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Zip code: 264000

Location: Yantai City of Shandong Peninsula, located in Central, located in east longitude 119 ° 34#39;-121 ° 57 #39;, north latitude and 36 ° 16#39;-38 ° 23#39;, the brink of the Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea, and the Liaodong Peninsula and Japan, South Korea North Korea across the sea.

area: the city#39;s total area of 13,700 square kilometers.

population: more than 600 million population.

Administrative Region of: Xian Xia 4, a county, seven county-level city and a state-level economic and technological development zones, 101 Jianzhi Zhen, 47 neighborhood offices, 485 neighborhood committees, 6,315 village committees . Area are ZHIFU, Fushan Qu, Muping District, Lai Shanqu, Longkou City, Laiyang city, Laizhou City, Penglai City, in Zhaoyuan City, and Qixia City, Hai Duong City, Long Island County, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Yantai City is located in the eastern part of Shandong Peninsula, Weihai, east, west of Weifang, Qingdao and adjacent to the southwest, the brink of the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea, with Japan and the Korean Peninsula across the sea, The first batch of China#39;s open coastal cities is one of the Bohai economic circle and the East Asian region international Market, the mall, tourism city. Yantai mountain Banghai a pleasant climate, with cold winter and summer without the heat, is well-known in North China#39;s summer tourism and leisure resort.


Yantai has a long history, Gu Chen Zhifu. "Historical Records" records, the emperor to unify China, East Tour three times, three board Zhifu Island; Emperor Han Wu Jialin Zhifu have to the throne ceremony. Yantai City has been built 600 years of history, the Year 1398 (Hong-31), to prevent the harassment of Haikou, in Zhifu Zhu Langyan Pier, also known as "wolf in Yantai," named after this Yantai.

Yantai for the hilly terrain, gentle undulating hills, gullies Zonghengjiaocuo. Mountains of the total area of 36.62 percent, accounting for 39.7 percent hills, plains accounted for 20.78 percent, 2.90 percent of the depressions. Low mountain located in the city Department of jurisdictions, primarily by Dazeshan, Hasan, Dorasan, Asan, Magnetic Hill, clams Lu Shan Shan, Shan Xi Shan, Kunyu Mountain, the Jade Emperor Hill, strokes Hushan, such as composition, and more from the mountain of granite Group 10%, more than 500 m in elevation, the highest peak for the Kunyu Mountain, elevation 922.8 meters. Distributed in the hilly area around the mountain and its lower extension, 100 to 300 meters above sea level, moderate ups and downs, rolling Weiyi, gentle slopes, shallow valley wide, in-alluvial valley of development, soil layers thick. Yantai City domain due to abundant rainfall over the air moist, mild climate all year round hilly verdant forests, beautiful picturesque. Spring, Manshan green, floral very hot; summer, lush, a vitality; fall, fruit forest Hongye, colorful scene; to the winter season, snow-wrapped, Delicate Titou.


City area, a river network development, many small and medium-sized rivers, five kilometers in length over 121 rivers, which flow City area of 300 square kilometers of the river above 50 Garonne, the Dagu River, Taku Jiahe, Wang River, the boundary rivers, the Yellow River and Xin#39;an River 7. Major rivers to the Kunyu Mountain Miangen things, Asan, Hasan, Dorasan, Dazeshan formed by the "Jiaodong roof" for the watershed, north and south points into the sea. Southward into the Yellow Sea five Garonne, the Dagu River; northward into the Yellow Sea by Taku Jiahe and Xin#39;an River; into the Yellow River is the Bohai Sea, the boundary rivers and Wang River. Its characteristics, than down the river, source of short-flow needs, with skyrocketing violence, a quarter of rain-oriented river. Its alluvial plain of sand and a small slice thickness and fertile, rich apple, sweet cherry, pear and grape.

Yantai Yantai very rich tourism resources, Shanqingshuixiu here, a pleasant climate, Kunyu Mountain birthplace of Taoism in China, Xu Culture, Qi Hahajima and many of the beach, the island scenery Qili Harbour and other natural scenery and historical and cultural sites Formed a wealth of natural and human landscape. Summer, the sea breeze slowly, refreshing Keren; Shanhua artless, Qinrenxinpi; Hoi-Shanse making the other more beautiful. Naliang is the summer resort and tourist visitors around the ideal situation.

Yantai Tourism has been called the "three districts with a Thrilling Scenic Sites, four of the five Park 6," said. Three areas are: Yantai Golden Beach provincial tourism resort areas, Yang Madao provincial tourism resort, Penglai scenic tourist areas; Thrilling Scenic Sites: Penglai Pavilion, Long Island, cloud Mineyama, Kunyu Mountain, Dorasan, Qi Shan Hahajima, Xu Culture, Cong Ma homes, Mushizhuangyuan, Bongseong 10 meters beach tourist attractions is a band:


three mountain west and Laizhou Muping Yangma Dao Island east coast tourist zone; four cities: Chinese folk Expo City, the Yellow Sea city of pleasure, the pleasure Tashan Competitive City, Zhifu Island City waterfront cuisine; five Park is: the world Waterscape Park, Nanshan Park, Yantai Hill Park, the Fortress Hill Park, Yu Huangding Park; six lines are: emperor of the East Tour tourism, Xu Dongdu tourism line, the Jiaodong folk tourism line, worldly paradise of tourism, heritage-tourism, marine tourism Island Line 6. Yantai has become a truly "China#39;s outstanding tourist city"