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YingTan - JiangXi

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Code: 0701

Zip code: 337100

position: 16,807 square km

Area: 3,554 square km area

Population: Population 1.08 million people

administrative divisions: Yingtan Shixia Guixi City, Yujiang County, on the Great Lakes region and the CMC Lung Fu Shan scenic tourist areas, a total of 44 towns and four neighborhood offices.

cities in Jiangxi Province is Yingtan, Jiangxi Province is located in the north-east, Shicheng "east Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Fujian, South-Ou, recapped Po Lake water throat, the resistance of the portal#39;s letter." Total area of 3,554 square kilometers. North-East and other regions of Shangrao Ge Yang, Qianshan, thousands of years, Yugan border, with the south-west of the capital of Fuzhou in the river, Jinxi TAIWAN BISHAMON Department, a south-easterly direction with the Fujian WINNER connected.


Nanling area is a quasi-groove edge of the letter to Jiang at the Au zone, north-south high-lying, low-middle. To the south-Lin Junling connected with the Wuyi mountains, the highest waves San Caifeng 1,541 meters above sea level; Huaiyu mountains stretching north end of the hilly, humid subtropical monsoon climate, a mild climate, abundant rainfall, a well-lit, no password a long period, Four distinct seasons.


Yingtan Jiangnan important transport hub, but also the emerging Copper, energy and chemical industry base. Has been initially formed a smelting, power, chemicals, machinery, building materials, medicine, food categories, such as a complete industrial system. The world#39;s largest manufacturer of wood carving, the largest and highest yield, the most advanced technology and equipment of copper smelting enterprises, the country#39;s largest reserves of the Silver Mine, the second largest thermal power plant in Jiangxi Province, have been rising, ammonium phosphate compound fertilizer plant Production and technology has also been one of the peer "semi" list.