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Zip code: 133000

position: at the eastern frontier offshore areas of Jilin Province, bordering Russia and the East, South and neighboring North Korea.

Area: total area of 42,700 square kilometers

Population: 2.2 million

administrative divisions: administered Yanji, Tumen and Hunchun, and in Dunhua, Longjing, Lung and six county-level city and the map, two Wangqing County.

China#39;s Yanbian Korean is the main living area, Korean has a long history, splendid culture, is Nenggeshanwu, stressing civilization, stressing courtesy, love and clean nation. 延边朝鲜族自治州hspace=4 Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in northeast China#39;s Jilin Province in the east, is located in China, Russia> and North Korea at the junction of the three countries, close to the Sea of Japan. Russia and adjacent to the eastern border ground long-term 32.7 km, with the Democratic People#39;s Republic of the southern border, the border line of 522.5 kilometers, northeast China is an important part of the internal and external communication, is a major hub connecting Europe and Asia, China with North Korea, Russia, South Korea, Japan and other countries from the region recently. Yanbian from the Sea of Japan only recently, this five kilometers away from Russia#39;s special thank-Bay for reference purposes only kilometers from Hunchun city opened the Sea of Japan coast of the main ports - Russia#39;s special-wave, Zafirlukast Ambino, even at Rafah live Andean Tork (Vladivostok) North Korea#39;s Rajin-and-Chun, South Korea#39;s Sokcho, Busan, Japan#39;s Niigata, Akita, such as ports, the nearest only 42 kilometers, the farthest not more than 900 km. Japan#39;s west coast and from the Yanbian area Chita, Russia, Vladivostok than the bypass-Siberian railway to shorten the 1,500 km. Yanbian has unique natural and human landscape. Changbai Mountain scenery Xiongqi is Wenmingzhongwai tourist destination. Mainly to watch the King has Yun-Feng Bai, Tianchi, waterfalls, hot springs group, Americans-and "Jiming called the three countries, three Quanfei Wen-chiang," the border style. Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture photos At present, Yanbian has already opened seven of the Tourism Development Zone is: Changbai Mountain Resort natural scenery, folk customs Resort in Yanji, Hunchun border style Resort, historical sites Resort Longjing, Tumen River City Resort, and Long Dragon King Mountain Resort, and in Dunhua Top Mountain Resort 6; has opened 12 tourism projects, the Changbai Mountain scenery tours, Changbai Winter Tour, Tour of Manchu origin, the Yanbian Korean Trip, China-North Korea border travel, the Sino-Russian border travel, Tumen River upstream, plans to visit the Bohai Sea and monuments, historical sites Longjing travel, fitness and drug-tours, helicopter air tours, targeting tourism; major (Spa), silver around (small Tianchi), the bottom Lin (underground forest) Chi Gong Bath days women (Yuen Chi), bird#39;s eye view three-chiang (Sichuan-style), and in Dunhua Ching Kok Temple, and Long Xianjing Taiwan, Yan Ming Lake, Longjing Folk Museum, the Hong Qicun plans, plans to bridge the country, and so on. Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture picture Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province is China#39;s frontier offshore areas. Administered Yanji, Hunchun, Tumen and Longjing, and Long, and in Dunhua City of Figure 6, Wangqing County, a total area of 42,700 square kilometers, population 2.2 million. Yanbian has rich natural resources, has proved a more than 40 kinds of metal deposits, there are over 1,460 kinds of wild plants and over 250 economic-economic wild animals, the forest coverage rate 78.2%, is China#39;s important timber production base. Yanbian focus on the development of timber, medicine, food, energy, foreign trade, tourism and other key industries, has formed a unique pattern of economic development.
Yanbian Yanbian is the famous tourist resort, was identified as the United Nations "Man and the Biosphere"-the natural expansion of Changbai Mountain area, Trinidad Tumen River Bank unique natural landscape, the unique "one glance the three countries" to the border scenery, precious The ancient ruins of the Bohai Sea, rich style of the Korean nation, people Liulianwangfan.
Yanbian have a well-developed infrastructure, process control room telephone exchange capacity has reached 400,000, can be made by dialling the world more than 180 countries and regions, where traffic developed, the state eight counties (cities) have railways, highways linked , China plans to have North Korea in Nanyang, China#39;s Hunchun to the Russian Mahalinnuo two international railway lines, large-scale expansion of the Yanji Airport, various large aircraft can take off and land, transporting passengers, up more than 140 million people, has opened More than 10 domestic routes, will soon be opened to South Korea, Japan, Russia#39;s international routes.
the Tumen River to the Sea of Japan is China#39;s only inland water channels, China is also leading to the Russian Far East coast and west coast of the United States the only water channel. The Hunchun Shi Yanbian in the lower reaches of the Tumen River region of China, Russia, North Korea at the junction of the three countries in the midst of economic cooperation in Northeast Asia of the geometric centre, its most recent Department only 15 km away from the Sea of Japan. Has opened Hunchun from the circle at the river port-to-North Korea-South Korea#39;s Pusan Port, from Hunchun ports via Russia Zafirlukast Port to South Korea#39;s Pusan Port of two shipping lines, these two routes also extend to Japan#39;s large solitary Niigata port and the port.
Yanbian the Tumen River Area development and opening up, China#39;s central government has attached great importance to and vigorously support the United Nations. Chinese President Jiang Zemin in June 1995 for the second time during his inspection of Yanbian wrote "the development of Hunchun, the development of the Tumen River, development and东北亚各国relations of friendship and cooperation" to the word. China#39;s NPC will push forward the development of Tumen River Area was written into the open "on national economic and social development in the Ninth Plan and the vision of the Platform for 2010", the United Nations has also set up a TRADP Project Management Committee and the Tumen River Secretariat .

unique regional and resource advantages of excellent, high-quality low-cost labor and the Chinese government#39;s preferential policies, Yanbian has become a hot spot for investment in northern China region. Yanbian has been rising, Yanbian is moving into the world. We believe that in the coming new century, the Yanbian its rich resources, sufficient labor at home and abroad with strong capital, advanced technology, will be able to play a limitless economic potential of Asia and a global economic development A positive role.