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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Emma  Date: 08-31 2008  More Attractions
Ilan Gucheng "clams chicken" (also for Ge Yalan, clams Portland, Tzu-lan, etc.), was Pingpu Kavalan people live, until the Qing Dynasty before reclaiming the city. Ilan area of 2,137 square kilometers, population 440,000.
Ilan is a mountainous county, which surrounded the mountain-Yang Ping prototype such as Benji, in the northeast monsoon Chuifu, Ilan Lan rain to moisture, it called the "bamboo wind-rain." Ilan dense forest, jungles Chlamys than the tree, rich. Many rivers originate in the Central Mountain Range to the Lanyang River (Gucheng Ilan Choshui River) was the largest, the total length of 73 km, the lower reaches of its triangle formation Shanzhuang and fertile plains, Ilan堪称the driving force of the river.
industry, agriculture has always been an important industry for Ilan, the main crop is rice. Ilan fishing is another important industry, makes an abundance of coastline north and south fisheries developed, such as Tahsi, stems Fang, Nanfang Ao, and other coastal aquaculture industry in particular developed or coastal fishing. Forests, swamps, Hetang around, Shanniao and waterfowl Qi Fei, Ilan as the new paradise for wild birds of paradise. Landscape Shengjing Ilan to win, the North customs, Victoria Peak, Cuifeng Hu, Chilan and Mingchih, Songluo Lake, the mysterious Lake, the most representative of the Fushan Botanical Garden; humanistic style was the first city led by the Soko, the Dragon Boat赛village, local Taiwanese opera, is also available to local pastoral experience the first City, North customs, Shangri-La and other leisure farms, and the state of the Atayal simple style, while planning and designing sophisticated Dongshan He Recreation Area, northeast Romania-Park, Taiwan#39;s public art in recent years, Construction milestone.