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YaAn - SiChuan

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Location: Sichuan Basin in the western margin, the Chengdu Plain to the transitional zone of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Area: 15,300 square km

Population: 1470000

administrative divisions: exempted Yucheng District and famous, Tianquan, Lushan, Baoxing, Yingjing, Chinese sources, the seven counties of asbestos

alias: Rain City

Sichuan Basin in the western margin, the transitional zone of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the Chengdu Plain, Gu Cheng Ya states, Xianxia Ya#39;an City and the mountains, Tianquan, Lushan, Baoxing, the Rong, Chinese sources, asbestos Seven counties, covering 15,300 square kilometers, the population of 1.47 million.

climate for the type of moist subtropical monsoon climate, the North-South differences, the average annual temperature in 14.1 ℃ ~ 17.9 ℃, rainfall, most of the county, more than 1,000 millimeters of rainfall, "Rain City" and "days leak "Said. Humidity, sunshine less. Ya#39;an

Ya#39;an has always been the communication between Tibet and Yunnan and Panxi area of the throat and transport of goods distribution center, materials Trade Centre, South Silk Road is the main channel, a "national corridor," said. Sichuan-Tibet, Sichuan and Yunnan State Road and Accor (the) music (Hill) highway runs through the territory, formed more than 3,000 km network of highways connected, modern means of communication to Ya#39;an and the country, the world linked more agile.

Ya#39;an is very rich in resources, to dozens of major mineral deposits, forest coverage rate of 35 percent, hydropower reserves of 11.8 million kilowatts, long renowned Mingteyouxin native products, in both domestic and foreign markets A considerable impact. Ya#39;an is national planning one of the top ten hydropower base. In the distribution of water resources concentrated in the Qingyi Jiang, Dadu two major river systems, the size of more than 130 rivers, water reserves amounted to 11.08 million kilowatts, the development of 9.01 million kilowatts, accounting for one tenth of the province, the development of hydropower Exceptional conditions. July 2000 through the standard acceptance, become the country#39;s fourth, Sichuan achieve a primary electrification of the city. Ya#39;an

Ya#39;an in Sichuan is located in west-rich zone in mineral, forestry, wildlife and agricultural and sideline products is very rich. Especially the "hometown of giant pandas," "Kingdom of Stone", "hydropower base," famous. The world#39;s first giant pandas were in 1868 by the French biologist David collected from Baoxing Xian Tang Chi ditch, the specimens are of the Paris Museum of Natural History, David therefore two consecutive terms as Academy of Sciences. Since 1949, only Baoxing Xian on giant pandas for more than 110 countries only, of which over 10 only as a messenger of peace and friendship of China#39;s gift of friendly countries. In Baoxing, Tianquan, Lushan, Yingjing, asbestos and other panda habitat County are, at present giant pandas in Ya#39;an of the nation#39;s giant pandas live in more than half of the total. In addition, there are in the red panda, golden monkey, white-lip deer, antelope, black-necked cranes and other rare wild animals and 32 species. Ya#39;an

Ya#39;an City, is located in Sichuan-Tibet, Sichuan and Yunnan and the strategic southern ancient Silk Road to Qu, Tsing Yi Qiang an ancient country, is rich in human remains and cultural attractions colorful, distinctive personality, with their own characteristics . The city#39;s existing 108 units of heritage conservation, the protection of 1,300 multiple points, three more than 10,000 pieces of cultural relics collection, more than 1,000 pieces of precious relics 3 (sets), especially in the Han Dynasty as one of heritage treasures, some of the most influential of the monument is the Han Dynasty Que and stone artifacts, the small number of Han Dynasty Shishou in Ya#39;an has 12, more than half of the total; Ya#39;an high-yee Que, Lushan FAN Min Que堪称Han Dynasty tombs and stone monuments carved the essence. At present, the municipal party committee and government for the effective protection, research and promote the city historical and cultural heritage, are stepping up construction Ya#39;an Hanque Museum. In recent years, the leadership of the national cultural relics, experts and scholars Zheng Xinmiao, Bai Zhang, Ma Zishu, Yu Weichao, and so has to Ya#39;an inspection, guidance, and fully affirmed the city to rely on high-yee Que, the building of a multi-functional characteristics of a comprehensive museum Ideas for work.

tourist resort in Ya#39;an is. Ya#39;an the hills, four distinct seasons, both unique natural landscape, has a long history and rich connotation of the human landscape, and quite a number of national and provincial cultural relics protection of scenic spots. Well-known human landscape has Yingjing Yen Lu Shan Road, the ancient city sites and "Culture of the Han Dynasty village"; scenic spots have bee Walled barrels, state-level speakers River Giant Panda Nature Reserve, Mengding Shan, Tin Wan River, the folder Jinshan, Bi Fengxia, and other provincial-level scenic spots. In recent years, Meng Dingshan Bifeng Xia and scenic areas as the focus of the tourism industry developed rapidly, attracting a large number of 10%, Chongqing and other places tourists to Accor tourism, the development of tourism is effectively driven the rapid economic development.

Ya#39;an mineral-rich, all kinds of minerals have been found 62 kinds of mineral and 560, of which five large-scale mining area, 14 medium-sized mining areas. In addition to granite, marble, coal and mirabilite, asbestos, pyrite, manganese ore, lead-zinc mine, phosphate rock, magnesite, and so is my area of the mineral edge. Asbestos minerals account for about 70 percent of the country, mirabilite reserves of 186.2 billion tons, accounting for 62 percent of the province, manganese ore accounted for more than 50 percent of the province. Pyrite, lead-zinc mine, quartz silica mine have been well-known throughout the province, especially the independence produced in Ya#39;an of bismuth tellurium mine is the world found that only the original ores, known as the "second national treasures."

Ya#39;an eight counties, and districts in six counties rich natural granite, marble, the total reserves of 4 billion cubic meters more than in. A red, white, black, green, gray five series, more than 60 varieties. The "Chinese red" granite, "Shu-white jade" unique marble in the country, and indeed in the world, "Indian Red" and "Kala La white" comparable. "Yingjing red" and the "triple red", "An Jing Red" and "red star" Granite is the unique quality of the well-known varieties. Ya#39;an

"Ya Rain," "Ya fish," "Ya women," adding "three Ya#39;an Ya."

Jiuyang its name is not true, the real experience, you will recognize: Mu Yu Ya, ya fish products, Yang Ya F, Duke of Zhou Ya Hill, the three most authentic.
Ya#39;an of rain is of course "Blair rain", but it seems that only the rain here, it is known as the "Ya." Like clouds Siwu, Huangruoqingsha, seems to be if not, Wenrun the air Chan He is a great amount of negative oxygen ions, in the rain, walk through the rain tours, or carefully Di Ting Yu-foot fall on the foothills of Duke of Zhou, landed squid, landed Duke of Zhou#39;s the advantage river scene, no matter how kind of anxiety has become soft Xinxu up.

Duke of Zhou River, the water clear bottoming out, the Duke of Zhou, Central, Mountain Chanchanmianmian hundreds. The river Shifeng, rock wall, hiding a legendary - and this is the "three-Ya" one of Accor fish.

Legend has it, Accor fish skull hidden inside a "sword" and to the Warring States Period, held by SU Qin, SU Qin drive a wedge between the countries after the death of Julie, Jiang Peijian slide in the fish for Accor By possession, so the fish into the future appreciation of Blair#39;s "anti-counterfeit identification": a sword is true, then leave without the sword. Accor fish hiding in water to live on for the food, meat and refine its very tasty. Ya#39;an Yingjing used by the middle of the Shaguo, the Duke of Zhou Sheng River Water for cooking in the "Shaguo Accor fish," people did not gear its unforgettable flavor.

party to support soil and water side, Accor women, probably because of moisture rain Ya, ya fish nutrition, Ya#39;an of the woman, or if a Chuyu the lotus, or if dewy Rose, not only beautiful innocent, but Wenya kind. Ya#39;an Inya fish Fengmei, Inya rain and varied, Inya women and charming. Lanya like a huge magnet, attracting people of all sides continue to pour into Ya#39;an.