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YiChun - JiangXi

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Zip code: 336000

position: in the north-west of Jiangxi Province, east Nanchang, Fuzhou, the West even Pingxiang, Hunan, Nan Lin Xinyu, Ji#39;an, at the junction of the North and Jiujiang

Population: 5.2 million

Area: 18,700 square km

divisions: Xianxia camphor tree, Fengcheng, high security, on high, contained 000, Yifeng, the Tonggu, Fengxin, Jing#39;an, the three cities Yuanzhou District 6 County

in Yichun City of Jiangxi Northwest Province, east Nanchang, Fuzhou, the West even Pingxiang, Hunan, Nan Lin Xinyu, Ji#39;an, at the junction of the North and Jiujiang. Existing camphor tree, Fengcheng, high security, on high, contained 000, Yifeng, the Tonggu, Fengxin, Jing#39;an, the three cities Yuanzhou District 6 County, a total area of 18,700 square kilometers, the total population of 5.3 million. Yichun City is China#39;s first ecological pilot cities, is under construction in the West Jiangxi economic center, is the fifth National Games held in farmers. 2003, the city achieved a GDP of 24.95 billion yuan, the total revenue of 2.064 billion yuan and disposable income of urban residents 6,516 yuan, per capita net income of farmers 2,689 yuan.


Yichun is rich in natural resources. The city#39;s forest coverage rate to 53.4 percent, live tree growing stock 35 million cubic meters, bamboo reserves 350 million, is the focus of Jiangxi Province and the national focus of bamboo forest areas. Proven water resources 600,000 kilowatts, there are currently 250,000 kilowatts yet to be developed. 56 proven mineral species, including 27 kinds of metals, 29 non-metallic type. Hailed as tantalum and niobium Jiangxi "five golden flowers" one of Yichun Tantalum-Niobium Mine is China#39;s largest lithium tantalum and niobium raw materials production base of coal, rock salt reserves are the highest in Jiangxi Province; wollastonite grade high reserves of HSBC In the rare marble, granite, kaolin, such as good quality, widely distributed, the exploitation of high value.


very rich in tourism resources, to be developed. The city has 486 historical and cultural sites, famous landmarks 54. There are four national and three provincial-level forest parks, two provincial-level nature reserve, two provincial-level scenic spots, five hot springs, the two have developed the cave. Yichun is Chinese Buddhism, "Chan Lin-regulate" the birthplace of Zen-wei Yang, Rinzai, the Zuting Caodong 3, the CPPCC National Committee Standing Committee and president of the Buddhist Association of China is still a master-Jing An Baofeng Temple of Yichun is the abbot.


Yichun Gucheng, "Shang Jun agriculture," Agriculture has a solid economic foundation and a clear advantage. Yichun city is the country#39;s major commodity grain, tea, high-quality production base ramie, 11 percent of the province#39;s arable land, 12 per cent of the population, the province produced a 1 /6 about the grain, cotton, oil, pigs and aquatic products, in Jiangxi The province holds an important position. In recent years, the industrial management of agriculture to accelerate the pace, high-quality rice, ramie processing, Wood-bamboo processing, 10 major green food such as the industrialization of agriculture-led development projects has been very good.

Yichun City, the industrial economy developed by leaps and bounds, the formation of a machinery, building materials, food, medicine, wood processing five pillars and the chemical, mining, textile and other industries of the industrial system, loaders, rock drill, bamboo Floor, building ceramics, Chinese patent medicine, the four special wine, green food, clothing and so on a large number of ramie Guoyou, Buyou, Xingyouchanpin sold to domestic and foreign markets.

Yichun City, convenient transportation and infrastructure improvement. Longitudinal in the north-south Beijing-Kowloon Railway, the Hunan-Jiangxi Pipeline Hengwo things to create 320,105 State Road and Guangdong, Jiangxi, Shanghai Rui highways as the backbone linking the city, county, and township highway network; Yuan River, Kam straight into the Ganjiang River, the waterway More than 1,000 km range. Electricity network rational layout, the installed capacity of 1.2 million kilowatts and Fengcheng Power Plant has been generating network. The city#39;s 10 industrial park#39;s infrastructure improvement. Urban construction efforts to develop constantly increasing, and a number of new small towns is on the rise, the center of the city and county functions continuously improve, in accordance with the urban area of Yichun 60 square kilometers and a population of 500,000 medium-sized city development plan, started building the West Jiangxi economic center Urban framework.


Yichun City of education, culture and other social undertakings flourishing. "Two basics" education ahead of target, the scale of senior high school education and quality of the province in the forefront of higher education into the "Popular" list. Yichun Vocational and Technical College in 2003, as approved by the provincial government has officially listed enrollment, Yichun Institute of Jiangxi Province is the second comprehensive undergraduate university. Yichun Sports Centre as a Cuican pearl inlaid in Yichun city centre, the national badminton training base, Yichun Water Sports Ground was identified as the National Water Sports Training Base, where the country successfully held the fifth Nongyun Hui and 10 in Jiangxi Games and a number of national-level sports competitions. Zhengqidouyan cultural undertakings, the Caicha high drama, high on the farmers photography, printmaking Yuanzhou, Jing#39;an farmers poetry, Fengcheng calligraphy, paper cutting camphor tree, Yifenggendiao, Tonggu comic books, 10,000 are exorcise, Yichun together constitute the geographical and cultural characteristics.

"far-to Yichun, Jiangshan wins Tour." Yichun integrity will be open attitude, good environment, first-class services, foreign exchange and cooperation continue to expand the breadth and depth, and the whole world宾朋hand in hand with new glory