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Zip code: 224000

Location: North Plains in the eastern part of the Soviet Union, the brink of the Yellow Sea, 528 km-long coastline. The city#39;s total area of 14,983 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 427 square kilometers.

population: the city#39;s total population of 8.06 million, of which the urban population of 686,000.

divisions: exempted City and salt, Sheyang, Jianhu, horn water, coastal, Funing Formation in six counties and east Taiwan, two in Dafeng county-level city

Yancheng city is located in the eastern plains Jianghuai , Longitude 119027#39;-120054 #39;, N 32034#39;-34028#39; between the east Yellow Sea, and Nantong, Taizhou, Yangzhou, Huaian, Lianyungang City, and other adjacent area of 15,000 square kilometers, population 8.1 million, are exempted East Taiwan , Dafeng, salt, Jianhu, Sheyang, Funing Formation, coastal, water and urban areas, such as ring for nine counties (cities, districts).

Yancheng known to salt production, as early as the Han Wudi in this period on the establishment of salt Du counties, have passed the 2100 years of history. Here the beach rolling, water plants outlook, Lu Ming Crane Dance, Yishou rare birds is the ideal habitat. Here for the Jin Wu, Shuitianyise, R scenery is the best in eco-tourism. Yancheng to travel, you return to the feelings of nature!

Yancheng picture

Yancheng, weeks before Huaiyi; weeks of Qingzhou, a Miss Spring and Autumn when, after the Vietnamese. Warring States at the Chu. Donghai County of the Qin Dynasty; Sheyang waiting for the early Western Han Chan-feudal Liu, Han Wudi Yuanshou 2004 Salt Du Jian County, this is the beginning of Yancheng County, home; three countries at the Wei, the county waste system in the Western Jin Dynasty and rehabilitation system ; Yixi 2007 was renamed the Eastern Jin Dynasty Yancheng, this Yancheng photos is now known as the beginning; said the Northern and Southern Dynasties Yancheng County; Suichu at the county, is Jiangdu County; Suimo, according to Wei Che won salt, divided into Xin#39;an, the two-being County, Early Tang Dynasty-home Yancheng County; behalf of the Chuzhou Nanjing, Huai#39;an the Yuan dynasty is the road of the Ming Dynasty of Huai#39;an House; Gangnam in the early Qing Dynasty for the part of Emperor Kangxi was placed under six years of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province in the early 10th Chief Inspector District. 1946 Yancheng City, was renamed as Ye Ting, after the restoration of name. Other counties settings: Funing Xian Jian Qing Emperor Yongzheng 2009; Qianlong built 33 years the East County, Taiwan; medium-term Sino-Japanese War, built in Taipei, salt East, Fudong, Jianyang County, 4; new Xiangshui Xian in 1966. 1983 revocation of the City County implemented the new system, administered urban, suburban and sound of water, coastal, Funing Formation, Sheyang, Jianhu, Dafeng, Taiwan and other East County 7. 1987, East Desk, has built Dafeng City, 1996, the revocation of the suburbs, built Yandu County. This is the Yancheng historical changes in the contour.

Yancheng history there were many people with lofty ideals, a national hero. Yuan Mo, Caoyan salt field in the Shi-Cheng Zhang Qi Bing Baiju field. Lu Xiufu the end of the Southern Song Dynasty was built long Yancheng township Yancheng, and Wen Tianxiang, with the list Jinshi, Guanzhi left prime minister, anti-yuan in Yashan, David Dili Touhai carry patriotic. The late Ming and early Qing Wang-ching, is famous Shi Kefa Kangqing able aides. Modern Ma Yuan in three rivers, the Baodi County, and other, against the invasion of foreigners, and safeguarding the Chinese nation#39;s interests and dignity.

cultural and economic development is developed in line. Yancheng is "humane blend of" land. Yan Fu in the land, feeding the text-Hainei "Jian#39;an Seven" one of Chen Lin; Northern and Southern Dynasties have been doctors, Xu, a flood control expert Feng Dao Qing Li, Ming and Qing Dynasty poet Jia Wu Ji appeared] Chen Shu, Song Cao calligrapher, painter million-lan And Ping Shu Liu Jingting, such as the pioneers. Jianhu the "100-opera" that is renowned in the Tang Dynasty, China#39;s Qingfeng 18 group is one of the birthplace of Chinese acrobatics three and a half. The middle of the Ming Dynasty there were also people Wanggen Anfeng East Taiwan as the representative of a national Taizhou School. Near, a scholar of modern Yancheng many celebrities.


Yancheng, beautiful, unique ecological environment and eco-tourism resources are very rich. 582 km of coastline corresponding to the vast ocean. Coastal shoreline area of 683 hectares, accounting for the beach area of Jiangsu Province, 75 per cent of the country#39;s 1 /7, and an annual 5 million mu of land-speed growth. Stretching hundreds of kilometres of shoreline wetlands have two red-crowned crane and elk and a National Nature Reserve in construction Acipenser sinensis Nature Reserve. Haitian phase grounding here, well-vegetated, Tsurumai, Lu Ming, one faction original ecological scenery, is a nearly 100 countries, second class protected animals and 1,000 species of plants and animals and habitat growth.

Yancheng is located in the western region under Yancheng River region hinterland, the terrain Diping, vertical and horizontal rivers, lakes, many large vertical Lake, Kowloon mouth, Ma finishes such as home area of 100 sq km lake waters, the lagoon is typical of lakes . Products here fertile, picturesque, simple folk customs, folk culture goes back to ancient times, and colorful, primitive occurrence better ecological environment, are being hailed as the silver finishes, Yumizhixiang. Yancheng the Qihua different tree is unique. Wharf branch will peony-yan, a singular, unique, strange, Ling said in the world, and Jo Chiung-Hua, Bing Dilian a Sanjue known as Jiangsu, spent in the wonderful work. Jianhu grain tree, a guitar grain, pre-disaster, Zhaofeng, a wow. Yancheng is sightseeing agriculture, forestry, ecological resources of large cities, rural people, Yujia style is not fun.