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YangZhou - JiangSu

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Zip code: 225000

position: Jiangsu Province is located in Central, East and Taizhou, Yancheng junction; West and the Nanjing Liuhe County and Tianchang City of Anhui Province bordering; south of Yangtze River, Zhenjiang River and the sea; Huai#39;an City and adjacent to the North; in Longitudinal north-south Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Miles intersection of the Yangtze River here, has always been a land and sea transport hub, the South-North Water Transport of Grain throat, a major gateway to northern Jiangsu.

area: the city#39;s total area of 6653.81 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 980 square kilometers.

population: the city#39;s total population of 4.5719 million, of which the urban population 1151300.

divisions: exempted Guangling, Weiyang, Han Jiang 3, Baoying County, and Gaoyou, Jiangdu, Yizheng three county-level city.

Yangzhou Yangzhou is an ancient historical and cultural city, is located in the easternmost middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, in central Jiangsu Province, East near the Yellow Sea, and Nantong, Yancheng junction; West-Nanjing, and Liuhe, Tianchang County border, south of Yangtze River, and Zhenjiang, Wuxi City, across the River; Huaishui the north, and Huaiyin City, adjacent to, in the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal longitudinal North-South. Surrounded by Han Jiangxian by Wai, has always been a land and sea transport hub, the South-North Water Transport of Grain throat, a major gateway to northern Jiangsu. Yangzhou Bin Jiang#39;s coastal waters, traffic developed, rich products, known as known as Yumizhixiang; located Guangling Qu, suburbs, exempted Baoying, Han Jiang#39;s two counties, hosted Yizheng, Jiangdu, Gaoyou three county-level city. Area of 6,638 square kilometers, 4.4 million people. The city is flat, 4-8 metres above sea level in between, a mild climate all year round. 扬州照片 Yangzhou is located between the Yangtze and Huaihe River in ancient times there is paleontology and ancient human activities. Since 486 BC, a Han king Fuci ditch, the city has built Han, Yangzhou City has been built in 2484. Sui Dynasty after the opening of the Grand Canal, Yangzhou China#39;s southeast regional political, economic, and cultural activities of the centre and international exchanges, foreign trade and the importance of Ports and Harbors. Yangzhou of the Tang Dynasty, Fu Jia Tianxia, "the Quartet to Ju Jia Hao Chinese host, no less than several hundred thousand." After the Tang Dynasty, had the rise and fall several times. Re-emergence of the Qing Dynasty, "Guangling prosperous times this celecoxib" prosperous scene. The mid-19th century, a variety of reasons, Yangzhou gradually fading. After new China was founded, the ancient city of Yangzhou rejuvenated. The famous Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal longitudinal their habitats. Here beautiful, cultural blend, and the Chinese Government released the first batch of 24 historical and cultural city one. The city#39;s industrial restructuring as the main line, vigorously carry out technological innovation and technological innovation, and strive to strengthen competitive industries and key enterprises, and gradually optimize the economic structure, economic strength growing. To further explore the international market, conform to the new situation of accession to the WTO, actively participate in international competition, through the implementation of market diversification, quality win and the economic and trade strategy, speed up the adjustment of foreign trade market structure, expand exports of industrial products, encourage enterprises to use comparative advantages And promoting cross-border operations, the development of overseas processing trade, and actively participate in international cooperation and competition. 扬州图片

"the world three distinct Moonlight, is two points rogue Yangzhou" he said. "Huai who have left", "Fu Jia Tianxia" Yangzhou City, is General Secretary Jiang Zemin#39;s hometown, has been in the history of 2480. Yangzhou or Chimingzhongwai tourist destination, has always been a vibrant place for the humanities, Fengwu bustling city, a large number of monuments and elegant gardens.

Yangzhou Yangzhou "Slender West Lake" has a long history and the history of gardening experts favor, in the Great Lakes region Wangsimni long the two sides and created a "two-wide embankment Hualiu by water, all the way楼台until the mountains," the Great Lakes region Shengjing; Kuanyin mountain temple All over, "Jiangnan First Mountain," said "24 bridge moon night, where the Chuixiao Yuren," Since ancient times, the full moon is the perfect; Yangzhou have a long history of the ancient temples Daming Si, "Forest City" reputation of Ho Park, the Four Seasons, known for a rockery garden, Sui Yang Di, Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Qianlong, and so left the palace ruins, and so on, countless beautiful scenery, it is Jiangnan treasures.

Yangzhou long through the ages, after numerous changes in the rise and fall of dynasties, Yangzhou people here created a splendid culture and left a large number of cultural relics. Today#39;s Yangzhou, is not only a world famous tourist destination, but also the cultural and educational center in northern Jiangsu, has always been on the "old times" in Yangzhou in the tide of reform and opening up the resurgence of the Endeavour, the city looks brand new. When more and more Chinese and foreign tourists to stop here, they most hope to have a high degree of modernization in this city to trace of the "24 Bridge moon night," Xianjing and Youyuan.