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Zip code: 443000

divisions: administered area of Xiling, Wu-Kong, points Military Region, Xiao Ting, Yichang, Zigui County, Yuanan Xian, in Xingshan County, Changyang County, Wufeng County, Yidu Shi, Dangyang Shi, Zhijiang City

position: Yichang City in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River at the junction of the Yangtze River Three Gorges Project is located in the Xiling Xia mouth

Yichang City in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River at the junction of the Yangtze River Three Gorges Project is located in the Xiling Xia mouth. Yichang Gucheng Yiling, in the "Sichuan, Hubei and throat, city in western Hubei Province." Yichang has a long history, far away in four or five thousand years ago our ancestors have been in Yichang came home to propagate. Chu Cisse for the Spring and Autumn, is the birthplace of Chu culture. The early Western Han Dynasty (BC 200 years) for the county government, the Eastern Han Dynasty Jian#39;an years (about AD 200 years) and for Junzhi. After generations, said the county or state or government. West Hubei Yichang is the political and military center. In modern times, import and export of Sichuan, Chongqing in the material must be set for here, has become an important re-export terminal. 1876 "in the Sino-British Treaty of Yantai," turned into Tongshangkouan. Yichang more ancient name, use a longer time is Yiling, and Gap. Gu Cheng, Gap, the Xiling Xia in the Yangtze River mouth and its name. Yiling said, due to "water and now razed, and now Hill Mausoleum." 1648 to "Yiling" to "Yi-Ling", the 1735 dismantling the state House or home county, a House "Yichang", county, "East Lake." In the period, leaving the county government waste, naming Yichang.


history, Yichang battleground for the military strategists, the three countries, "Zhang Banpo war" and "Yiling war" have taken place here. Yichang of China Tianbao, old times, had raised the famous patriotic poet Qu Yuan, national unity, the envoy Wang Zhaojun, and so on. Old well-known poet Li Bai, Du Fu and Bai Juyi, Ouyang Xiu, Guo Moruo, and so have come to Yichang, leaving behind a brilliant poetry.

Yichang photos Yichang City Center, the Yangtze River through the city over the Yangtze River Three Gorges scenic area of Xiling Xia key scenic spots and scenic areas-I-Lake Scenic Area embellished the meantime, the Yangtze River Three Gorges Project and Gezhouba top city, the Town East, North, West surrounded on three sides of Castle Peak, the verdant trees, south of the vast forests and the Jianghan Plain phase grounding. Yichang is China#39;s rare and endangered plants one of the most concentrated city. Yichang in the establishment of the two state-level nature reserves, four provincial-level nature reserves and five state-level forest parks, the area with all kinds of more than 3,000 kinds of higher plants, 43 kinds of rare plants national level, a national, Two animal protection 42.

Yichang is extremely advantageous geographical location, the Yangtze golden waterway and the Jiaozuo-Liuzhou railway interchange, the country#39;s largest hydropower water Energy Center. Geheyan Hydropower Station Dam in Hubei for the most Gezhouba Power Station for China the most, the Three Gorges Dam power station in the world. Yichang City is rich in resources, energy, minerals, forest products, and other resources. Yichang-rich tea, citrus, tobacco, incense bacteria, fungus, chestnut, and so tou, Hubei Province tea, citrus main producing areas.

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Yichang unique tourism resources as well as beautiful natural scenery, has rich human landscape, the magnificent modern construction. Xiling Xia in the Yangtze River is the top 10 scenic attractions, one of the "Three Gorges Gallery" an important component of the Gezhouba Water Control Project for the National one of the 40 top attractions, Qu Yuan#39;s hometown, Zhaojun House, Nagasaka slope , Kuan-Ling temple, the three travel-and many other historical and cultural sites. In addition, the "100 Island Lake" Qingyou known for beautiful scenery of the Qingjiang River is attracting a growing number of Chinese and foreign tourists.