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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Ethan  Date: 08-19 2008  More Attractions
Beijing Yanqing County is located in the northwest, the area 74 km away from Beijing, the capital city of Beijing is the North Gate. Yanqing is a continental monsoon climate, a temperate and in temperate, semi-arid and sub-humid lands associated with the transition. Cool summer weather and cold winter, the annual average temperature 8 degrees Celsius. In the hottest temperature of 0.8 degrees centigrade lower than in Chengde, is a popular summer resort, the capital city of Beijing#39;s "summer" said.
the suburbs of Beijing Yanqing is a major agricultural counties, the capital city of Beijing is the agricultural supply base. Rich agricultural resources, pollution-free, cold climate for the development of ecological agriculture has provided favorable conditions. Yanqing County of the extremely rich tourism resources, tourism is the first large county suburbs of Beijing. The average annual hospitality nearly 900 million. Badaling Great Wall is world-renowned tourist destinations, since the 1961 opening of the hospitality accumulated more than 120 million people and 400 heads of State and numerous man of the world, 1999 was rated as national scenic areas of civilization. A little beyond the Great Wall, known as the Lijiang River-crossing and Long Qingxia Mountain, Matsuyama, Guya Ju, Kangxicaoyuan, river rafting Gui, Gui sea voyage, Guihua Mu geological parks, stores such as a large number of meters Road tourist destinations, each year Are attracted to millions of domestic and foreign tourists to tourist resort. Improve tourism facilities, Badaling Resort temperature, wind, Castle Hot Spring, the Bank of the hotel, St. World Court, the new wind hotels, hotels, a group of high school Yanchun profile of services and facilities for tourists to provide a convenient quality services.
Yanqing County at the same time take full advantage of its own Cold advantages, successfully held a number of summer festivals and holidays Bingdeng, Ice and Snow Festival, the holidays Yanqing Summer Festival, the Ice and Snow Festival and the Long Qingxia Bingdeng suburbs of Beijing Tourism Festival has become a hot By tourism-wide attention.