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YinChuan - NingXia

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Zip code: 750000

position: landlocked in the northwest of the Central Plain in Ningxia.

Area: City total area of 4,467 (Urban 1457) square kilometers

Population: 820,000

nation: a total of Han, Hui, Manchu, Mongolian, Korean, and other 26 people.

administrative divisions: administered Xingqing District, Jinfeng, Xixia Qu, Yongning County, Helan County and the Lingwu City.

Yinchuan City is located in the northwest border of the motherland is the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is one of the historical and cultural city. Yinchuan City is a multi-ethnic located, a total of Han, Hui, Manchu, Mongolian, Korean, and other 26 people.


Yinchuan City in east longitude 105 ° 51 #39;, latitude 38 ° 25#39;. Yellow River east, West Screen Helan Mountain, Nanlin Qingtongxia City, north Shizuishan City, 64 km wide things, the 82 km long from north to south. The city#39;s total area of 3,499 square kilometers, the urban area of 14 Yinchuan 57平方公里. City jurisdiction, the new urban, suburban and Yongning, Helan County. Open flat terrain, from southwest to northeast gradually tilted, an average elevation of 1,100 meters, with Southwest and Northeast high-low. Yinchuan Plain in Ningxia is located in the central Yellow River irrigation area, water is rich in resources. Yellow River crossing length of 78.4 km, and surface 12.47 million mu, 3.15 million cubic meters runoff, flows through the city of Yinchuan Tang Lai drainage, drainage-extension, the West Channel, agro-Qudengguanqu the Yellow River water amounted to 1.82 billion cubic meters. Yinchuan Plain groundwater resources reserves, shallow burial, the volume of 756 million cubic meters of underground water, mining amounted to 453 million cubic meters.

Yinchuan City in broad distribution of woodland, water, natural grassland, and so on. The city#39;s forest coverage of 10.3 percent, 18.3546 million mu of natural forests, natural forest reserves 240,000 cubic meters. 1997 artificial afforestation area of 1.34 million mu. Yinchuan rich mineral resources are the main energy minerals, metallurgical auxiliary mineral raw materials, mineral raw materials, construction materials and other non-metallic mineral, and so on.

Yinchuan City, a unique natural landscape and rich tourism resources, the State Department announced the 62 historical and cultural city one. Here are known as "pyramids of China" the Western Xia Dynasty tomb. Places of a major since 1300 has been the history of Hai Baota, built in the 1050#39;s Chengtian Si tower, construction of the Ming and Qing Dynasties bell Gulou, Yu Huangge, South Gate House. Islamic architectural style, such as the South Gate mosque. There are charming suburb of Helan Mountain Scenic Su Meiyukou primeval forest protected areas, Shahu Tourist District, and the town of Fort fascinating film city.


Yinchuan, capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, West reliance Helan Mountain, east of Yellow River. Tourism is rich in resources, human and natural landscape many, given the unique charm of Yinchuan. Chi is the ancient city of Yinchuan City, Gongyuan, pavilions, temples, pagodas, Mausoleum, the Great Wall, and so many monuments: Go to the top overlooking the Helan Mountains; breathtaking views of the South Gate Muslim Dasi; has demonstrated Islam, the Yellow River, Three Western Xia culture is a solemn rare Chinese art city.