine counties, and the Phoenix Park Economic Development Zone, Jiang Wing Lung Wei back to the management area.

Yongzhou, Hunan Province in the south, the Five Ridges north, Hunan Guangdong, Guangxi provinces with the Department of the District. Yongzhou Gu Chen Lingling, collapsing because of Shundi southern tour in Ningyuan Jiuyi Mountain named. Suichu set Yongzhou Explorer House, Yongzhou, Lingling from one to two. Xiaoshui because of convergence with the Xiangjiang River in the city, Yongzhou has always been said that Blair "Xiaoxiang." November 1995, approved by the State Council, the revocation of Lingling district, the establishment of level Yongzhou City. Yongzhou Xianxia nine county districts. Total area of 22,400 square kilometers, the population of 5.665 million people.

Yongzhou were Xiaoxiang integration through dihydrate, Gu Cheng, "Xiaoxiang." Yongzhou landscapes and into the "extraordinary and absolutely, insurance, the show" with the legend in one, the fun and natural history and culture in one, won the old Mexican writers carved Yongtan. Yongzhou

Yongzhou the wild, the beauty of landscapes, but also the singular Karst; floor tower of the magnificent temples, have carved inscriptions of different wins. Jiu Yishan of magic, Yangmingshan in a critical situation, Shunhuang beautiful mountains, a thousand miles of ancient Dayaoshan, Yongzhou constituted a charming natural scenery. Ancient Tombs have Shundi, the Wu River, Cliff, Ningyuan Confucian Temple, State Road, on rocks, ancient Shipeng, and other scenic spots, which is tantamount to jasper pearls, Sala Yongzhou in the wild, bright, it is Liulian in time. Xiaoxiang dark green water, towering Jiu Yishan, Yongzhou in the face of it Qili, a unique style and wealth of legends and become a pen and ink to write endless land.

Shan Yi-sun temple, as successive emperors "in the festival" the Holy Land, "Yao Tianshun," a consistent world, Mao Zedong "Jiu Yishan, Bai Yunfei, Dili under-hang Cuiwei" magnificent poem, Yi also enable the renowned Chinese and foreign. Yangmingshan National Park, "big-small-even in the peak day Xuequ Green Furong," Hill-qi, tree-qi, qi-chuen, cloud-qi, the Buddha surprising. Key national heritage conservation units - Wu River Forest of Steles, well-preserved stone Mo Yan has 505, "Moyansanjue" - "Ode to Datang ZTE" stone for the world#39;s first Sanjue. Ningyuan Confucian Temple, the focus of heritage conservation units, second only to preserve the most complete Confucian Temple in Qufu. County Road on rock, rock-Hun Park, the hole I looked up at, to see the East as "Shang Xianyue", since the West see as the "Xia Xianyue," from the cave, the blue sky when the roof garden as one month, Gu Ming " Rock on. " Jiangyong 1000 Tong Mountain, the birthplace of the world Yao, thousands of years, many moved to the field and living overseas-yiu, the first cell here Roots place for ancestral worship. Jianghua Dayaoshan Trinidad, a beautiful, unique style, live Diaojiao Lou, Kuala Tansu drink wine, for the respect for nature tourism Jiajing. Yongzhou photos

history, Yongzhou is Wenrenmoke faith in the land. In the Tang Dynasty famous writer Liu Yongzhou Exile Habitat 10, Jiqing in Yongzhou landscape, wrote the famous ancient "Yongzhou 8 mind" and "snake-head arrests, said that" Mingpian masterpiece; Song writer Ouyang Xiu#39;s "Paint has Lingling-gun training, as today, that painting, "and the poet Lu You," Hui-ho when a Jiangshan support, less than Xiaoxiang Qiyou poem "immortal phrase famous. Is also available in the Tang Dynasty writer Yuan Jie, "Caosheng" Huai Su, calligrapher Yan Zhenqing, the Song Dynasty poet Huang Tingjian, physical Kaishanbizu Zhou Dunyi, the Ming Dynasty landscape of Jurists Xu Xiake, a Qing Dynasty poet, calligrapher He Shaoji, and Sima Qian, Li Shangyin, Kou Zhun, Mi Fu, and other celebrities for the past Yongzhou left a lot of poetry, Ming, paintings, carved cliff, Yongzhou add to the endless charm.

Yongzhou is a book, its very deep historical and cultural background. Yu Chan, the county#39;s cultural relics unearthed rocks, Yongzhou the emergence of ancient culture to the traditional history of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation that originated in the Yellow River to the Central Plains said that a major challenge. Hunan Academy of Social Sciences, Yan Emperor Shundi Cultural Group latest research results show that: Yongzhou in the world and the source of rice farming, and the source of China#39;s ceramic industry, the Chinese civilization and the source of moral, cultural Taishun town.
-sun culture, Liu culture, Yao culture, Zhou Dunyi of jurisprudence, Huai Su, He Shaoji the art of calligraphy, and the ancient "the woman" is Xiaoxiang Chinese civilization and culture of the important origins. Sun#39;s open country, merit, Zhou Dunyi simple materialist ideology and "the sludge rather than with" the noble character and sterling integrity, the Huai Su cursive Yongzhou picture Kuangfangbuji, Liu Xi profound thinking and caring people, "the woman" the mysterious Unpredictable are all rich treasure house of Chinese culture.

- Shundi-sun culture is the ethical culture of origin,-sun culture is ethical culture. Shundi is China#39;s first history book "Book" by opening a central figure in mind, linked to Shundi life farming, pottery, fishing activities and the production Yuchan Rock Archaeological Finds of rice, fish bone and pottery, such as the accumulation of Luoke , Is sure Yongzhou Shundi was led by his tribe engaged in farming, pottery, fishing and other production activities take place. Yongzhou ancient civilization is the era of Shundi cultural background and support space, Yongzhou Shundi culture is ancient cultural links and a prominent landmark of the Yan Emperor Shundi farming culture is the culture of the inheritance and development. "Historical Records" in: "the world Matilda, are the Yushun before." Shundi cultural spirit of the soul can be called "Germany first, re-education"-sun culture is barbarism to civilization from the historical turning point of Chinese culture. To farming culture for the content of the Yan Emperor culture to culture as a form of government cultural connotation of the Yellow Emperor, moral and cultural connotations for the-sun culture, together constitute a milestone in Chinese culture, 3.
Jiuyi Shan-sun culture is the possession of the fine. "Historical Records" set: "Shunnanxunshou, Cangwu collapsing in the field, buried in Gangnam Jiuyi." Jiuyi in this magical land, leaving a large number of Shundi the touching story of serving the people, left many writers Saoke Yang Yu Jiu Yishan the Youyuan, and a beautiful memory of the praise. Huibi generation of Mao Zedong wrote a great man "Jiuyi Mountain Bai Yunfei, Dili under-hang Cuiwei" magnificent poem, but also enable the Yi renowned Chinese and foreign.
thousands of years, Yongzhou-sun culture breeds this beautiful mountains and rivers, moisturizes with a long history of our country with an ancient civilization. Jiuyi Shan Shun Di Mausoleum has become across time and space and unite national sentiment, boost the national spirit strong ties, a Chinese descendants Xinchishenwang, Yeling the holy place for ancestral worship hall.

- ancient rice culture November 18, 1995, archaeological workers in the county, Yu Chan-site excavation, suddenly found an unusual calcium cement. When the China Agricultural University expert Professor Zhang Wenjie Rice knocked cement, was found inside the Huangcheng Cheng containing a rice husk. We could not believe their own eyes and feel like Christopher Columbus discovered the New World general joy! Yongzhou Because of this strike, knocked the door of the history of Rice, who knocked the arduous existence of ancient history! Yu Chan Yan has found that the four rice crust, the determination of the BC to 10,000 years ago, is the world#39;s earliest known remains of rice. Jing Tian found this big, rice farming origin and development of time, all of a sudden from more than 8,000 years ago pushed to一万四千年ago!
Yu Chan Yan, commonly known as the Ham-dong, Ma Shui Po Yan, County Road in the town of White Dan Zhaicun Sau Ngan, 16 km from the county seat. Preservation of cultural accumulation of caves in good condition, contains a large number of Paleolithic culture from the Neolithic culture change to the information. February 1996, County Road, Yu Chan-selected sites in 95 of the 10 national archaeological discoveries; March 2001, Yu Chan-site has been listed as China#39;s 20th century 100 major archaeological find one in July 2001, Was approved as key national heritage conservation units. Yu Chan Yan, is a history of domestic and international scientific community and academic focus.
Yuchan rock excavated the ancient cultivated rice husks, the new Paleolithic, pottery and other artifacts to show that the Yongzhou一万二千年ago in a relatively mature primitive agriculture and the original ceramic industry, at the time of our ancestors in ancient times With this splendid ancient culture. Yongzhou the emergence of ancient culture to the traditional history of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation that originated in the Yellow River to the Central Plains said that a major challenge. Hunan Academy of Social Sciences, Yan Emperor Shundi Cultural Group announced the latest research results: the history of the Chinese nation is not "5,000 years from top to bottom" but 10,000 years, or even 10,000 years, its traditional source is not mentioned in the Yellow River and the Central Plains area, But in Yongzhou in Hunan Province. Yongzhou

- Liu Liu culture (773-819), the word of thick, Hedong (this Yongji County, Shanxi Province) people. Zhenyuan 2009 (793) Jinshi. Granting Xiaoshu Lang, was later transferred blue Tianyu, Yushi, was promoted to monitor the line. Tangshun in succession (805), Liu Wang Shu-wen to participate in the US-led reform group, after the failure of Pibian Wei Yong Chau Sima. Ten years later switched to LIU Zhou Cishi. LIU Zhou passengers dead.
Yongzhou of criticism, a criticism that is 10, Liu This is a major turning point in life. More than 1,000 years ago, the singularity of the Yongzhou Liu Ye created a brilliant literary achievements and mature philosophy, and thousands of years of Yongzhou Liu Qiwen for this historical and cultural city in Yongzhou add lustre. Liu#39;s "eight Yongzhou in mind" has become a famous ancient immortal chapter. Liu, Yongzhou history and culture is indeed a pioneer! He is unique in its political philosophy, philosophy, literature skills, won a deep love for the people of Yongzhou. When you enter Yongzhou, paid respects to Liuzi Temple, Looking for traces of Liu Zongyuan, a taste of Yongzhou singular landscape of the time, you#39;ll be here once again feel the heavy Liu cultural heritage.

- Yao Yao is Yongzhou culture of an ancient Native peoples, Yongzhou This is a colourful Yao Encyclopedia. Yao in a population of 40 million, accounting for the total population of a quarter of Yao. Its inhabitants as early as the Qin and Han Dynasties period, particularly in the north to enter the Yellow River, Yangtze River along the Huguang. Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing period, a large number of people since the Nanling Yao, and other places south of the resettlement of Ganghwa. Ming and Qing Dynasties, Yongzhou in Ganghwa, Yongming, County Road, Ning-yuan, the Blue Mountains of the mountain as many Yao people live to.
Yao people "live close to the mountains risk", climbing fear is not high, not fear deep into the forest. "No Nanling Mountains do not have Yao", in South China#39;s largest mountain - Nanling hinterland, Yao has the most concentrated population centres, the overwhelming majority of China#39;s geographical Yao the first county - Jianghua Yao Autonomous County, the mysterious Yao origin And - Jiangyong 1000 Tong Mountain, thousands of left over from the original natural beauty and Yao style…… Yongzhou

- Physical Culture Zhou Dunyi (1017-1073) formerly known as Dun Shi, said Shi Lianxi, County Road long-kai Rural House, Tamura people. Zhou Dunyi is the founder of Neo-Confucianism, a famous science-Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi are his students. Zhou Dunyi prose Mingpian "Ailian Shui" in the "出淤泥而不染, Zhuo Green border without monster" has become many people#39;s inspirational words, from his start of jurisprudence is more far-reaching impact.
Zhou Dunyi#39;s hometown is Xiaoshui Lianxi Road, a branch of the upper reaches have a magic of its magnificent caves - on rock. Ming-Xu Xiake of the Ming tourism sincerely issued Chan Han: "Yong Nan all-Who is most? Rock Road, on the first, "said Mr. Lianxi on rocks in the study, Jing