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location: Yangquan City in Shanxi Province is located in the eastern, middle west of the Taihang Mountains, located east longitude 112 ° 54 #39;~ 114 ° 04#39;, latitude 37 ° 40 #39;~ 38 ° 31#39;. South and the adjacent Xiyang County, West and the Shouyang County, connected Yangqu County, North and Dingxiang County, phase grounding Wutai County, Hebei Province and East Ping Shanxian, caliper at the junction of the county.

Population: 1.2 million population.

Area: total area of 4,452 square kilometers

administrative divisions: two counties administered (pacification, Yuxian) 3 (City, mining, rural)

Gucheng, "Yang-chuen," because the spring water spewing named. It is located west of the Taihang Mountains in central, north Dingxiang, Wutai County, east Hebei Ping Shan, Jingxing, the south Xiyang, the West as soon as the Shouyang, Yangqu County, known as "Shanxi properly by" lying Xianyao has always been Battleground for the military strategists, Gucheng "Jindong-hung around." Total area of 4,452 square kilometers, the total population of 1.174 million, is the centre of the eastern city of Shanxi. Xian Xia Yangquan City, the mining area, suburbs, Yuxian County, Pingding County, the provincial cities. After the founding of the PRC, in Yangquan after 40 years of economic construction, has initially formed a coal, power-based, metallurgical, chemical, machinery, textile, electronics, food and other departments supporting the development of Sino more complete industrial system, which has become Important industrial city in the province.


Yangquan geographical coordinates for longitude 112 ° 5 #39;─ 114 ° 4#39;, latitude 37 ° 40 #39;─ 38 ° 31#39;, a temperate continental monsoon climate. Its climate is characterized by: the full sunshine, moderate heat, season replacement Obviously, the larger temperature difference between day and night, the arid climate and cool. Suitable for tourism.

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Yangquan is a beautiful mountain city, like the mosaics in the Taihang Mountain Lu Cuican a pearl. Long history of archaeological treasure, the Shanguangshuise R, burst forth in the wind tempting color and charisma. Daytime boarding Shandian overlooking the city, row upon row buildings, road and bridge Jingwei intertwined, and the length and breadth of factories and mines; at night to urban areas, Jiang days ablaze with lights, mountains and rivers Rainbow mapping, to numerous scenic Miao, it is money for the concept. Is pleased to have the famous poet Guo Moruo Mingbiyongtan: "Persons with metabolism, as between ancient and modern, Jiangshan stay Shengji, I boarding-generation", Yangquan have a glorious revolutionary tradition. Agrarian Revolutionary War, the War of Resistance Against Japan, the Liberation War period, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, a large number of people with lofty ideals with the Yangquan, together with the people, for the liberation of the Yangquan writing a heroic epic, May 2, 1947 liberation of Yangquan, May 4 Jian City. Yangquan Since then into the historical development of the new era, the great beginning of the light-course.

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Heshan surrounded by mountains aspect, the blend of heritage, the length and breadth of the monuments and beautiful natural scenery of the position, seamless, a unique rich tourism resources, natural tourism resources to Xiufeng glens, Feibaoliuquan for the main features. A famous scenic Qili, a pleasant climate in the Tibetan mountains, lush mountains deep, rich ingredients of the wall#39;s resorts, drug Linsi Hill, attractive features, the pacification Yunyan Suorao highest mountain, too important to pass Niangziguan, north of the rare big-jung Tung ─ million spent holes, flower-hole first-chuen, Shanxi ─ ─ Niangziguan Quanqun, Shuilian Dong-vacant Falls, Hutuohe the banks of medical care, health of the unique value of the fruit Jiazhai hot springs, mountains and rivers of kneading, the trickle-down around The Longtan waterfall, and so on. The humanities and cultural tourism resources to the old, famous for many basic characteristics.


only have many ancient sites, such as: the late Spring and Autumn Zhao Shangzi construction of the "Ancient Ruins"; Huaiyin-designate Hanshin garrison sites; Pingyang of the Tang Dynasty stationed cloud Lvjun Niangziguan Ruins; magnificent. Stretching over 20 km of the ancient Great Wall; put down armed uprisings sites; world-famous "Baituandazhan" main battleground ─ ─ coated mountain lion battle sites. In addition, such as the preservation of the Tibetan mountain temple, possession of Alexander Temple, the highest mountain-Fusi, such as money since the ancient architecture of the Grottoes groups, Northern and Southern Dynasties period, the domestic rare, a legacy of the Tang Dynasty temple in the main hall superscript, as well as - And renowned scholars and former residence of Zhang Mu famous modern writer Shi Xu Mei home.