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Code: 0393

Zip code: 457000

Location: Henan Province in the north-east, is located in the coast of the Yellow River

Population: 3.5 million

Area: 4,188 square kilometers

divisions: Xianxia Puyang, Ching-feng, Southern music, Fan Xian, the stage five counties and urban areas district

in Puyang City, Henan Province, north-east, is located in the coast of the Yellow River, Xianxia Puyang, Ching-feng, Southern music, Fan Xian, the stage of a five counties and urban areas, a total area of 4,188 square kilometers, the total population of 3.5 million. Hebei Province and the northern junction, east and south and across the Yellow River in Shandong Province at the western Anyang City and adjacent to the southwest border with the Xinxiang City.


Puyang photos Puyang City is located at the latitude zone, south-east monsoon circulation by year#39;s control and influence, is a warm sub-continental monsoon climate. Is characterized by four distinct seasons, drought and more sandstorms in spring, rainfall in the hot summer, autumn sunshine long Qinghe, less rain and snow in winter drought. High value-radiation, can fully meet the crop needs two crops a year. The average annual temperature of 13.3 ℃, the extreme maximum temperature of 43.1 ℃, in an extreme minimum temperature of 21 ℃. Frost-free period is generally 205 days. The average annual sunshine hours to 2454.5 hours, the average duration of bright sunshine percentage was 58%. The amount of solar radiation 118.3 kcal /cm2, the effective radiation to 57.9 kcal /cm2. The average wind speed of 2.7 m /s, is the perennial leading southerly wind, the north. More southerly summer, winter more than the north, spring and autumn winds of changing wind direction. The average annual rainfall of 502.3 mm to 601 ?3 mm. Puyang is a rich character and charm of the city and the Central Plains across a bright pearl.

Puyang is an ancient city. Puyang has a long history and goes back to ancient times, for historical and cultural city in Henan Province, the birthplace of the Chinese nation. China#39;s earliest collection of poetry, "The Book of Songs" in the not Puyang picture less poems are painted a" Sang Pu between "the prosperity. Local honest here, the old times, history, there had been many outstanding figures, such as defined saints Changjei, strategist Qi Wu, Shangyang politicians, thinkers, Lvbu Wei, astronomers monk and his party, and so on. Puyang is a famous ancient battlefield of the Central Plains, the history of the many major events have occurred and the famous battle.

1987 here in 6400 years ago unearthed the precious relics shell plastic dragon logo, in 5000 the Chinese nation to move forward the history of civilization 1,400 years, the domestic and international archaeological circles as "the first Chinese A dragon, "China Yanhuang Culture Research Puyang accordingly named" Long Xiang. " A long history and abundant accumulation, Puyang has a valuable tourism resources, has very substantial development value.


Puyang is a petrochemical city. Mainly in the mineral resources of oil, natural gas, coal, etc., of which oil and natural gas reserves rich in oil and gas and high quality, comprehensive utilization of high value. This is an important petrochemical national energy base, a well-known Zhongyuan Oilfield, Zhongyuan Ethylene, Zhongyuan Dahua, and other large enterprises, mainly in the petrochemical industrial system constituted a powerful economic support in Puyang.