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Zip code: 166200

divisions: exempted Yichun, with Ling, Nancha, Jinshantun, resistant, the United States and the river, Omar River, Green Mountains, friendly, Shanggan Ling, five camps, the Red Star area , Xinqing, Tangwang River area, Wu Yi Ling, of Iron City, Jiayin County.

Yichun City is located in northeast China#39;s Heilongjiang Province Xiao Hinggan Mountains hinterland, the Songhua River, Heilongjiang River between the two, known as "China#39;s all-lam," "Korean pine home," "Dinosaur home" reputation.


Yichun forest is the main north-east of eco-tourism areas, forests, snow, rivers, and other unique tourism resources. Away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, where clean air, clean water, the environment quiet and return to nature is eco-tourism and forest tourism and leisure ideal for.

Yichun photos Yichun forest rich tourism resources, forest cover 82.2 percent, Asia#39;s largest, most complete preservation of the original Korean pine forest. 5 Camp Forest Nature Reserve in cold water and bring Ridge Nature Reserve was approved by UNESCO into the world and the Network of Biosphere Reserves, the five battalions of national forest park has been named national aaaa-class tourist area. Xiao Hinggan Mountains in Linhai, rich and diverse biological communities, the distribution of more than 1,000 kinds of wildlife, in the Momoyama and the National Forestry Bureau built the first opening to the outside world of wild animals hunting ground. Yichun landscape peculiar to the text, Xiao Hinggan Mountains after Yi Wannian of the geological changes in the forest formed a Qianzibaitai the curious Guaishi, Tangwang River Linhai Qi Shi, Langxiang Shilin, Jiayin Maolan ditch, Nanchaxianweng Hill is North rare geological wonders. In Jiayin County, to tap China#39;s first dinosaur fossils with Mandschurosaurus ─ ─ Heilongjiang, known as the first Long Island God, and in the vicinity of its new found hidden in huge Yazui Long, Tyrannosaurus rex, such as virtual bone - Dinosaur Fossils group. Yichun beautiful waters, in the valley clouds, water system developed, a total of 702 large and small rivers, river clean bottomed out, the two sides show-odd trees, suitable for all kinds of drifting in tourism. Yichun snow rich tourism resources, the impact on the climate, snow, snow quality, and a long period of snow is the key development in Heilongjiang Province of the three major lines of ice and snow tourism. Yichun fresh air, the large number of forest each year out of oxygen in the air and are rich in negative oxygen ions and aromatic plants gas, known as "Tianranyangba." Yichun four distinct seasons, winter is temperate continental monsoon climate, is the concept of early spring flowers, summer shelters, Zhongqiu foliage, Shendongwanxue a good place. Yichun human landscape is also very rich, Xiao Hinggan Mountains Dinosaur Museum, Museum of resources, wood carving garden, stone Court, Hengshan tomb group, the sites and anti-minority customs Park attractions, known in and outside.

Yichun picture. Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province is located in the Northeast, very convenient transportation, railway and highway connecting the province, longitudinal throughout. Yichun from Harbin Taiping International Airport 350 kilometers away from Jiamusi Mongolia 150 kilometers of the airport. Visitors can draw support from both the airport is very convenient to travel in Yichun. Yichun, is the boreal continental monsoon climate, cool summer, summer vacation is a good place to winter, the snow-wrapped the world will allow you feel Buxucixing. As for the Accommodations and Dining, you even have to worry about, with strong local characteristics of the cuisine, we#39;ll give you a real treat, the stars of luxury hotels, family hotels benefits, forest cabins warmth, so you recollection of a long time. In addition, to Yichun tourism, Hill brought back some special products and wood products, but also friends and relatives for gifts to share. 2000 was rated as China#39;s outstanding tourist city.