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YiYang - HuNan

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Location: Located in the north central Hunan Province, across the water downstream-Yuan Huang and two water Weilv back by Xuefeng Yu Mo Shan.

Area: 12,144 square km

Population: 4360000

administrative divisions: the new Yiyang Shixia Yuanjiang City, County, Taojiang County, Anhua Xian and the newly established Ziyang Section, Heshan District and Chase Lake, North Island son, Jinpen, Qianshan red, Chapan Chau five county-level state-owned farms.

Yiyang ancient Jingzhou for the region, has a sister, Mr Justice Woo Kwok, when the Spring and Autumn Chu. Emperor 26 years (211 BC) the establishment of county government, including its geographical and Taojiang County of Yiyang today. Is located in benefits due to water (water-Gucheng) North, Gu Ming Yiyang. Yiyang many cultural and historical tourism resources, in the city included in the province, county-level heritage conservation units have 42, 1949 since the excavation has 23 cultural sites, tombs more than 500 seats, history unearthed pottery, jade, wood, iron, Copper swords, Bohua, lacquer ware, glassware, and other artifacts more than 3,000 pieces. Yiyang City, the main cultural and historical tourism landscape that the city of Yiyang Peigong Pavilion, Qixia Temple, the white deer Temple. The ancient city of Yiyang have Thrilling Scenic Sites: Sekise panic turbulent, Chi-fan off the river, Long Qixia, Pei Ting-yun trees, white deer Wanzhong, Gyeongju sing the night, Wang Sai Wan-chun, Bi-Nao crossing, Gan base Yeyue, 10 State-up. Many of them are related to the three sites, the famous Yunchang single-pole/double-throw to attend the meeting of the Brothers before Li#39;s "Brothers Pavilion", Lu Su to resist and to build the customs Yunchang, "Lu Su embankment," Guan Yu, Lu Su negotiations temporary location Jiang-ting, and so on.


Yuanjiang "the end result of the water" and the name, Yuanjiang City, a major regional cultural landscape Kuixing Lou, Lingyun tower, Zhenjiang Tower, Museum of Dongting Lake. Kuixing Lou in Yuanjiang urban Northeast, Jianyu Qing Emperor Qianlong in 1970 (1794 AD), height 15 meters, spires pavilions for the three-tier architecture, every home Feiyan glass ornaments, as a dragon, phoenix for the two-story , For the three-tier fish; spherical glass spires of the three-hyacinth; second floor houses that dominate the Taoist god of the rise and fall of the article Kuixing God, also known as the "Buddha Kuixing", history scholars have come to pay homage. Lingyun two towers in urban Yuanjiang five kilometers south of the 000-Lake, built in 2002-Jiaqing (1797 AD). Tower 33 meters high, seven P Plus, for the hollow pagoda-style pavilions, a total of 166,906 granite stone; tower used to build a "town Yaonie, in addition to flooding," meaning Tajian three connected to the spherical gourd-shaped roof for Tasha , Every stone Yanjiao are inverted fish-decorated, very spectacular, Dongting Lake is the existing two pagodas of the water. Zhenjiang in Yuanjiang urban tower 35 km southeast of the small mouth Cypriot Lake, Jianyu Qing Emperor Qianlong in 1958 (1782 AD). The height 23.95 meters, 1.80 7 appearance for the P Plus, for the three-tier internal connected with Ladders. Zhenjiang tower Jiyu ancient town of flooding, the trainer is willing to Jiang Liu, Zhenjiang tower of the ancients that momentum, "Yuan Yi-feng of the Yue-72, nearly 800 more than in the provisional Lake wave." Yiyang photos

Dongting Lake Museum, in Yuanjiang City area qiong the banks of the lake, Dongting Lake in the collection of biological, plant specimens. Among them, more than 200 biological species, 114 kinds of fish, 71 kinds of aquatic plants. Museum display of the Office of 800 square meters, to tourists on the Dongting Lake and the changes in history, and possession of more than 10,000 pieces of historical relics, of which more than 2,000 ancient Crafts pieces, jade, bronze, pottery, and other thousands of pieces. Yuanjiang alluvial plain north of the Dongting Lake, vertical and horizontal canals, successful films of farmland and forest, very spectacular. The three major reed growing market, a total of 35 million mu, endless, one faction Water Ludang scenery.

westbound from Yiyang City is 28 kilometers to Taojiang County, the famous tourist areas in Taohuajiang here. Taohuajiang famous in the 1930s, China, effective in a song sung. Early Chinese well-known children#39;s song and dance musician Mr. Li Jinhui, have enrolled in the Changsha National Higher Normal, when a female students from the Taojiang very beautiful moving to Lebanon left a memorable impression. Li Jinhui moon in 1928 and the Chinese Song and Dance Troupe to perform in Malaysia, according to his hometown of melody and beautiful impression, created a "Waterloo Taohuajiang is beautiful," the song, performed at the Chinese won the acclaim of the Full, Singapore will record company This song into irrigation records, Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company Qi title with a trademark, a special Taohuajiang cigarettes, then Hongbian Taohuajiang the reputation of China and Southeast Asia. Yiyang picture

Taohuajiang a total length of 58 km, is now a major landscape Phoenix Mountain, Peach Lake, shame female mountain, floating Chiu-shan, Hongshan, such as Zhuhai and Luoxi Falls. Shame women 375 m high mountain peak, located 15 kilometers from the county seat of the capital#39;s north shore, from the size of the seven peaks, mountain image of supine rest of the Chu Yu beauty, the mountain is a shame female-chuen, local people said: drink a shame F-chuen, the water so that her skin more beautiful, the elderly aging, every game in March, Manshan colored azaleas in full bloom, the scenery Shashi gratifying. Taiwan also known as Q-day Phoenix Mountain, located in Taohuajiang Import-Jiang place. Legend of Chu during the Warring States Period patriotic poet Qu Yuan was banished to this, for the famous "days asked." Hill has built one day ask you, are only left of the monument, a huge rock reaching the foot of the mountain-Jiang, in this legend of Qu Yuan#39;s fishing, Qu Zi posterity as the Diaoyutai. From the days in question 2.5 kilometers, a garden surrounded by mountains of the hole in the legend of Qu Yuan lived here. Taojiang county from the southbound carriageway of 35 km, a surface more than 10,000 acres of peach Lake. It is a can 70 million cubic meters of water storage reservoir, the end of every 3 to early April, peach bloom along the coast, water color video. Son-dam on the rocks, legends for the Northern and Southern Dynasties period Panzi is a good person in this Dedao immortal, Shek Pik on the eight Chinese characters engraved: "ground-breaking, Senzan first" Peach Blossom many small island floating in the lake water, boating One happy Rongrong. Taojiang Hunan is home to the famous Nanzhu. Yiyang

< p> 5 km from the county seat of the Hongshan, five million mu of bamboo, the wind, bamboo rolling Tao, the spectacular scenery. Peak has a viewing in the red chamber, Denglou viewing, and visitors often have a sense of integration. Floating Chiu-shan in Taojiang County, 12 km southwest, the main peak 752 meters above sea level, covering 58 square kilometers, known as "small Nanyue." Floating Chiu-shan, 48, has a peak floating Chiu cohabitation Buddhist temple, the ancient couplets: "Tsui Wan large Cengluan cents in the wind, Dan flow-on Zenghui Club Buddha." Chiu also flying in the mountains floating stone house, as a legend-shaped meteorite, the ancients in his Shek Pik engraved with the four murals. Luo Xi Falls in Taojiang County Ishii in the first township, 35 km from the county seat. Luo Xi originate in the 847 meters above sea level in Ji#39;an, flows through the 2.5 km, encountered a height difference of 103 meters Ding Qiaoyan, rock 50 meters wide. Feixie直下stream, flows through the first washed out by the stream of Shicao, Zaiyushikan, fell on the Lake, also down by the racing current Tanzhong by more than 20 metres, an event of Shikan, the last直下pit, Hongranzuoxiang, strange Magnificent.

from Yiyang westbound on the 145 km to the Anhua Xian. An Hua from 13 km to the southwest line, to Zhexi Scenic Area. Zhexi reservoir in Hunan is one of the large reservoirs, water catchment area of 22,640 square kilometers. Lakes region, there are 45 small islands, scenic areas are within the development of five small area; darongtang that area, Baota Mountain Scenic Spot, Shenwan area, Fushoushan scenic areas, Wang Mei-dong area.