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Zip code: 115000

divisions: Yingkou Shixia 4 (Station area, the urban West, the old border, Bayuquan area), cities (Dashiqiao City, Gaizhou Shi), 41 Jian Zhizhen (four of which border Laos, the boulder Bridge City, 15, Gaizhou Shi 22), 14 townships (Gaizhou Shi), 27 neighborhood offices (former District 7 points, seven urban West, two old border area, Bayuquan District 4, Gaizhou City 2, Dashiqiao City 5), 14 state-owned farms and 929 administrative villages. City domain of the population 2229139, of which 260,071 Station District, West urban 159,904 people, the old border 123,418 people, 103,525 people Bayuquan area, Dashiqiao City, 705,285 people, Gaizhou Shi 876,936 people, city domain for non-agricultural population of 859,968 people, city To the level of 38.58 percent.

position: Yingkou City in northwest Liaodong Peninsula, the left bank of the mouth of the Liaohe River. Bohai Sea west of Liaodong Bay and Jinzhou, across the sea from Huludao, North and Dawa, Haicheng for the neighborhood; East and Xiuyan, Zhuanghe border; South and Wafangdian, the new connected. Yingkou City from the Shenyang city 166 kilometers, 204 kilometers from Dalian City, 84 km away from Anshan City, 70 km away from Panjin City. Geographical coordinates in longitude 121 ° 56 #39;to 123 ° 02#39; between latitude 39 ° 55 #39;to 40 ° 56#39; between.

Yingkou has a long history and profound cultural background; Yingkou-stricken people of the vicissitudes of life, have gone through a stormy history. History should not be forgotten. "Talking about the old Yingkou place," a book#39;s publication, the rate will be a true picture of the history of show in front of us, for our understanding and knowledge of the history of Yingkou opened a window.


Yingkou, Liaoning Province is under the jurisdiction of prefectural-level cities, is the focus of the coastal open cities. In 5402 square kilometers of land, and raise the enthusiasm of the 2.24 million hard-working people Yingkou c. Yingkou a coastline of 96 kilometers, offshore Tu difficult to 160,000 mu. Yingkou is not only a place to make a fortune, or a tourist attraction. Has a long history of the human landscape and the unique features of the natural landscape, has attracted millions of tourists both at home and abroad. Mountains, sea, springs, forests, rivers making the other more beautiful, everywhere you are a good place for holiday.

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Yingkou city west Bohai Liaodong Bay, a temperate continental monsoon climate. Its climate is the main features: four distinct seasons, the same quarter of rain, a mild climate, moderate rainfall, adequate light, climate favorable conditions. However, hail storms, drought, wind and other disastrous weather also occur from time to time.

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coastal city of Yingkou, plains, along the Mausoleum slightly higher, slightly lower than the eastern mountains. Liaoning Province, more than the western semi-arid areas, less than the eastern humid areas, the rainfall moderate. Geographical distribution of rainfall is more rainfall in the mountains south-east, north-western coastal plains and hills along the little precipitation, decreasing from southeast to northwest. Chaoyang of Liaoning Province in the northwest of similar value, light is rich in resources. The distribution is the coastal zone, the eastern mountain area less contour parallel with the coastline.


nation: namely, the Han, Manchu, Hui, North Korea, Mongolia, Xibe, Tibetan, Uygur, Miao, Yi and Zhuang, Buyi, Dong, Yao, Bai, Tujia, Hani, Dai, Lebanon, mountains, Daur, Qiang, Russian, Ewenki and Oroqen, Hezhe.


After efforts, Yingkou has undergone enormous changes. Former devastation, Manyuan Spring today. Urban and rural areas around the city full of vigor and vitality. City to Yingkou open the Xiongzi show before the whole world. Hong Kong#39;s 100 years old to a city built two modern port city of Hong Kong, the former fishing village built state-level economic and technological development zones; Zhaidao into the muddy garden Zhang Jie, the brick-tile-roofed house built row upon row of tall buildings; the village level Small pilot plant built technology-oriented enterprises. . . Yingkou is all social undertakings withstand severe tests, and continuously explore, it is emancipating the mind and new ideas, forge ahead, it is self-reliance and hard struggle, grasping the development of music, made brilliant achievements.