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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Adam  Date: 08-21 2008  More Attractions
Yangpu District of Shanghai City in the north-east, is located in the lower reaches of the Huangpu River. East, south of the brink of the Huangpu River, the great man Deng Xiaoping personally by the generation of the Yangpu Bridge in a title across the River, and the hot land for the development of contemporary China - Shanghai#39;s Pudong New Area, closely linked, Yangpu and become a landmark building; West to Dalian Road, Dalian West Road, Miyun Road, Hongkou District Hsien Road and adjacent; North Bay to the airport and the borders of Baoshan District. Regional area of 60.61 square kilometers, is the largest area of the downtown areas of the district.
the region were divided into the sea streets, bridges streets, Pingliang Lu streets, Jiang Pulu streets, Siping Road, streets, street Kong Jianglu, Yanji Village streets, Changbai Village streets, Wujiaochang streets and Yin line the streets, Jiangwan Metro streets and Wujiaochang town government, and other 12 administrative regions, the existing resident population of 1.24 million.
Yangpu attention to the development of green, and strengthening environmental protection, the strategy of sustainable development. Green coverage of the region nearly 20 percent, urban gardens green area of 766 hectares. The region has Gongqing Forest Park, Huang Xing Park, Yangpu Park 12 Park, covers an area of 202 hectares, has become a million residents living in Yangpu good place to relax. Among them, covers an area of 115 hectares of Gongqing Forest Park in the downtown areas of Shanghai is one of the largest field of natural scenery and Zhuyunxiuse the park, was named "Shanghai beautiful new attractions."
Yangpu District of Shanghai as the center of urban population concentration, universities and research institutes more concentrated, "Knowledge Yangpu" Yangpu will become the leading city functions; great speed up the pace of industrial restructuring, science and technology education modern service industry and urban-based industries Yangpu should become an important economic and social development support. According to the regional status quo and development trend, Yangpu relying on universities and state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises to adjust the economic structure and optimize the function of the main urban areas to modern science and technology education services and urban-based industries as the basis, service-oriented living, and actively promote the production Function mainly to the comprehensive functions of the strategic adjustment.
Yangpu is the universities and research institutes focus on the region, higher education, research and innovation is the main feature of Yangpu advantage. Municipal party committee and government for the Yangpu District knowledge innovation development and construction of the Yangpu important decision-making is the development of a new round of a major historical opportunity. Yangpu district in improving the basic living functions at the same time, speed up the educational features, services and industrial function as one of the Yangpu District building knowledge innovation, speed up the Jiangwan - Wujiaochang urban planning and construction of the center, speed up the Huangpu Jiang Liangan development and rejuvenation of the island With the development and construction. Yangpu District
knowledge innovation in space is covered throughout the region, a university campus, technology parks, public community Trinity, with an open, cooperative and interactive features of the "university city, the city#39;s university," Shanghai is the "city Silicon Valley. " According to the regional distribution of college, university campus planning for the Central and Western, Eastern and North three regions, Western plans to Fudan University, Tongji University, the University of Finance and Economics as the core of the Eastern planning to Shanghai Polytechnic University, Shanghai Fisheries University at the core; North planning to Shanghai Second Military Medical University, Shanghai Institute of Physical Education at the core.