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position: Yan#39;an here latitude 35 ° 21 #39;~ 37 ° 31#39;, longitude 107 ° 41 #39;~ 110 ° 31#39; between. Located in the northern part of Shaanxi Province, the Loess Plateau region of North and South Africa even the Yulin area, south of the Commissioner of Xianyang, Tongchuan, Weinan City 3, at the Yellow River and the East in Linfen, Shanxi Province, Luliang across the region, according to West Ziwuling Qingyang, Gansu Province and the region O.

Area: total area of 37,029 square kilometers.

Population: 190 million.

administrative divisions: Xian Xia Bao Taqu, Wuqi County, Zhidan county, Ansai County, the son of the county, Yanchuan County, the county extension, Ganquan County, Fuxian, Luochuan County, in Huangling County, Huanglong County, a district Yichuan country between 1986 and a total of 12 counties

Gu Cheng Yan, Yan#39;an, in northern Shaanxi has always been a regional political, economic, cultural and military center. Baota Mountain in the city, Qingliangshan, Phoenix Mountains three-Dingzhi, Yan River, the Fen River dihydrate intersection of the position, as military strategists battleground, "stuffed throat", "military stronghold," said the reputation of being "Sanqinsuoyao, Jin Rd jets." Yan#39;an name only for Sui. 1937, the CPC Central Committee stationed in the same year set up in Yan#39;an City, Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region for the seat of government. 1949, renamed the county, 1972, the city has re-established, for the State Department announced the first batch of 24 national historical and cultural city one.


Yan#39;an City, a vast territory with rich natural resources. 163 hectares of natural forest, timber reserves 3.08 million cubic meters; licorice, Wujiapi, parasitic, Arctiin, consisting mainly of Bupleurum nearly 200 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines; leopards, wolves, Shiji, azaleas and other mammals, More than 100 bird species and fertile land, sufficient light, suitable for crop varieties, with the development of planting, animal husbandry, fruit industry in good condition. In addition to wheat, corn, millet, buckwheat, soybeans, mung beans, red beans and other food crops, but also abounds in flue-cured tobacco, vegetables, peanuts, melons, potato and other economic crops.

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the middle reaches of the Yellow River is located in Yan#39;an, the Chinese nation is the birthplace of human ancestor Huangdi Legend has it had lived in this area, "three Huang Sheng" (Huangdi Ling Temple, the Yellow River Hukou Waterfall , The Loess style culture, sacred places of revolution) renowned Chinese and foreign, to expand exchanges and opening to the outside world has provided exceptional conditions. The city#39;s historical heritage preservation 848 attractions, well-preserved stone Song Kwan-18, Temple 14 Grottoes, built in the Tang Dynasty, such as the Baota Mountain 12 ancient buildings, the former site of a revolutionary 6. Tour for the current national, provincial heritage conservation units 47, the Chinese and foreign tourists to receive 700,000 passengers. In recent years, vigorously develop tourism and restore the Zhaixing Lou, beacon towers, Cliff 50 multiple attractions such as stone, "Natural Park" Huashan additional 200 million acres of peonies, Baota Mountain, Qingliangshan, Phoenix Mountains, 000 Huashan "four Hill, "the forest coverage rate reached 55.4 percent, approved by the State Forestry Department building state-level forest park.

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Yan#39;an in northern Shaanxi Province in central Loess Plateau, is the Chinese revolution of the Holy Land. Yan#39;an east Yellow River, and the Council of Shanxi, Gansu and western borders, the State Department released the first batch of 24 historical and cultural city one.

Yan#39;an has a very rich tourism resources, in the historic State Council has announced a national key protection units - Regulus Huangdi Ling, a state-level key heritage conservation units - son of Zhongshan Grottoes; In the natural landscape has Yan#39;an Yellow River Hukou Waterfall, the country#39;s largest group of wild peonies and Mulan, such as Huashan Culture million.


Yan#39;an or revolutionary sites, in the modern history of China occupies a special position of great importance, the existing number of 140 former places of residence in the revolution, such as: the CPC Central Military Commission and the Eighth Route Army headquarters - Wang Jia Ping, the Chinese Communists Central Phoenix Mountain site and the Baota Mountain, Zaoyuan, Yang Jialing, and other places.