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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Thomas  Date: 09-03 2008  More Attractions
Yongzhou in "beautiful Xiaoxiang" Chimingzhongwai, since ancient times is that people#39;s tourist attractions. Here are Jiu Yishan, Yangmingshan, Shunhuang Mountain National Forest Park, three and five provincial-level nature reserve.
Yongzhou has a long history and culture, have a history of the ancient tomb, the temple, Tajikistan, Club, 2000 Bridge many, has been the national, provincial and county as a focus of heritage conservation units; Shun Di Mausoleum, WANG Dian-disc, Liuzi Temple , Huai Su Park, the Wu River Forest of Steles, the ancestral home of Yao Tong Mountain in 1000, "the woman", renowned at home and abroad, but I am unique. Ningyuan Confucian Temple and the Temple of the Longfeng Shibayama-stone pillars, carved superb techniques, the rare "litchi milestone" all of the celebrities, Clerical, name, "Tang Chung Hsing Chung" milestone, singular, odd characters, Shiqi, Pizun Wei David. Yongzhou Yao is inhabited areas, a history of the "Wang-Day" and "playing Chunniu," "King of Birds," "Song Tong and sent to ride the pro-" and other festive events, bustling and attractive. Yongzhou the ancient local culture scene, Yao Song, folk song, the dragon dances, lion dance and drama minor Qi, strong local flavor; Dongan renowned Chinese martial arts; egg paste unique bamboo carving, with strong external appeal. In this ancient and magical land, the building has now been developed into eight different characteristics of the tourist areas.
Yongzhou is mountainous Shuixiu famous. In addition to the various attractions and Ningyuan City Jiu Yishan, Qi Yang Wu River, the Yongzhou (Lingling) premises in the Tour a lot. Which are relatively well-known Dongan Shun Huang Shan, dual-licensing Yangmingshan, Jiang Hua Yan Huayang, such as Wing longhuguan. Shunhuang Rock, located in East County West, the city#39;s Mill Hill belly and tail junction Xuefeng, a size more than 100 peaks, I really can be said to be Qunfeng heel heel, Gumucangcang, plus the mountains around the temple stone, legendary. Yangmingshan is a dual-licensing Prefecture upper altitude of over 1,600 meters high mountain, in a radius of several dozen, high mountains Shuixiu, Linmao-run deep, very charming scenery. Yang Hua Yan, in Ganghwa five kilometers southeast of the county seat back to the Longshan Chuk Yuen Village, because of Sunningdale, such as steep cut, in the Qing Shi, under Hanquan.
on the scenery here, Tang Zhouci Shi Yuan Jie, "Yang Hua Yan Ming and orderly" in the following assessment: "I travelled the mountains 30 years, seen as Quan Shi Shu Yi-yang, and commendable, Did not have. "Ganghwa longhuguan, is located in the southwest Xiang-Gui-border junction. Guan said that it is, here there is no wall barriers, is only the Five Ridges in a mountain pass, but very Xianyao: Commissioner of the North is all Pangling the cliffs, the Commissioner of South mengzhu ling is the layers of wins mountain range, originated Jiangyong county in the Peach River wearing Kansai flow, the river rocks rugged, water fast, spiral clouds, the two sides Shifeng unexpected, "Kazuo When the Commissioner, 000 Fumo open the" tendency, for the past taken by the military strategists, to stay Trace quite a lot.