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XuHuiQu - ShangHai

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Xuhui District, Shanghai City in the southwest. 120.26 degrees east longitude, latitude 31.12 degrees. East and South Ruijin, Shaanxi South Road, Luwan District and the adjacent Xupudaqiao connection with the Pudong New Area; Hong Mei Rd road to the southwest, Hong Mei Rd South, the old town of Humin Lu Jing, and Hong Kong Commissioner of the village, with the Minhang District boundaries; north Changle Road, Mountain Road, rejuvenating Road, Huaihai Road West, with the Jingan District, Changning District border. Throughout seven kilometers away from things, 13 km from the north and south, covers an area of 54.76 square kilometers, of which land area of 50.94 square kilometers, the waters of 3.82 square kilometers, accounting for the downtown areas of the city#39;s nine total area of 19.54 percent. In the railway, waterway, Interchange, Zonghengjiaocuo Viaduct, is out of town Minhang and Fengxian and Nanhui, Jinshan, Qingpu, such as district and Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Anhui and other provinces of the strategic.
According to historical records, the University Club with the late Ming Wen-yuan, the famous scientist Xu Guangqi in Zhaojia in Hamamatsu and Li Jing from the water two to join the other has a farm industry, in agriculture experiment, after the death of Guizang this, their parts Descendants of the settlers and multiply into this group, which practices "Xujiahui", the name derived from this.
Area Habitat in the Tang Dynasty, Five Dynasties, Song Si is a Huating Gao Changli County township. Yuan, Ming, a Shanghai-three generations of Gaochang county rural. 2002-Xuantong Period (1910), the District of Shanghai County Habitat belong to the Shanghai City, France and China Township, Caohejing Township. In three years (1914), the French colonialists third expansion, in the north of this Zhaojiabanglu, Huashan Road assigned to the area to the east of the French Concession, Shanghai is still the rest of the county. In 16 years, the government set up in Shanghai City, the Habitat division concession, the Southern District of Shanghai, Caojing, France and China area. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, China sub-sector has a pseudo-government of Shanghai Nanshi Qu Road, Shanghai and the Shanghai City Western 4, 7 and 8 of the District. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the territory belonging to the 7th District, Shanghai (Changshu), eighth (Xujiahui district) and 26th (Long district). May 1949 liberation of the whole territory, the implementation of the military takeover. June 1950, the establishment of Xuhui District People#39;s Government. March 1956, Changshu in Xuhui District and the merger of Xuhui District. September 1984, Shanghai Longhua Town, County and Caohejing of Xuhui District, the town is zoned. July 1992, Shanghai Longhua County township was placed under Xuhui District. May 1998, dismantling the rural township built Longhua Town, renamed, Jingyang town. February 2001, Longhua Town, Caohejing dismantling the town built the town streets. To December 2001, the district exempted throughout Hunan, balance, Xietu, Fenglin, Xujiahui, Tian Lin, Hong Mei Rd, Kang Jian, Longbridge, Lingyun, Longhua, Caohejing 12 streets and the town, Jing; region total resident population 315,775; household registration population of 875,308, of which agricultural population 5,723 people 60 and older population 173,608, of the total population of 19.55 percent; population density of 15,984 people /sq km. The district has 43 ethnic minorities, 8578 people.