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XuanCheng - AnHui

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Zip code: 238000

position: in the south-eastern part of Anhui Province, and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces bordering

Population: 2747000

Area: 12,340 square km

divisions: Xianxia Xuanzhou Qu, Ningguo and Langxi, Kwong Tak, Jingyang County, Jixi, Jingde five counties.

Xuancheng City of Anhui Province in the southeast, and Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces bordering. The Shanghai municipal economic region of Nanjing and Hangzhou Bay economic zone of the city group convergence edge of the seat of Xuanzhou Qu from the municipal government of Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei and Huangshan, Jingdezhen are only two or three hundred kilometers, external economic, technological, Facilitate the exchange of information, is the southeast coast linking the landlocked hinterland of the important channels, but also Wanjiang to develop and open up one of the major cities, with Wan Gan, Xuan Hang the two railways, 318,205, the two countries maintained a smooth flow of the weather with the outside world, ancient So far the place to be, accessible, commodity distribution, as Jiangnan Tongdoudayi.


Xuancheng Shengji around the humanities. Linfenghuaigu, Xie Thanks floor, and Yellow Crane Tower, Yueyang Tower and Tengwang Ge said Four Great Towers of China; "It is through the mountains Baili, and a Da-Qi" King of the Mountain Pavilion, since the South-to-Thanks in mining, has more than 300 Moke boarding the mountain poet Fushi painting, poetry left more than 600 articles, for the truly "Jiangnan Mountain Poems"; existing King Pavilion Temple foothills of the twin towers of the plant, its style of the Tang Ta inheritance and innovation, Become the country#39;s only remaining, they have been listed as national heritage; great writer Feng Menglong found and referred to as "the world must IV", one of the Tai Chi-dong, with its extensive meteorological become hollow cavities wonders; three birds art, Huimo, Hui Cai. Habitat houses ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties reputation at home and abroad of Jixi, history talented people, writings, "Tiao River fisheries Cong hidden words," Hu Tsai, Hongdingshangren, the generation of Ju Jia Hu Xueyan, Huimo successor Hu Kai-wen, the New Culture Movement advocates Hu Shih, "Lake Poets," Wang Jingzhi, Zhang Yi-ping Pieces writer, published a new culture-Wang Meng Zou, so that Jixi win the "small town with many" credited; Huangshan Gyaincain under the North Slope, Gu Cheng Jin Ao, - Discovered in Lake Village, Shishan Temple, Jiang Ancestral Hall, and other monuments, full of gas, Jiang Yan, Jiang Zehan, the Jiangshan-Shaoxing-seok, and other celebrities are from the village out of Confucianism; Taohua Tan Jinghe County, not only because of Gaan Shili are named after the Peach Blossom, because Li Bai a "depth of bamboo Qianchi Taohua Tan, Wang Lun gave me time intelligence" and famous at home and abroad, but in its essence as Qiongjiang Pitt, no pollution of a lake Qingbo.

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Xuancheng is located in southern Anhui mountain and plains of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River with the Department, the East sky Head, South Reliance Huangshan, Xikao Jiuhua, Jin Shan area with water, the scenery never Jia. King Pavilion. As Parker, West Water, Longxu four Pinnacle Hill wins mountain range; Ge Jiang Qing, water Yangjiang two water dependencies; South Yi Wu, Taiping, the length and breadth of Qinglong Hu three lakes;-the-feng, Panchiao, Chinese alligator various nature reserves, not only rare birds Yi Shou, who wins Qihuayicao eyes, but also to Qiao from the natural scenery of a monopoly Shengjing.

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Xuancheng to Ling and greater odds. "Xuancheng-" Since the Song, the celebrities come forth in large numbers, "Song Poetry ancestral jungle" Meiyao Chen and Soong Mei Famous Official consultation, the dramatist Meiding jo, Minghuan Shou-De, the Qing Huangshan School Master Meiqing, mathematics-all MEI Wen-tripod, in both Chinese and Western learning in modern times the MEI Guang-Di, made it "all over Xuancheng Plum opened" one said: "Jixi Hu", Hu Tsai, Hu Xueyan, Hu Kai Wen, Hu Shih, are Shengwen the world, Qingshi stay ; "Wu Jing County," Since the ancestor of Jingyang County, Wu cited Mau Lam moved to mining, such as the history of Shi Lin, the only father and son are modern calligraphers such as Wu, Ms Ng Siu example, scholars brothers Wu farming, Wu Zuxiang, Wu Zuoren painting homes, Also There are Miss E Bao, WU Mao-sun, Miss Yu is a group of scholars, and other celebrities.


Xuancheng products rich. Nanhu icefish, Shuiyang crab, water East candied dates, Kwong Tak Bamboo Chestnut, Ningguo Hickory, and to respect the Green Ice Pavilion, headed by Chung Green River fire series of green tea, both the Shite local specialty, which in particular Xuan Xuan paper to pen, three Ma Jingde, Jixi silk, Huimo, the Tang Dynasty "Xuanzhou red carpet," Song "Xuancheng Zhuge T," Ming Dynasty "Xuancheng papaya," "Xuancheng Sydney," famous Chinese . Now, "Amber jujube East Water," "Green Ice Tea King Pavilion", "Langxi Seocho-kui," "Ningguo flower-sharp", "Jinghe County Red Star Xuan paper", "Bai Changsi Jixi Plum", both at home and abroad Have a certain reputation.


"Jiangcheng picturesque, clear sky-night look. folder two water Der Spiegel, Shuangqiaoshan charged Rainbow." Xuancheng, is its breadth of vision, far-feelings, following a Nanlaibeiwang guests, writing, sound Fei Xiaer chapter. Xuancheng is rich in resources. Xuan paper, Xuan T, Huimo ", the Sambo" and Jixi ancient buildings, restaurants and cultural, on behalf of the "emblem of culture," the most brilliant chapter; city has proven reserves of the mineral resources of more than 50 species, including fluorite, asbestos, Graphite, not only large reserves and high grade. Green King-ting, Chung fire Green River, Seocho-kui, and other high-end famous tea, and Hickory, candied dates, chestnut, gingko, green plum, dried bamboos Xuancheng, and so are the country#39;s renowned luxury products. Jinghe County is the traditional "land of China Xuan paper," Lang Xixian the Ministry of Agriculture was awarded the "Chinese green tea village" designation, in Guangde County Forestry Department was named "China#39;s top 10 Zhuxiang" one of Ningguo known as "Chinese yuan at home" and "China#39;s rural Hickory."

many tourist attractions. King Ting Shan is known as "Jiangnan poetry Hill," said Tung Tai Chi is the ancient "four world must" one state-level Chinese Alligator Breeding and Research Center, "Chinese crocodile lake" unique, Taiping Mountain Discovered Shuiqing, R scenery, and Tao Huatan making the other more beautiful. The former site of the New Fourth Army military Chimingzhongwai, Southern Anhui Incident martyrs cemetery breathtaking views. Hu Ancestral Hall, the former residence of Wang Jiaxiang, such as Hu Shih house a large number of human landscape and monuments throughout the city around.

Xuancheng full of hope and opportunity. In the reform and opening up today, Xuancheng people are to "have friends come from afar hive of" sincere welcome home and abroad, the public are welcome to Laizuo Ke. To discuss cooperation, investment and development to create brilliant tomorrow.