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YangJiang - GuangDong

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Abbreviations: 0662

capital: 529,600

position: in the southwest of Guangdong Province, is located in mountain clouds, mountains days Lu Mei River and the middle of the Hakkoda mountains between the mountains and desert in the upper reaches of Yangjiang.

area: 4054.7 square kilometers

Population: 1040000

administrative divisions: exempted 18 towns and 309 village committees.

About Us: Yangchun City, Guangdong Province in the southwest, the mountain is located in the clouds, mountains days reveal the middle and the end of River Hill, the Hakkoda mountains, and Yangjiang in the upper reaches of Jammu. Hilly terrain mainly to the mountains, the desert of North-South longitudinal Yangjiang city, the narrow valley and the small plain basins.


Yangjiang City of Guangdong Province is located in the southwest coast, is the 1988 2 menstruation and the State Council approved the establishment of the prefectural-level cities, exempted Yangchun City, Yangdong, Yang Xixian, Jiang Chengqu ; East and neighboring Jiangmen City, at the junction of Maoming City and the West, North and Yunfu City phase grounding, the South China Sea south. 219 km away from the urban area of Guangzhou, 220 kilometers away from Zhanjiang, 165 kilometers from Hong Kong. 325 State Road (Highway Guangzhan) and Guangmao railway running through the city, covering 7,813 square kilometers, the population of more than 240 million people.

Yangjiang total land area of 7813.4 square kilometers, of which hills Yangjiang photos area of 26.03 percent, 42.73 percent of the mountainous area, plain area of 22.17 percent. A population of 2.56 million. Jiangmen City, East and the Enping, Taishan City junction with the North Yunfu City of Luoding city, Xinxing Xian and Maoming city bordering the Xinyi Shi, west of the city of Maoming City High, Dianbai Xian, the South China Sea south. 341.5 km long coastline, there are 30 major islands, the 49.3 kilometer long island shoreline. Topography from north to south toward mountain Banghai, a northeastern Shan Lu days barriers around the Northwest have Yun Wushan. The highest peaks in Cardiff looking for the goose Huang嶂mountains, altitude 1,337 meters, the longest river for the desert Yangjiang, a total length of 199 km, runs through the city#39;s north and south, from north to south into the South China Sea.

Yangjiang city in Guangdong Province, the famous seaside tourism city, rich tourism resources, coastal beaches, peaks cave, the temperature Yangjiang picture-chuen, waterfalls, Huguangshanse and splendid human landscape. Among them, Hailing Island, a solo Spring Bay - Tower Rock for the provincial tourism resort, Hailing Island of Grand Cape Bay in 2001 and was rated 4 a national-class tourist area. Tourism to constantly open up new avenues, Yangjiang City Tourism Bureau design created "Haitian emotionally Yangjiang Tour" of the new tourism image. "Haitian emotionally Yangjiang visit" highlighted the rich Yangjiang characteristics of the four major local tourist landscape. First, the "sea", Hailing Island as the center, highlighting its coastal scenery; second is the "King days" to date Spring Bay Tower, represented rock, stone cave in Zhongru, underground river, lighting constitute Kong Ling, illusory , Shenmiao the sky landscape; third is the "dynamic King," shows the clear sky in the clouds as colorful waves of Yangjiang kites; four "scenarios", that is feeding the sons and daughters of Yangjiang, the two sides of Castle Peak Pinnacle, the picturesque desert Yangjiang. In addition, the two major characteristics of Yangjiang opened a tourist line: First, the "Millennium national essence" - Eastern Water Paper landscape reproduction during the Eastern Han Dynasty Cai Lun paper; two-way village beach is hanging pile oyster culture, the scene to pick oysters.

Currently, the city#39;s tourism group has opened five lines, two major green tourism characteristics: First, the "Millennium national essence" - Eastern Water Paper landscape reproduction of the Eastern Han Dynasty period of Cai Lun paper and the other is the beach-village Hanging pile oyster culture, the scene trying to pick oysters, do not have some fun.